Heres MY Chart

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orim5 - May 18 what is really going on???


staci - May 18

wow your temps are pretty erratic(rocky) do you take it at the same time every morning(before you get out of bed, open your mouth or move around?)? Also you lines are dotted, thinking maybe FF is not sure of your O date yet..


orim5 - May 18

ya i get up at 7 everymorn and thats the first thig i do IN BED, ya it says its only based on the temp but i had just gotten off my period so i wasnt keeping track of CM till after when i noticed, but it says suspected O date CD8 that was 2 days after my af i just find it hard to believe


Emma2 - May 18

I cant figure out the 2nd dip...Wish I could help but Im not great with charts!


orim5 - May 18

thank you anyway , i dont know where to post that someone may know whats goin on.... im searching the net as we speak for to find info on Oing early , thanks emma and staci


Emma2 - May 18

Try joining They have a fertilty section where specialist look at it.


Cady - May 18

Thanks for posting your chart! Ok, here are my thoughts. And they would be the thought I would have if this was my chart: Maybe I'm not monitoring my cm correctly and it's not really cm/w. Maybe my bbt is faulty or battery is low. Maybe I ovulate later than expected and am still waiting for ewcm to o.....could be weeks in some woman's cases. Maybe I am having a delayed o b/c something is stressing me out. Maybe I am not actually ovualting and by charting I'll figure that out (no clear thermal shift and get help. Sorry I can't be of more help. I would wait and err on the side of the possibility that you still have not o'ed. Based on your chart, I would say that is probably true. You could try to take out the cm observations and see what it tells you. I think ff is influemced by what you record but will only give you a dotted line if your temps don;t matach. I would really more heavily on my temps than cm since some women never have fertile cm. I hope this helps even a little. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - May 18

My guess is that you had a bug last weekend that raised your temp a little. More months for comparison will help in the future. Good luck!


orim5 - May 18

ya i DONT think i Od my days should be like O day around now , when the CM was watery and i have been crampy for bout 4 days now , like last month, i was just CM and opk and i knew from those when i O for sure so now im not doing OPK and just doing this so ya , i just couldnt believe that fo rit was 2 days after my AF, i guess it really dosent matter cuz "they " say your best bet is to BD from the end of your period till whenever................ sound good to me;) thanks girls, much babydust to all of ya



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