HELP Sensitive Nipples

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valeriem - February 4

I have very irregular periods. Have had for my whole life. When I do get my period I never feel any symptoms that it is coming basically just comes as it pleases without warning. My last one was December 12th so not having one for this long is pretty normal for me. Okay so to my question. For the past week I have had very sensitive and sore nipples and br___ts. The only two days that I could have gotten pregnant would be the 20th or 25th of January. I have taken several pregnancy tests this past week all showing up negative (which I know this might be a false result seeing as it is really early). So I guess my question would be how long should I wait to take another test? Also since I have never felt this nipple sensitivity and soreness before could anyone give me some in site on how your br___ts would feel if you were pregnant? I have been looking it up on the Internet but all I keep reading is "it feels like it does when you are about to start your period but worst" Since I do not have this I am totally lost and confused. Please Help!!!??? Thanks,


Abby L - February 4

I have only had one pregnancy, but my b___st were extremely sore, especially at bed time when I was trying to get comfortable and sleep. They would get really hard, tingling, throbbing type pain, and had a feeling of fullness almost to the point they felt like they would burst at times. They enlarged very quickly, I was buying new bras every couple of weeks during the first trimester. I don't think I felt it very much until I knew that I was pregnant though, so it might not be much help...Right now I have been having a little bit of pain (hoping I'm pregnant!) just at the nipples, mostly only when there is a little bit of pressure applied though, nothing like I remember, but it is so suttle that I might not have noticed it during my first pregnancy if it happened then. Normally I don't get much for pre-period pain either, once in a while I get a little bit of cramping the day before, but thats about it. If you would have gotten pregnant possibly on the 20th or 25th, then you would want to wait at least 14-21 days from then to take a test, normally you ovulate right around 14 days before your next period, but with a cycle that long, I'm not sure if that would still be accurate. Hope that helps!



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