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miss - August 8

Hey guys how is everyone feeling? keekee i hope your feeling better and your appointment gave you some answers as to way you had to spend a whole day in the ER....Jules, Estee how are you two girls doing? Hope your taking things easy and getting lots of rest....Jue, I have a suspision that your having a girl !!! I just feel it!!! hahaha....Chriss-- it's is very possible you could be preggo again after such a sort time....I heard that your are very fertile right after a m/c so my fingers are crossed that you are and everything is going to be OKAY!!!!! ........As for me, AF showed up on the weekend...Well so I think....I spotted Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and today Its been a little more heavier but almost a very watery af.....So I don't know, it's just not a normal AF, so I guess I will have to wait and see in the next couple of days if it gets worse or not......other than that, nothing really new with me....been keeping busy with work and trying to get some late "spring cleaning" done.....Well....Im off to make supper, I will check in with you girls later on tonight or tomorrow morning....


jue - August 8

Hi miss, spotting hmmmmm I will keep my fingers crossed for you :) I think a girl too, my boys weren't this much trouble he he he. keeks hope you are okay and dh is looking after you :). jules & estee hope you 4 are glowing he he he, jules any movement yet?. chriss keeping fingers crossed for you and hope af has lost your address this month he he he. hugs to all. i can't wait till these b___bs of mine stop aching and I stop feeling sick. chat later hugs to all.


jue - August 9

Well I did another hpt this morning and got a + so I am pg. i will be due about 19th April. how is everyone today? keeks hope you are feeling better. chriss hope you get a + hpt. miss how are you doing?. And how are jules and estee with your bumps doing hope your ok? hugs :)


KEEKEE - August 9

Whats up ladies!!!!! Miss, it is very nice hearing from you. Still have fun ttc I see......heeeheee....Jue, I'm ok. Mentally I great. My body is another question. I seem to still have some pa__s health issues going on with me. The doctor think I may have another blood clot. So I'm on blood thinners. You can not try to get pregnant on these drugs. So that means I can't ttc while I'm on these meds.....ArrrrrrrrrrrrGgggggggghhhhhhhhh!!! I know!!!......You normally have to take these meds for at least 6 months. I am hoping the ER doctors are wrong (no blood clot) and I can get of the blood thinners. My primary doctor ordered another ultrasound next week. We will see. I have my fingers, legs, and even my eyes crossed!!!! Y'all know for luck......heeeheee......Dh is at work!!!!! No more!!! Mr. Know it all is gone...Now I can clean my house, slowly a coarse........Sheba is in a mood. Geeeeeeeee...The crazy cat has PMS...yes, pms..She is climbing curtains and attacking anyone who walk pa__s. This cat is ready for a fight. She is lucky I can't chase behind her bad self..........I can't stay in one place for long...Bed rest sucks!!!!! I will Holla Holla at y'all later!!!!


Jules - August 10

Heya Gals - I'm back! We had a great long weekend and even went away for 2 days to the Game Reserve. Was a good break - but I didn't get to sleep enough!!! Needless to say, as most parents do, Dh's Dad drove us insane after having spent 48 hours with us. (Isn't it funny how they do?) and now we can look forward to MY Dad coming to spend this weekend with us - and I give him 24 hours before he drives us nuts! heh heh heh - But we do love them anyways!!! I read all the news and caught up and it was good to hear from ya. Keeks, I hope you're feeling better and that you don't have to be taking thos tablets for 6 months!!! NO FAIR!!! Let us know what's happening okay? But you must be healthy before you fall preggers - we don't want you having a rough pregnancy! Chriss, things are sounding good for you - considering you were meant to be really fertile after the m/c!!! I truly hope that you are preggers and that soon soon we'll get that BFP!!! When do you test? Or when is AF NOT due? ...Jue, I'm so sorry that you're feeling really rough. It must be a naughty little girl growing in there - and if your skin gets worse then I think it MUST be a girl!!! heh heh heh - have you decided when you'll tell anyone else? .....Miss, so sorry that AF arrived for you again. It's okay though - just keep on enjoying the Summer and take some good chill out time for yourself. I guarantee you that the minute you turn your back on TTC, it will happen for ya!!! Just look at how it happened with Estee!!! Speaking of which, Estee - how are you doing? Hope you're still feeling strong and that baby is growing beautifully! may have asked you before - but which hospital will you go to now that you're living in Midrand? Hope you're settled in nicely there and enjoying your new home. Well, gals - best I get some work do - it's so tuff to get back into things after a few days off!!! heh heh heh - Cayla-Jaimes is doing well and seems to be growing. I THINK I'm starting to feel a coupla flutters or movements of sorts but I can't be too sure. I know she's active but I don't know if the twinges I feel are just muscle stretches or if its her sticking her foot into my bladder!!! heh heh heh. Anyhoo, I'm at 18 weeks now - another two weeks before half way and we have a full anatomy sonar then. So far all my blood tests have come back fine and I've had no call-backs from the Doc to say there was a prob. Oh, by the way - I asked Doc about that article I'd read about there being harmful substances in my face products. He said that we are not to take Vitamin A orally cos that can cause birth defects early on - but that my skin products cannot absorb enough of anything to cause harm. As long as what I'm using is not medicinal (which is not) then they should be fine. Also, he says, we know that my baby is fine - so no worries. And his last bit of advice....."Don't read nasty articles. Get your hubby to cut out the ugly articles and only read the nice ones!" Best advice I ever heard! heh heh heh! Love to all of ya xxxxx


