Help Nipples Hurting

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n - May 12

is this a sign of pregnancy..along with thickening mucus??please answer..thanx lots..truck loads of baby dust to you all..(except those not wanting to


aimee - May 12

definitely is! good luck.


kristie - May 12

I had really bad nipple pain right after I conceived. It wasnt until 2 wks later that my whole b___st started to get sore.


julie - May 12

i had really sensitive nipples after i conceived.I wasn't sure if I was preggo..but took a test a week later and hello..I am going to be a mommy!!


sally - May 13

that's happening to me to..can anyone tell me if this has happened to you when you were pregnant?


Mrs. M - May 13

My period is due on 5/15 not a sign of PMS or preg in sight! Last month my b___bs would hurt if you looked at them and I got a BFN! This month nothing, normally with my period I do get some signs of it coming this month nothing. What could it mean???Pls help. Best wishes to you all!!!


angel - May 13

you should have a test Mrs M but as for n i have no idea as I have I am ttc but haven't succeded at it yet..maybe someone else would help as this is a very important question!


angie - May 22

i got my period on 05/08/05 but about 2 days ago my nipples started to hurt ant i'v broken out in pimples. me and mu husband have been tring to have a baby. can what i'm feeling be signs of pregnany.


Natalie - May 25

I entered nipple pain in Google last week cause I never even knew that it was possible ... meanwhile, the only things that came up were Pregnancy and/or Breastfeeding!! I've had nipple pain for over a week now, and only the last couple days my b___bs seem fuller, and sore. i'm a first-timer and by no means knowledgable on the subject, but my gut feeling is that nipple pain is a definite sign of being pregnant. My nipples aren't only sore, but they seem to be more stuck out and longer than little bumps too... like womanly nipples if that makes any sense.Sorry for TMI but just happy to find someone going through the wierdest symptom I've heard of.



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