Help Might I Be Pregnant

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Aishie-kins - March 21

It was my first time having s_x in two years. I slept with my bf on the 5th of march and I'm wondering if it is possible for me be pregnant. Only method used was withdrawl and he pulled out before he actually came. My period was due on the 16th but it came on the 19th. My period normally comes on the 16th or the 19th. Should I worry because of this? We also have a son who is a year and a half. I stopped br___tfeeding early after he was born due to complications. My br___ts was slightly firm after that but now their really soft so I'm wondering if this is a sign of pregnancy... Now that my period came I've been having severe pain that I've never felt before. My stomach really hurts and my lower back is killing me. The pain really feels like my bones are grinding against each other. I also took two pregnancy tests and it came out negative. Even though I have my period its not pink or brown or anything. Normally its a heavy flow but now its light. I'm not feeling any other symptoms like I had with my son. All I have is extremly soft br___t, lighter flow, and severe pain. So is it a possibly that I might be expecting a second child?


Grandpa Viv - March 21

With February being a short month, it is possible you were due on March 19th, and March 5th would have been close to ovulation. Yes, pregnancy is a possibility - withdrawal is not reliable birth control. Are you unusually tired or peeing more often? Test weekly using first morning pee at least until the end of March. Good luck!


Aishie-kins - March 22

I'm always unsually tired because I got to college and work two jobs and I don't think I've been peeing a lot more than normal. I can only drink water anyways so I'm always peeing. I've just been feeling really worn out. I got my period but I have severe pain along with it. When I'm in an air conditioned place I sweat like I'm hot. When I'm hot I'm cold. I've been getting dizzy and weak if I move around too fast. If I buy a drink I only take two sips and I'm full...seriously. Food isn't something that I want right now. I can only eat a slice to bread and that fulls me or some crackers. I've been getting headaches. I don't know if its stress but I've never felt this way with my son. If I rule out pregnancy then its got to be something else. I'm going to the lab to get tested but I was just looking for outside opions.



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