Help With My Chart Please

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claireb - June 5

If anyone can help with my chart, I'd be grateful. I'm getting really frustrasted as I can't work out whats going on. I came off bc pills beginning of March, so I guess this could explain things. It's annoying me as at this rate I'll never be able to have a baby if I'm not ovulating. Thanks


catsmeow - June 5

It's normal for your charts to be pretty wacky for a couple of months after quitting bcp's, mine are as well. Have you had a period yet, since quitting bcp's? I quit bcp in January and haven't had a period yet, so your not alone. Just hang in there and try to be patient, although when your TTC like us, it's hard to be patient. Good luck!


Lin - June 5

It's not uncommon for a woman to not have a period for three months after quitting birth control. The abrupt hormone changes do some crazy stuff to your system, so I wouldn't worry just yet. It's a good sign that you've just had a big dip. That could mean that today is ovulation day (so get busy!). Give it a few more weeks, and if you don't see an obvious temp rise, then talk to your doctor. S/he can probably give you something to kick-start ovulation. Good luck!


claireb - June 6

Thanks for your replies, I'm just impatient! I've not had a period since March 8th which was not a real one, it was a pill one. I have been wondering if I've might be about to o but my temps never confirm it! Anyway this morn I've had a slight rise so fingers crossed! I've been taking Agnus Castus to try and get things moving too. Good luck catsmeow, hopefully we'll get our p's soon!


Grandpa Viv - June 6

A great chart to illustrate what may happen coming off the pill! Thanks for the post. FertilityFriend has not determined a cover line after 90 days, but it looks as though it might soon succeed. The last 14 days look like the temperature decline prior to ovulation. Have DH give it all he has for the next few days, and keep your fingers crossed. If you are real anxious you could run to the store and get an OPK to see if that sheds any light. Good luck!


claireb - June 7

Well I'm glad I'm normal!! I've had another temp rise this morn, so really hoping its o! My digi thermometer packed in this morn, so DH is off for a new battery lunch time! Luckily I had my old gla__s one!



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