Chriss - August 10

Morning ladies! Keeks, I'm so frustrated for you!! I also hope that you are feeling better soon and that you don't have to take these pills for 6 months, we will keep fingers crossed for you for a good outcome both for your health and ttc. Miss, I hope that you aren't too disapponted about af, you seem to be in a good spiritis, so that's great, just keep on enjoying those unbrella drinks and bd'ing. I hear you need alot of cold drinks to cool off these days in Ottawa. It has been really hot here in NS as well. Jue, I hope that you are feeling better this morning! What's up Estee, were are you girl!!! As for me, not sure what's up with me, according my calendar af should arrive on saturday or so (if she does) I've been very cranky and ALOT of gas and my bbs have been sore, BUT I don't even know if I O'd this cycle, I usually get pretty clear signs of O, but I don't think I did this month, so we will see!! Chat L8R


KEEKEE - August 10

Morning Ladies!!!!!! Thanks for your kind words. You are so right. It is best to get rid of past health problems. I hope to be off these meds by next week. I hate giving myself shots. At least the shots stop on Friday........Yahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Speaking of Yah!!!!! Everyone's back expect for Estee. She is likely out shopping. I hope she not over doing it with work. Take care Estee.......Chriss, wow!!! It could be possible. You may be pregnant again. I truly hope so. I am sending you tons of baby dust. Watch your mail in Canada!!!!........Jue, still has bad skin.......hmmmmmmmmmm....could be a girl!!!! Finally someone to take your side....heeeeheee...You need an extra girl in the house. Or you could just get another Girl pet.....heeeeheee.....That is my plan. I could use protection!!!!..............Jules, the tests is normal. You normal have to take another ultrasound and tons of blood work to check for pregnancy conditions. Nothing to worry about. I hope you had a great vacation!!!!..........Holla!!!!!


jue - August 10

Hi all. hi keeks glad you won't be on the meds past friday. jules it could be cayla kicking glad you can keep using your creams. chriss I never noticed my O last month either and I normaly have very clear O signs, plus I got lots of mood swings and very sore b___bs more so than normal so it is possible :). miss you can have a few drinks and have fun until your O is here. Estee whatcha doing?. well my skin is very dry and itching plus the spots I am starting to look like a pizza he he he, mood swings are a little better but b___bs still ache,peeing a lot, my cm is still in abundance and is creamy and watery, hubby has gone to pick up a new mpv which should be easier for me to get into but I think he is using it as an excuse to get away from me he he he, I can't seem to keep my hands off him, I want s_x all the time, it must be the pg which is doing it as I only ever wanted it around O time, now I want it like every 1/2 hour he he he. I hope it eases off for hubby's sake he he he. well got to go and pee again. chat later HUGS TO ALL


