Help Uterus Feels Bloated And Tender When I Push To Pee

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izechsmama - November 27

hey ladies... if you have read any of my other posts you already know that i am ttc child #2... and believe that i am already pregnant.... have had many symptoms... and i am currently about 13 days post when i ovulated and due for af on thursday.... my uterus feels very tender and when i push to pee i noticed it feels stretched and bloated... i cant remember if i felt this when i was preg with my son.... and i was wondering if anyone else has expierenced this... and if its from showing already ???? i know you show much sooner with your 2nd child and i know it wouldnt be the baby but i also know your uterus expands.... hopefully no one suggest i have a urinary infection or anything like that... because i know exactly what those are like.... so i konw its not anything to do with that.... anyone have any comments????


jodie - November 27

Hi izechsmama! I am currently 6 wks pg and I had that same sorta thing. This is also my second baby. We were ttc for 4 months and this time I just had that feeling I was. I tested 3 days before af was due. I felt really bloated and I still do!! After I pee I feel like I still have to pee. I don't remember being this bloated last time..hmm.. Well good luck!!


kristie h - November 27

Hi girls, I had/ have the same thing. It also feels tender in my right ovary and right side of uterous. izechsmama does it feel like pressure fullness feeling? Cuase that is what i am feeling and i had this since i Oed. And when i do pee i feel the same thing. I am hoping this is a pregnancy sign.


fara - November 27

hi izechsmama.. my frend complained she had that same thing when she pee'd.. mayb u cud test- let us know if u get a bfp!


izechsmama - November 27

hey ladies... glad to hear this is common... i am pretty sure i'm preg... i'd be shocked if it was neg... i wasnt on the pill i had an iud and my dr said it wasnt working because i still ovulated through it.. haha... so she said i should be right on schedule and could concieve like i hadnt been using anything... so i ovulated and bded and the symptoms started and now af is due for thursday or around there but i want to wait a few more days because with my son even a day after my missed period i had a fainter positive... so i dont think i am one that has extreme hormones that are acknologable right away.... i am going to give it a few days and then test... i will definately keep you posted... its been almost 4 weeks since my last period... so we'll see... i have the feeling of bloated and fullness and i can not pee enough....



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