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Helen - August 19

Anyone know of which teas may boost fertility, i'll try anything once!!


d - August 19

Don't know of any, but thats a good question... I love green tea and drink it every day, but am worried about the amount of caffine I'm consuming...I would think that one good for your fertility would be low or have no caffiene


kim - August 19

I don't know about tea, but there are other things you can take in pill form. Black Cohosh is a chinese herb good for promoting fertility. If you have irregular cycles there is something called New Phase it is for menopausal women, I know this isn't our problem but it has natural plant estrogens and progestrogens and also has Black Cohosh in it the natural hormones help to regulate our own hormones. I took it because of no periods and conceived after 3 years of trying. Eat lots of soy products, even though they taste so good they have natural estrogens in them also. Try green leafy foods to they are high in folic acid which will help promote a healthy pregnancy. I have heard of a fertility tea you can buy in a health store, don't know the name. There are many more things you can take but my memory is failing me now. Look up herbal remedies for infertility and you should find a list.


helen - August 20

Just been on the net and found that raspberry leaf tea are good for strenthening the uterus and lessen the chance of m/c. Also red clover herd. Going to the health store today and ask them what they think. I read it's also good throughout preg in moderation and can ease labour .


anne - August 20

under no circ_mstantces shoud u drink raspberry leaf tree b4 or during 1st trimester, it can be lethal, im a nurse and we always advise in the uk the dangers of this tea


Helen - August 20

Thanxs anne i've just been to the health store they said the same that it contracts the uterus to bring on contractions and so can be taken at 35 weeks+ taken before can lead to m/c . Just goes to show don't believe all you read on the net .



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