Here We Go Again Bring On The 2ww

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Tiggy - May 30

Hi Ladies, just seeing if we can get the gals back from Mother's Day BFP and anyone else who needs support during this lovely time of waiting. I have been temping this cycle and according to my temps I ovulated on CD 18 and I am now 3 DPO. I still have slight EWCM and yesterday it was creamy so I could still be fertile if my temps are off. I've been emotional as well and usually that is a sign for me of a change in hormones so I'm pretty sure my chart is fairly accurate. Anyway, come one, come all and lets hope for some BFP's and February babies!!!


Krissy68 - May 30

Tiggy - Me and you are cycle buddies I ovulated on cd 18 and I am 3dpo. When is AF due for you? She is suppose to show herself to me on Jun 10. When are you going to test? Krissy68


duckiesmom01 - May 31

Hi ladies! I think i am a little more into the 2ww but i would still like to join in the quest for hopes of some BFP's and February babies!!!!!!!!!! I took an OPK on CD11 and started cramping with ewcm on cd12 I am now 7or8dpo and i am cramping like AF is knocking at my door to visit! I am not due to see her until Jun 7th and don't know when i should test... tww driving me crazy!


Tiggy - May 31

Wow Krissy! That's awesome. I am going to test probably a few days after AF due date just in cases I have a longer luetal phase (which is unlikely) and I been temping still and they are up so its pretty solid that I ovulated on CD 18 and timing was good for BD as well so fingers crossed! duckiesmom, the 2ww sucks I know! But I am glad that we have this site to chat with everyone to pa__s the time! Its hard to tell with cramps sometimes-they can be deceptive for sure. Some ladies have tested 10 dpo and got BFP's so you could start then and forward but so you don't drive your self crazy I would wait a few days after June 7 to be more certain. Good luck and babydust everyone!!


Tiggy - May 31

hahaha "just in cases", so brushing up on grammar is my next task


duckiesmom01 - June 1

I am going to wait a few days Tiggy thanks for the advice! I has my son back in 2001 and i tested the day i started spotting and got a BFN and then less than a week later i found out i was pg so i know.... i am waiting OMG the 7th is so far away! at least its june...


Krissy68 - June 2

Tiggy - How are you holding up? When exactly is AF due? I go to the gyn tomorrow and I am going to see if I can get a hpt done there. I know back in 04 I found out 10 days before AF was due and I was in shock. I have no will power so knowing me I will test on Friday that will be 10dop. I will let you know. Krissy68


lanislee - June 2

Hi Tiggy! I'm crossing my fingers for you, I remember you on a couple other threads!! I was put on birth control pills after my m/c in April and had a period on the pill. After that pack 2 weeks later I had my period again, have you ever heard of that happening? Anyway, I'm counting this as cd 5 and I have no idea when I'll ovulate, if I do at all. So, I'm going to us opk's this month and see. So, I have a week or 2 until my 2ww, but thought I'd join anyway. I'm hoping that one month on the pill helped to regulate me a little bit, Good luck to you all!!


Tiggy - June 3

Hey all! 6 dpo and my AF is due June 11. krissy good luck and hopefully you'll get a BFP!!! 10 days before AF, wow! No waiting for you lol. lanislee-I personally have not had that happen and couldn't even give you flimsy advice on the situation, but I hope it did the trick. I can only relate in the fact that I messed up my cycles on the pill on purpose cause I knew that it was coming on my wedding day of all days, so I kept taking the pills to skip it and it worked until about 3 days into our honeymoon and I started spotting and breakthough bleeding and I kept taking pills to stop it but it didn't work and so I let my period come and from the day I had spotting to the time I finally stopped bleeding was 2 weeks, so it could just be your body resetting itself maybe? I know that my next period came "on time" from the first day of my real period (the following week after the breakthrough bleeding) so you are right I think counting from your most recent period..I wish you good luck as I know your m/c story and all that you went through and am sorry for your loss. How is everyone else doing?


Tiggy - June 5

---krissy68-how did your Dr visit go? Any more signs emerging? Anyone charting out there? I'm on my first chart and had a bit of temp dip yesterday and then today it shot up .4 deg and the highest temp I've had so far! I am 8dpo. My b___sts have come increasinly sore (it also happens before AF though, cramps are noticable, ga__sy (yay) and sluggish. I always find it strange that I am so tired, yet cannot fall asleep until a certain time which is why I am up and chatting to myself on here..:)


Krissy68 - June 5

Tiggy - Hi well as you know my birthday was June 3 and I did my hpt and it was negative just like I knew it would be. I went to the dr and I am so happy I told him you know I just turned 40 and I need to have 1 more baby and I want to be aggressive with getting pg the clock is ticking so at first it was just going to let me do the clomid but then he said no let do this on cd 3-7 I will be on 50mg/clomid and on cd 8-12 I will be on 1mg/estrodiol (some type of estrogen) I will be bding on cd 10-16 and then starting on cd 17 I will be taking the progrestern gel if I get pg then I need to stay on that until I am 10wks we will do this for 3 cycles I was all excited cause I thought my insurance covered everything with my co pay which it does but the clomid and estrodiol was $10 each no problem but the prog gel will be $50 so I am going to see if he will give me the generic or see if I can get it somewhere else. How are you doing? Oh I will be testing tomorrow it will be 10dpo and cd 28 AF is due on tuesday. Krissy68


Tiggy - June 5

good luck tommarow. I have an HPT in the waiting but I just can't yet! I need to get some cheapies or something! I am really thinking hmmmmmm that last few days as my temps have been looking promising and cramps are crazy (though not alarming), low energy etc. I wish it was past June 11 already!


Krissy68 - June 6

Tiggy - I tested and it was neg I am ok with it I know AF is on her way my temp have been going down today it is 98.10 AF is due on Tuesday. Krissy68


Tiggy - June 6

sorry to hear about BFN Krissy. It sounds like you are armed and ready for next cycle though, but it ain't over until AF shows! My temps are still up there in my high range with 5 days to go, so we'll see, I keep comparing my chart to ones on FF to see but its ahrd to have any definate signs. I have been mistaken in the past so I am just hoping AF stays away


Krissy68 - June 6

Tiggy - Thanks I will test again on sunday and see what I get. Everyone have a great weekend!!!! Krissy68


duckiesmom01 - June 6

Hi Girls! Haven't spoken to you in a while.. I don't take temps but my symptoms have not gone away. AF is due tomorrow and I am nervous about testing... should I wait until Sunday for good measure? I also just noticed that I have these tiny little bumps on my nips well just one, is that normal anyone know?


Tiggy - June 7

Hey duckiesmom, you totally could test tommarrow, they are pretty acurate from the first day, but if you can wait that great too. I seriously have been itching to test but as I am not late yet I will hold off, doesn't help that I have a preg. test in my house calling my name, argh! Still having your symptoms are a good sign. Usually when I suspect PG I can usually discount it as my b___bs stop hurting the day or 2 before. I was at a Bday for my friends baby (1st bday) and one of her friends is in her 8th month. I asked her how her first trimester went and she told me that she was very tired and had headaches everynight. She only threw up 2x in the morning because she had juice and she thinks it was from the sugar. Baby dust to all!!!!



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