Estee P - August 11

Hi girls! I'm so tired, I just drag myself to work an battle through the day. Then drag myself home, fix a quick dinner, then sleep. I simply don't have time for nothing else anymore, coz I just sleep for hours and hours! I'm at 13 weeks now, so I am supposed to start feeling energetic again, aren't I? I do hope it pa__ses soon, coz I have to get so much done, and right now, my evenings are pretty much non existing! But I can feel the baby is growing at a fast pace. This morning I couldn't get my zip up, but fortunately these pants has one of those cords with which you keep it up, so I'm sitting here with half an halfway open fly and a tightly knotted cord to keep it all in place! Fortunately I'm wearing a long polar neck shirt that hangs over the disaster area, so I'm hoping no-one can see. Isn't this too early for my stomach to start popping, is it normal vir 13 weeks? I've only gained one kilogram so far, so it can't be that I'm fat? Anyway, so glad to find you all on here! Miss, sorry about the AF, but like you said, maybe it wasn't AF after all. Keep checking yourself out! Chriss, I'm holding thumbs for no AF for you. Signs sound very promising!! Keeks, you too sweetie, I do hope you turn out not having a clot like they think! Loads of luck to you! Jules, I'm glad you had a good time! I do envy you the trip into the game park, I have such a desperate desire to get into the veld, I miss the farm and the bush and nature! I think those must be C-J's first flutters, yes! I'm so excited for you! I'm looking forward to getting those first kicks from the babe myself! Just imagine your dh's face when he can start feeling them through your skin! And I was curious about the skin cream issue, I'm glad to hear what your doc said. I'm actually not sure what to do about the new hospital issue. We stay in the Kyalami are, so there are three hospitals in the vicinity that I would consider: Carstenhof, Sunninghill and Morningside. The latter is about 25 km's from our house, the other two only 7. So I'm thinking at this point in time Sunninghill is a good one, coz it's a Netcare hospital, but then Morningside has such a good reputation. Can you make any recommendations, as a local? Where are you going? I'm also very unsure of which doctor to go to, and I don't want my current Pretoria East Hospital doc to refer me to an old guy that I won't feel comfy with. I want to pick him/her myself. I know you've got a great doc, but maybe he's not close enough to my house. I also have to consider that I need to drive through to these doc's for all these scans every month. So any advice will be most welcome! Jue, enjoy the fun you're having with dh! It sounds great! I'm still praying that all will go well with you and the babe! Cheers girls, I'll catch up again later! xxx


Jules - August 11

Heya Gals! Hope everyone's doing okay. Estee, was good to hear from you - and don't worry - it is SO normal for you to be popping outta your clothes by now! And you've done really well with the weight gain! I've already put on 6 kilos!!! FREEK!!! Anyhoo, I have been really good and have been exercising a bit more so have not gained anymore in the last month. So it must be working for me! I'm so excited that you mentioned Sunninghill cos that's where I'm going! My doc is there too and I just adore him to bits!!! He's young (I'd say in his 40s) and he is SO cool! He always keeps me calm and rea__sures me - is always kind and gentle. Nothing freaky about him!!! Dh likes him too and they can talk easily. My friend had her baby at Carstenhof a few years back and she liked the place. I have never been. I can really NOT recommend Morningside - my boss and his wife had their baby there last year and he said the place was so old and run-down. My friend is a radiographer there and she didn't even have her babies at Morningside! She went to Sandton. I have heard it said that Sunninghill is the new place to go for maternity - it's new, sate of the art, etc etc. But I am yet to see the actual maternity ward. I have romaed around the hospital a bit and it really looks good. Also, if you're on Discovery, like us, then you should stick with Netcare. They give you a free 3-D scan and all that stuff too. Anyhoo - if it's only 7 kms from your home, I'd recommend Sunninghill. Of course, my Doc is gorgeous and I'd recommend him too, if you're looking to switch. His name is Stuart O'Hanlon and his receptionist is called Surita (n PRAGTIGE Afrikaanse tannie - who adores everyone!) If you wanna get in touch their number is Jhb 234 7391. And preggers patients get preference there ;) heh heh heh. Anyhoo, I'm really fussy and like being looked after and so far they have treated me so so well. I love going there!! heh heh heh. Okay, so that's my big schpeel about docs and hospitals. I do hope you come right. I know they'll look after you! Let me know what you decide. .....For now, I had better get some more work done. I'm having lunch with my ex-boss on Monday and I'm toying with the idea of begging for my job back! Let's see what happens......Lotsa love to ALL of ya xxxxx


Chriss - August 11

Morning ladies, well I am completely confused!!! I took a HPT last night and it was a BFP!!! I think I'm still in shock and sort of confused becasue dh and I only bd'd twice this cycle, of course both times were around the time of O, but because I didn't really see an signs of O, I a__sumed that since I'd just had a m/c that I wouldn't O this month WRONG!! I am going to wait a few more days and take another test on Saturday, but the second line was almost as dark as the first so I'm pretty sure that it's right. Is there any way that the HCG hormone could still be in my system from my m/c and this BFP is a result of that? and if you really do think I am pregnant, what do I used as my LMP, the first day I started spotting for the m/c? I'm so freaking out right now!!!!


