Hey Girls

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lillybug - August 26

Hey Girls have any of you used Target brand HPT? I think I got a faint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhh I hope so!


SarahBethT - August 26

crosses fingers


Krissy68 - August 26

lillybug - I haven't used Target but I have used Walmart. Keeping my fingers cross for you when are you testing again. What cd are you on? What dpo are you? Krissy68


kristine-- - August 26

omg! take another tomorrow morn! but be careful, i've heard a lot about targets brand giving off false +'s. =[. hope yours is real!


lillybug - August 26

Hey Kristine~~~ I know I heard the same so I bought some CVS brand and I will test tomorrow morning again. KRissy~~~ I'm cd 84 and I'm 11dpo.


TallyJo4 - August 26

Lilly~ I would test with a "babytest" from dollar general. Those are very accurate and they are only $1. I got a BFP at 9DPO with that one. I looked at other sites that showed the best most accurate and earliest and that was in the top 3 and I will swear by them now. Good Luck. I hope you did get your BFP.


Missie76 - August 26

I used Wal Mart brand two days ago and gave me a neg...broke down and bought the Clear Blue Easy today and told me i"m pregnant


Krissy68 - August 26

lillybug - I can't wati to read your post in the morning. Keeping my fingers cross for you. Wow this is a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy longgggggggggg cycle for you. Missie76 - Congrats to you!!!!! What cd and dpo are you? When are you making your doctor's appointment? Krissy68


kristine-- - August 27

wow, MISSIE! i've been told to take a clearblue. been using equate [walmart's brand] too & getting BFN's. we shall see! but CONGRATS! LILLY, did you test? what's the result?


lillybug - August 27

Hey girls! first of all I want to say congrats to MISSIE!!!! You go girl. Well today I tested with first morning urine and I got a faint again with a CVS brand test and then like a big dummy I tested after having a HUGE cup of coffee with a first response test and got a negative on it. Af showed up today and I'm happy about that. But then I have the doctors office telling me to test friday morning with first morning urine and see if its positive because I could be still be pregnant and the blood is only from the Provera that I took last week. If its negative on friday I can start my Clomid on Sunday. How is everyone today?


Krissy68 - August 27

lillybug - Keeping my fingers cross for you and no drinking anything until after you test. I am hanging in there I am cd 24 10dpo and I want to test so bad but I will wait. I got my first implantion dip on cd 21 7dpo my temp went way down to 97.83 then on cd 22 8dpo it went way up to 98.74 and I couldn't help it I tested and it was a bfn I am hoping that I just tested too early. Anyway on cd 23 9dpo my temp went down some to 98.49 but today cd 24 10dpo my temp did go up some to 98.52 so I hope it keep going up and if so the I will test like the doctor said on Sat/Sun which is cd 27 & 28 but FF told me to test on Sep 2 and AF is due on Sep 3. I am so confused I really don't know what to do. Krissy68



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