Here S Hoping NO AF March 17

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Erin1979 - March 7

Hey Ladies!! I'm starting my 2ww...hoping for no AF on St. Patty's Day! Anyone want to join??


anne_marie - March 7

i'm a little slow on the lingo...what is 2ww?


angie m - March 7

2ww = 2 week wait, the 2 weeks between when you O(ovulate) and when you start or hopefully don't start af (aunt flow, period) Hope that helped anne_marie. I have only been on this site for a little over 2 weeks so don't worry you will catch on fast. Erin1979 I am hopeing to not get af on the 20th. I think that I will test on the 19th thought witch will be cd28 and since my cycle can be 28-30 days I figure I will go ahead and test since I have 2 test just waiting for me. I would love to have someone to wait this out with me.


maggieacm - March 8

well i don't test on on 17th but i do on the 14th, so i'm there with u, hopefully one of us get a BFP.! i just can't wait. i'm hoping i do, its been 13 months and i'm gettng so impatient


BeccaBaby1 - March 8

Hi ladies! I am already on cd31 but my cycles are long and irregular. FF predicts my AF to be on 3/19 so I am very happy to wait with you and test in the vicinity of 3/17. AnnMarie, I didn't come to this site until a couple of weeks ago also and the abreviations made me crazy. I caught on pretty quick but I also heard there is a site called that has all lingo and acroynmns so that you're not lost. Baby dust!


alicia1 - March 8

Hi girls! I'm irregular too but AF visited 3wks ago and today I think (hope) I had IB so, yeah, I'm in! Fingers crossed.


angie m - March 8

WOW this is my first 2ww and it does really suck. I have 2 test just waiting in my bathroom cupboard for me and it sucks that I have to wait to be able to take one. But I hope that this time will fly by for all of us and hopefully a bunch of us will get our BFP this month. My B-day is the 31 and my hubby asked me what I wanted, I told him a baby. He just laughed it off but it would be a great present. So any of you using I just set up an account today and hope to start temping next month if I don't get my BFP this month. And maybe pick up some OPK's to use too.



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