Here Is My Test What Do You Think

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Elisabeth S - October 21

hey i found a test online that looks like the one i just took...can't tell if it is an evap or not but on this website it is a positive. it is very faint. I would love to hear what you guys think- click on the one that says "9dpo" or "10dpo" you can get a full size image and i think thats the closest to mine.... thanks guys


kelbabe - October 21

elisabeth - i was reading your other posts, and it sounds good. i cant get your pic up, so write it down in one line, but let me know if you had to put spaces in it (im not to good with things like that) i really wanna have a look. x x


Elisabeth S - October 21

one thing is make sure not to put the clic-k part on there, that was part of my ends at "4".....i think it might be an has become very noticeable now and is kind of skinny....


kelbabe - October 22

no, i still cant do it! lol. have u tested again?


mom_of_1 - October 22

I still cant get to your test either :(


kendra.marie - October 22

me either.


Elisabeth S - October 22

sorry i dont know why its not working.....i tested again, another light blue second line....i still think its an evap, even though the company said they don't have them..i dont know how this was possible, i was on the pill most of this past month....dude San Diego is burning hometown...we are scared...luckily i live on the ocean and the fires haven't reached here yet, but it is so horrible out!!!! ill try and post the link again for what my test looks like...thanks for trying...


krissy2006 - October 23 <------ that is the addy to get to her pics


krissy2006 - October 23

take out all the - 's


krissy2006 - October 23

like the one after disp and the one after the last 4 in the addy


krissy2006 - October 23

I personally think it looks like a + but it should be getting darker... which is the control line and which is the test?


krissy2006 - October 23

oh ... I just re-read your post... I thought those were yours... well if those are + and look like that and yours look like that than they are probably +. You should go have a quant_tative blood test done to confirm.


kendra.marie - October 23

yours look liek a postive. so must be pregnant take a different brand test



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