Here We Go Again

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skinnyminny - May 1

I thought i was pregnant last semester (still nto convinced that i wasn't) and I'm in the same situation again. I just don't learn. AF is 10 days past her estimated arrival (i'm not sure of the exact day) (oh and, 10 days past my 18th bday). Pregnancy isnt nessesarily a bad thing, but my fiance and I arent getting married until next year and I kinda wanted things to go in order. Anyway, at least i'm not in a SERIOUS bind. -no period, like i said. -light discharge for two weeks and by now i should be all dried up, cuz thats how I get when my period is on the way. -fuller, tender br___ts (not nipples as usual, the top and sides feel like someones been punching me) -weird cramps that only last a few minutes, and not excruciating enough to be period cramps. These happen everyday, now and then, for the past week or more. -I'm tired, but i stay up late and have had to get up early. -I feel dizzy when i walk up steps. -I feel REALLY dizzy when i move too quickly. -my lower belly feels full and a very little bit tender, and its not totally flat. Nothing drastic obviously, but i can tell a difference. -my back hurts. thats pretty much it. I dont feel pregnant, but it sounds liek I am when i write it out like that. My poor parents are going to be so dissapointed.


stacey82 - May 1

At 10 days past AF expected you would expect to get an accurate result from a pregnancy test. Have you tested yet??


skinnyminny - May 1

No ma'am. I'm at school right now so I'll have to wait until the weekend. I'm embarra__sed because i went to the nurse at my college a couple of months ago to take one (neg) and I feel a little stupid for letting it happen again. I mean, if it happened. If i can get a hold of my fiance before he leaves for work I'll tell him to bring me one.


Emma2 - May 1

Why don you go to a pharmacy and buy a test?


skinnyminny - May 1

The off-campus shuttle is a pain in the b___t and my car is at home, so I'm kind of stuck on campus. If I get someone to drive me to the store I run the risk of having to tell them whats going on and all the people I trust don't have cars.


skinnyminny - May 2

I finally got in touch with my fiance, after watching the phone for 24 hours. I told him I'm nearly 2 weeks late and he didnt sya anything. I told him i was gonna go with my girlfriend to get a HPT and he saud "alright". Thats it. I'm talking, he seems totally dissinterested. Didn't say anything. Maybe he doesnt want to be dissapointed again. Last time we found out we weren't pregnant we both went through this "mini-depression". I want to say thats why. BUT IM STILL MAD.


tish - May 2

skinnyminny, as far as your symptoms go, all i can really say is the usual they sound like pregnancy, but they also could be a lot of things. but as far as your fiance goes, i would be mad too. my hubby gives me that too when i tell him i am going to take a pt or that i am late. i just try to keep him informed and he gives me nothing, but in my case i know that he is trying not to help me get my hopes up.


Amber #2 - May 2

Hey skinnyminny-I really do think it's just a "man" thing. They get overwhelmed by all of this and don't really know how to show their emotions sometimes. I won't even tell DH if I'm having any symptoms b/c I think he's sick of hearing it! He says "well you said you had these last month" and I'm just like "well let me have some hope for a few days out of the month, alirght?" They really just don't get it!



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