Here Is Some Info On Pregnancy Test

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izzy - February 23

i stubled on to this website where it gives a list of home pregnancy test and the hcg levels they measure. you'll be surprised: one step be sure 25 mius hcg confirm 1-step 25 mius hcg EPT 40 mius hcg clearblue easy 50 mius hcg generic-target 50 mius hcg answer 100 mius hcg store brands 100 mius hcg equate walmart 100 mius hcg precise 100 mius hcg qtest 100 mius hcg so think twice before just picking up just any pregnancy because the lower the number the better.


make sure - February 23

you read


stacey - February 23

I found this out last night when ordering prgnancy tests from the cheap website, It said first respnse was 100- which really isn't a good test to take before you missed your period....The tests ordered off the website( are 20!!!


sara - February 23

Oh my gosh girl! Thank you so much for posting this info. My mother has a hormonal imbalance, and they think it may be past own to me. She did not get a positive test till four months preggo. I did not get one till I was a few days past 8 weeks preggo.....and I tested every week so I know my dates were right. Any how this time I have missed my period for almost 2 months. the Doc won't do any tests till I miss at least a second period. I really don't blame him since it took this long last time. But I have all the syptoms. The point was that, this whole time, I have been taking the walmart brand Equate and getting BFN. DUH! no wonder, with my low would not pick up anything till I was about 8 months LOL! thanx.


izzy - February 23

no problem girlz... good luck to all..


maggie - February 23

Izzy thats so wonderfull thankyou! that will be very helpfull and mind easing to alot of women who dont agree with there hpts lol ! i didnt know that either thats crazy how the levels it picks up on are so spaced out! So the lower the number the better huh?


izzy - February 23

yeah me too. i was buying store brand because someone told me they are all the same... NOT NOT


bump - February 24



Grandpa Viv - February 24

hCG levels double every few days in early pregnancy. If the level is 25 today it will be 100 this time next week. Eventually it goes over 100,000. A quant_tative blood test (expensive, and wait 3 days for results) gives a number, and anything between 3 and 25 is "retest later". This test sensitivity thing is a trade-off between patience and money. Good luck to you all.



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