Help Please Im Super Confused

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nairobis - September 30

well ladies, i am very nervous. i have been wanting to conceive for over a yr now. i have had 3 miscarriges, i have never crossed the first trimester. this time, im willing to do what it takes to save my baby if i really am pregnant. i was supposed to get my period on the 28th of sept. i have been cramping for about 2 days now. i began bleeding this am. i actually learned about implantaion bleeding yesturday for the first time. for the past 5-6 days i have been feeling dizzy, extremely tired (i go to sleep everyday as early at 6:30pm til the next am) the cramping is now worse and the bleeding is not exactly spotting i dont think. im confused b/c i took a peg. test and it was positive. faintbut clearly the line was there. my br___t are so sore and they are swollen i dont know what it is im scared it could've been and maybe im getting the early miscarriage ounce again...... =


GimmeaBub - September 30

Hunny I am sorry, It could have been a very early miscarriage, do a test tommorow morning to see if you still get a positive. Do the drs know why you are miscarrying in the first trimester. I had a miscarriage 5 months ago, and i was heartbroken. I only found i was pg 2 days before. Did you read your preg test within 10mins? Your signs sound positive but I am unsure, cause i get all thoes symptoms when AF comes, along with a sore back, and watery cm. Every month i think i am pregnant lol. Do another test and let us know. Baby Juice


kay101 - September 30

What type of test did you use? It's possible you had a chemical pregnancy where the egg is fertilized and just didn't attatch to the uterus, so your period came. I would try taking a first response because they are really sensitive and do not have evaporation lines. My sister had several miscarriages because she had low progesterone, it was a very easy problem that was fixed with a little bit of cream. Implantation bleeding can also be a light flow for a couple of days.


wolfwolfiepup - September 30

Now, I'm not sure but I have also heard its possible for you to get your period shortly after implantation bleeding and it can actually be heavier with more clotting involved because the uterus is making sure to shed all the old blood for a nice fresh home for the baby. I wish you all the best!!!!!!!!! ----wolf :-)


kelbabe - September 30

i dont really know what to say. i just hpoe you are having a bit of a period, or it is implantaion. i wish you so much luck and good fortune. x x x x


nairobis - October 1

hey ladies..... its funny to see that i asked for help in the morning while at work and at around 11am i was rushed to the hospital i was having another miscarriage all along. is okay tho i guess certain things were meant to be and me having the previlage to grow a new life into this world was not meant for me.



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