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Amy - November 8

I don't know whats going on with my body at the moment, and i can't seem to find any one else with the same symptons as me! I haven't been trying for a baby, but me and my dh have been having unprotected s_x. Firstly, I had my af on October the 12th only lasted 2 days, and was really light. I then started bleeding again on Friday, but it was brown d/c and only spotting, Saturday it turned really watery and red/brown in colour. Sunday it went back to brown but a bit thicker, still with what looks like water present! Yesterday i began spotting just brown d/c again! During my bleeds in Oct and Nov i've had very sore and swollen breats, sickness, headaches and tummy cramps. However i don't seem to have any of those symptons any more! I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago, but it was negative, so i if i am, i don't think i could be any more than a few weeks, so why all the symptons in October? I know i ov on the 25th of October, and i know i had unprotected s_x that day! But how could i be when i have had neg results! Any ideas on what else this could be? I only have one doctor i trust 100% and she's on holiday until next week, do you think it would be best to wait until then? Does anyone else have the sam symtpons? I'm not asking anyone to look through the screen into my tummy and diognose me, just some advise! Thank you xxx


Amy - November 8

Any kind of reply would be great!


hi - November 8

Maybe you should retest??I'm kind of confused with your post,so let's see if i got this right ,k??You ovulated on Oct.25th,then tested when???You shouldn't try to test for pregnancy until at least 12 days past ovulation.From what you say it sounds like you tested too soon if you tested 2weeks ago when you should have tested on the 6th of Nov. at the earliest.If it's negative maybe you just had a strange period.Either way test again.Good luck.


Jen - November 8

Amy, did you test again?



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