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kayle - August 10

well im 13 going on 14 this month and i have been not hungry as i usally am and i have a beat in my stomach and im soo scared what do i do am i pregant if soo what do i do without my parents finding out? and also my period usally comes on the third week and 1st day and now its been 3 weeks and 5 days i think and this is only my third month to be on it and i started in may PLEASE HELP


mc - August 1 you mean you just started your period this last may?? because if you did then your periods are not going to be regular at all so dont stress out so much..another thing is i hope that you've learned how much you dont need a baby in your life to screw things up..if you dont want to be pregnant then stop having s_x or if you still do then use protection!!


kayle - August 1

i havent had s_x!! but i have a beat in my stomach!! what is that


kayle - August 1

and i have a bigger at where my ribs meet kinda its kinda bigger there like at the verry toop of ur stomach what is that


April - August 2

If you haven't had s_x then you need to go to the doctor. It could be serious. You have to have s_x to be pregnant. So tell your parents to take you to the doctor.Keep us posted!! It don't sound normal to me.


brucen - August 2

It's probably your own heartbeat, you just never noticed it before. Your femoral pulse point is in that area. MC is right about the other stuff.


April - August 2

Kayle, I think you are ok you went to the doctor your not having s_x your probably just worrying yourself if you still feel weired after a month or two go back to the doctor and tell them you dont feel write and make them do some kinda test on you. Keep us posted hope all goes well.


vanessa - August 9

get a pregnancy test from the doller stor ask the clerk for one they are only a doller and you dont have to be 18


Kelly - August 10

The beat in your stomach is your heart beat, I know what you are talking about. And I don't think you are pregnant.



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