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Shelby - November 22

I had unprotected s_x with 2 friends of mine on the first of november at like two in the morning. We used the pull out method but one of them was so drunk that I am pretty sure He came in me. I then started my period the next day as usual a few hours later. I stopped and started and it was very light period. My br___ts have been hurting ever since and feeling huge! I had a light brown discharge about 2 weeks later and it was just enought on the tp. I have been feeling itchy down there and wondering if that is a yeast infection. I have been nauseaus and throwing up. I feel bloated and have been having wierd feelings. Idk If I am pregnant or not. . any help?


Grandpa Viv - November 22

My guess is that you had s_x with someone about Oct 19. A light period, sore b___sts, brown or lotion discharge and nausea are all early signs of pregnancy. So too are tired, peeing more, diarrhea, acne, dizzy, appet_te, smells, tastes, runny nose, emotions, dreams, backaches, yeast infections etc. A preg test this weekend using first morning pee should tell. Dollar Store tests work just fine. Good luck!


Shelby - November 22

I did also have s_x on october 20th I think it was but I had a period the weekend of november 2nd


Shelby - November 22

I'm Just so scared. ..


Macy - November 23

Hi Girl, maybe you should go to a doctor, pregnant or not. You have to be careful with your health, and only have unprotected s_x with a partner that you trust with your life, because that is what you are doing. Sorry, I preached. But seriously, be careful and all the best of luck to you. I hope everything turns out fine.


Grandpa Viv - November 23

Shelby, you are coming across as young and wild. If you are pregnant you need to sober up and get responsible in a hurry. Please share your concerns with your mom, no matter how painful that may be. Good luck!



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