Help Please US Said I 3 6wk Last Thurs But All Neg Blood Wk

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Tena - January 27

I need some major advice lady's. I did a hpt and I got 3 faint lines for a postive, So i went to the Dr and they did urine and blood test and they were all neg. But dr decided to do an US and they saw a yok sack. And it measured 3.6wks (the reason it showed so early is cause they have thoes 3D Ultra Sound. The dr said since we could not get a postive test then I should just prepair myself for a M/C. I have not started yet and don't feel as thoe I am going to. I went back to the dr today and the blood test was neg again today and we did no US. But my period is still not here, the dr said to just get ready for a period cause this preg want last. So today I would be 4wks and 5 days. So i am soooooooooooo confused cause am I going to luse it or keep it. Pleassssssssssssss give any advice.


Cutie - January 27

Tena, I show all neg. tests and the doctor told me that most likely I am pregnant. However some woman will not show on the test because not enough hormone. She told me that it does not mean it is harmful. So I dont think you will have M/C. A lot of woman just dont show until later or may not show at all. Good luck sweety. I am going to do an US too :)


Tena - January 27

Thanks for the reply, I am just so confused cause I did get a postive hpt last Monday, and I even should the dr the test and he said yes it was postive and now I can't get a postive on blood I am doing another ept hpt in the morning. My b___bs are very full feeling and I get nausea from time to time manly when I get hungry, and I have the acid feeling quite often in the chest like acid reflux. And my BM's are not regular like use to be. (Sorry) ANd I have insomia something bad. I am just so confused. And my husband and I have been trying for 3yrs and 2 m/c 3yrs ago and I haven't been preg in 3yrs until now. And my husband cryed today when the dr told us we are GOING to m/c. I am just at a lost here. Thanks so much for talking to me.


Michelle W - January 28

Tena, all I can say is best of luck. I hope everything works out okay.


Christine - January 28

Tena, I am so sorry for your losses. I pray that you will not suffer another one. My husband and I have been trying for almost three years (1 m/c in July of 2004). Were your blood tests quant_tative? Good luck and God bless. My thoughts are with you. I am surprised your doctor was so negative so early by trying to convince you that you will lose this baby. I don't think that helps very much. My LMP was 12/15/04. 2 negative hpts, and one negative quant_tative blood test < 2. I did read this morning though that someone on the Pregnancy Test forum tested negative <1 with 3 or 4 blood tests and she is now pregnant. I think 11 weeks, but that may be another women from the Pregnancy Test forum who had neg blood test and found out later she was pregnant. Best of luck again!!! Lastly, if I am not pregnant, I think I am having increased prolactin issues (perhaps due to a pituitary disorder/tumor) because my nipples have been turning white off and on and little white pimples around my nipples come and go.


angel_girl - January 28

Tena, keep your faith strong. When my Mom was carrying me, she was told that she would lose me. That was 33 years ago and now I am here and getting ready to have my own child. She was determined and I made it. Good luck to you and your husband! Baby Dust!!!


...... - January 28

Tena, please dont take stress just pray to God. Please dont take stress it may be harmful for the baby.I pray that you will get a healthy child.



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