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marcela - March 4

Ok so I'm 22 years old and I've been married for 9 months already. My husband and I dated for 4 years before we decided to get married and we always agreed that we didnt want to have a baby at such a young age. We have always been careful where as to we have always used a condom or if we haven't used a condom then I have been on the pill. My period is VERY accurate it runs a 28 day cycle and almost NEVER late. My last period was on February 22, 2007, and on March 2 & 3, 2007 for the first time in almost 5 years my husband and I had unprotected s_x. We did it because we thought we were safe (lol as crazy as that may sound) and didnt really care about the consequences of our actions at the time since we are married and have a house,but of course after the deed was done I began to worry. On March 3, 2007 I dropped of my husband at the airport for his business trip to California and after that went over to a friends house to spend some time together. Everything was fine when out of nowhere after being together about 3 hours I started to get a terrible headache, We thought that it was that I might be hungry so we stopped over at Burker King and I ordered a #7 which I love!!! in the middle of my dinner I started to feel nasaeus and felt like throwing up. I was dizzy, lightedheaded and had a terrible gag reflex. I ended throwing up a few minutes laster at the restroom at Burger King and my friend got worried and bought me some sprite to get rid of the naseausness. She then drove me to her house to pick up my car and gave me 2 excedrines to help the "migraine". I then drove home and continued to feel TERRIBLE i pulled of to the side of the highway after drving a few minutes because i felt naseaus again. Their I threw up for the second time that night. Thankfully I got home safe and layed down in bed and went to sleep. I woke up this morning super worried and not knowing what to think. I still feel naseaus but only when I eat or stand up for a long period of time. It's like laying down in bed is the only thing that helps me from feeling dizzy, naseaus, and my head from hurting so much......... Could I be pregnant??????????


stefkay - March 4

Hi marcela, basically there is always a "chance" if you have unprotected s_x. So you are NOT on the pill now, right? You said unprotected, so I wasn't sure if that mean just no condom. So, it looks like you had s_x on cycle days 9 & 10...Again, there is a possibility, but for most people with a regular 28 day cycle, if you are ovulating, that happens around day 14. That is just a generalized estimate so some women ovulate earlier, some later--ok, I think you get the picture :-) lol. But, I seriously doubt the nausea means you conceived because I don't think it's normal to feel that just a day or so after possible conception. Usually those types of pregnancy symptoms don't start till much later because the egg needs to implant (which takes a bit) and produce hcg, the pregnancy hormone which is usually what causes the symptoms. Just guessing here, but I wouldn't worry too much. You still have about 2 weeks till you could start testing at the earliest, so don't worry too much...Good luck!


stefkay - March 4

Aghh, sorry I totally rambled. I meant to say that you probably haven't ovulated yet meaning that you couldn't conceive. I guess I could have made that shorter....haha


LIN - March 4

It's possible for you to get pregnant from s_x 8 and 9 days after the start of your cycle, but you certainly wouldn't have symptoms just a day or two later. It takes 7-10 days for the embryo to implant, and it's normally a couple days after that before symptoms start. If you did conceive a couple days ago, your body doesn't even know about it yet. It was probably something you ate.


sososleepy - March 4

Hi marcela, I think you either ate something bad or picked up a virus. You haven't eaten any recalled peanut b___ter, have you? Even if you get pg from bd on the 2nd and 3rd, you're a couple of weeks away from morning sickness from that. Take it easy on the food, have some crackers, and call your doc if you feel worse instead of better or spike a fever so they can look into which variety of bug got you...



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