Here We Are For The Last Time 22 Year Old Dumb And Confused

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Karen - November 29

Ok I am 22. I have not had my period at all for the month of November and I am usually regular. Could I just be making myself feel like I am pregnant? I am around a pregnant woman all day could my body be tricking me? My Boyfriend that doesn't want anything to do with me was down at the end of October and we had unprotected Sex and it was when I was fertal and my period only lasted three days in October and it wasn't normal it was pink. I have sore br___ts, My back is killing me, I have lumps around my nipples, I am extremly tired, I have a stuffy nose every morning, I have terrable headaches and backaches,my nipples are a light shade of brown, My br___ts are getting huge. My stomach is expanding I am hungry all the time. I have been moody and throwing things at people I work with for no reason at all. On halloween my mood swings started and I have been really really moody. Could I be pregnant? Any advice appreciated


zuly - November 29

Sounds like you are. In the early stages if pernancy have you taken a test yet. if not do so to see what it has to say. good luck


Karen - November 30

Yes I have but it came back negative what should I do now?


Hope - November 30

Wait a week and take a test again. Take it first thing in the morining. That is when the hcg is most detectable.


Grandpa Viv - November 30

Sorry about the boyfriend. The three day period in October was most likely implantation, a week after your boyfriend's visit. If I were you, until proven otherwise, I would a__sume you are about 7 weeks pregnant (count from the first day of your last good menstrual period). Your doctor may be able to confirm this without a test, or she may give you a blood test. Good luck!


Karen - November 30

thanks for all your advice I am scared. I have very unsupportive family and I don't know what to tell them



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