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Andrea - October 14

I have s_x with my boyfriend the last weekend and I have my period Sept 20 & stop on Sept 26. We didnt use proteccion, Do you think iam pregnant? Please Help me


** - October 14

when did u had s_x ?


andrea - October 14

I have s_x on Oct 8,9,10,11 but he c_m inside on 8,9,10


J - October 14

If you are a normal 28 days cycle then yes there is a very good chance that you are pregnant. It is still to early to test. I would wait to see if you miss your period. Look for these symptoms while waiting, sore tender b___st, more prominent veins, increase in discharge, and dull backaches. These symptoms vary with every women but those are some of the most commen. Best Wishes!!!


** - October 14

actually if u have ur 28 day cycle than u didnt did it on ur ovulation as i just found out in calendar. But u never know... wish u all the best


stacy - October 14

It's obvious you're trying to get pg, because why else would you be having unprotected s_x so many times? Mistakes happen - once... not for 4 days straight! You may very well be pg. You can start testing this weekend, but you may not get a positive test until after you've missed your next period.


grandpa viv - October 14

"AGAIN" anytime you have "unprotected s_x" there is a chance of conception! surely you know long are your cycles? it sounds to me that you are not ttc, being that you decided to use some type of contraception or birth control on the 11th???? (maybe withdrawl method?) unlike the other 3 days!!!!...odd!!!!!(geez) however i would just wait till missed af and then test 1st morning pee...people the only way to lessen the chance of unwanted pregnancy is contraception. and to avoid it all together is to abstain from intercourse....


??? - October 14

how old are u? just asking, u don't sound very wise on exactly all the effects of unprotected s_x.


andrea - October 14

Iam 21


bump - October 18



impersonator!!! - October 18

That was not grandpa viv......



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