Audrey - August 11

Hi Chriss, I am so happy for you. Congrats. The HCG level would not be still in your system since the miscarriage the levels would drop right after. Try to relax, your PREGNANT. Congrats again, I wish you the best of luck.


Chriss - August 11

Thanks so much for info Audrey and welcome aboard the crazy train. The girls on this thread are awesome and you are more than welcome to join us if you would like. What's going on with you are TTC or have you already gotten your BFP??


Jules - August 11

OH WOW!!!!!!!! CHRISS!!!!!!!! Way to go, Girl!!!! That is just too awesome! Congratulations! I did a brief search on Google and also draw the same conclusions as Audrey that HcG won't be in your system anymore! Maybe this is TWINS which is why the line is so dark!!!!! Oh, I am just SO SO SO happy for you!!! What did Dh say? And from now, please promise us, that for the next months you're gonna wrap yourself in cotton wool and stop exercising (and stop Dh's advances!!!) and put your feet up and rest!!! Just for the next few weeks. We're not taking ANY chances with this one! I just wish you the happiest and healthiest pregnancy - and I know that everything is gonna be fine!!! Well done! Keep us posted on what your next step is - another test? A visit to the docs? Lots n LOTS of love, hugs n BABY DUST to ya!!! xxxxx


Audrey - August 11

Thanks Chriss, I would love to join you guy's. I am ttc, I am from Ireland. I have been trying since January (Just got off depo in JKanuary and it is still in my system) So every month I am dissapointed. This will be my 2nd, we have a daughter already she us 3 (Leia). So I hope to get my BFP at the end of the month.


KEEKEE - August 11

Whats Crackin???......I am still on bed rest. I do have permission to slowly do things( little house work & cooking). Mostly I have to keep my feet up. What a bore!!!.I hope this doctor don't keep me on bedrest for long. I have too many things to do this weekend. I want to go to Chicago and a B-Day party............Now I'm complaining!!! ....heeheee........Anyhoo, CHRISS!!!! Congrats Sweetie!!!! I knew it!!!!! Hey mommy, join me......heeeeheee...Put those feet up and relax. Jules is right. Don't take any chances.....hmmmmmmmmm....Twins!!! I hope you are carrying twins. You never know...Congrats again!!!!!........BIG HUGE WELCOME TO Audrey!!!! A coarse you can join the rubber room. You need a rocking chair. Ttc can drive you insane.....heehee...... Leia is such a cute name. I have two boys. Just like Jue!!! Miss, Chriss, Jules, & Estee are first timers. I hope you get your BFP soon........Jue, I hope morning sickness haven't kicked in. Holla Girl!!!......Miss, Miss Thang that is. Where are ya?............Holla!!!!


Jules - August 11

Welcome, Audrey! Yay - we don't have anyone from Ireland on here - and it's great to have you join us! So far, we have Chriss and Miss from Canada, KeeKee from the US (Wisconsin), Estee and I from South Africa and Jue from the UK. A big welcome and loads of Baby Dust your way! So far this thread is proving to be be fertile. We've all been chatting since about March / April (I think) - and more have joined along the way - and in that time we've had quite a few pregnancies! So hopefully this will spped you along to your BFP too! Estee and I are both preggers now - I'm due in Jan, Estee in Feb. Jue is due in April and Chriss, well.....Chriss (CONGRATS!!!) - perhaps Chriss can calculate her due date for us given that she got her beautiful BFP today!!! So, next up we'll have Keeks, Miss and Audrey giving us a few BFPs, please. And I can a__sure you, from personal experience, that June babies are VERY special! heh heh heh - I'm a June babe! So, next up we'll have a few May and June babes for sure!!! BRING EM ON!!! xxxxx



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