Here Is My Update You Have Been Waiting For

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ok - October 18

1 cramp today af is 1 day late creamy thick cm sometimes with white ewcm strings in it watery cm sometimes with lumps of white thick bits in sore bbs and heartburn only light though


TO OK - October 18

Who has been waiting for this update??


sorry - October 18

its me rachael...i only come on once in awhile. i have just come from another board and i am not happy at all aswell as the stress ttc for 15 months i have some nasty woman tell me i am a liar and she has been following my posts and i lie about what i say. she told me i said this that and the other and shes been posting stuff on every topic i put on the board really abusive stuff. its like she knows where i am. she lives in the us and is really defensive and promotes teenage and underage s_x she says theres no harm. all i did was say it wasnt the teens who look after their babies and support them its mostly their mothers so she flew off the handle


mel - October 18

I am sorry I don't understand?


what - October 18

Did you have a question


Ashley - October 18

That all sounds promising....I had that and I have 5 BFP to back it up with!! Good Luck!!


Naysa - October 18

Rachael that sound like you should take a HPT.Good luck 2 u and dont let neg ppl get to u.Baby Dust***


jane - October 18

rachel- your info does not provide anyone with anything useful. If you want to monitor you every bodily function, kindly keep a personal journal, don't use a forum meant to ask legitimate questions about signs of pregnancy as such.


To Ok - October 18

Are you Rachypoo, R, an 18 year old girl from UK? Honey, I read almost every post on here and don't recall any post that promotes teenage and underage s_x like you said. I found many of your posts so confusing and hard to believe. For example, two months ago, you said that you were ttc for over 15 months. Now 2 months later, it is only 15 months of trying up to date? In one of your posts recently, you said that you are pregnant. Why are you ttc now when you already stated that you are pregnant? We can't help you if you don't provide us correct information.


bump - October 19




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