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bluemorningglory86 - March 25

Hi Ladies. I'm praying someone can answer my question. I am 21 and my cycles are anywhere from 32-40 days long. I have been charting for almost 6 months. My luteal phase is usually normal. It's usually around 13-15 days. However, according to, my luteal phase this month is ONLY 8 Days long. AF came today! Well, the day after I ovulated, I was concerned because I started having the normal symptoms I usually get a week before my period. It is not normal for me to feel symptoms as early as I did this month. My question is, is it normal to have a short luteal phase sometimes. I am really worried because now I am wondering if there is something wrong with me. Please help! Is it possible that I could have ovulated earlier than thinks?


bluemorningglory86 - March 25

If you want to see my chart, go to fertilityfriend. com/ home/ 1d066e. Of course type it in without the spaces. I just put the spaces in because it won't let me post this if it knows it is a website.


kalokairi - March 25

a short luteal phase can be a problem for obvious reasons, if it is too short then the lining is shed before the cells can implant in the uterus. i dont know much else about it other than that, i dont know what treatment would be. hopefully you get more responses. keep temping and if you have another month with a short lp call your ob and ask what you can do. good luck!


Grandpa Viv - March 25

Hmm! I think you should collect several cycles of charts at FF and take them to the doctor. The one chart you show is not typical - FF did its best to tell you when you ovulated, but I am not convinced. Maybe your hormones need a little adjustment. Good luck!


bluemorningglory86 - March 26

Thanks for you answers everyone. But I need to know if it is normal for this to happen to women sometimes. The whole 6 months I have been charting this has never happened before so I am hoping that this is just a one time thing. By looking at my chart is there a possibility I could have ovulated earlier than what fertility friend thinks?


sqv3 - March 26

I would probably dismiss this cycle unless it starts to happen regularly. Everyone has a weird cycle sometimes. Maybe you ovulated earlier, maybe you just started your period too early, but I wouldn't get too concerned about it happening just once. I BELIEVE women take a B vitamin (I think B6) to help lengthen the luteal phase if that ends up being a problem for you. But you will definitely want to double check my information because I'm not positive. Good luck.


Naomi98 - March 26

Yes it's possible that you ovulated earlier. That would be my guess. By the looks of your chart, it could have been cd22 or cd24. Was there anything that could have been affecting your temps this month? Sleeping badly, illness, drinking? Do you get signs after you ovulate? Did they correspond to the ff date? I really wouldn't worry much about it. I'm sure this cycle you'll be back to normal.



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