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dedaa - June 12

Hi I am really confused right now. I took 2 hpt last week both came positive so I had made an appointment to see my dr. So he gave me a urine test there for comfirmation and it came back negative. Then he gave me an internal exam and I look the way I should when pregnant. So of course I went right to the store afterwards and got 2 more hpt`s and as I was peeing it turned positive. I know I am pregnant but I don`t understand why the doctors test came out negative it does not make sense to me.They are sending my sample to the lab and I will know by tommorrow afternoon what theres says. Im going in tommorrow morning also with my first morning pee and Im going to bring my other hpt and dip it in aswell to show them. Right now though I am so mixed up.Has this happend to anyone else?I find this all to weird.


Lin - June 12

This is relatively common, since most home tests are more sensitive than your average doctor's office test. Don't worry, your blood test will confirm your pregnancy. Congratulations!


dedaa - June 12

Thank you so much Lin I found this so weird my nerves have been shot basically since I seen the doctor I felt a little bit better after taking another hpt when I got home but it is still on my mind. After hearing it from someone else I feel a lot better thanx. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate it.


dedaa - June 12

Any more suggestions?


nicksmmy - June 12

this is very common because the dr's test require a higher level of hcg, i wouldn't worry i would say with all the positives on hpt's and the internal exam you have to be pregnant. what did your dr say about this? let us know what the bld test says, but congratulations.


dedaa - June 12

the doc just said that maybe because it is later in the day it diluted all the Hcg so it was not picking up. He is not giving me a bloodtest just doing another urine test.


dedaa - June 12

Is there anything that i can do to make my sample tommorrow have a higher level of hcg?


Rhonda - June 12

The hcg increases the further along in your pregnancy you get.


bethtwo - June 12

I think you could pee in a cup first thing in the morning and bring it with you. Many tests say it's ok to pee in the am, then keep it in the fridge until you have time to test later in the day. See if that's ok with them. why wouldn't he do the blood test? That's a load of garbage. I think your idea of bringing your own test and comparing it to there's is a really good idea also.


dedaa - June 13

well just came back from the doc`s office and it was really a positive yesterday so I worried about nothing. What relief this morning but they did my pee from this morning to and it came back positive right away.


Nell4Him - June 13

Congrats, dedaa!


Danielle26 - June 13

Dedaa, I got my BFP this weekend, called my dr. yesterday morning, and was told to wait until I was two weeks late with my AF to make an appt. because they said that their pg tests don't pick up the HCG that early. So I guess it is quite common. Congrats!!


dedaa - June 13




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