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hollyl2313 - February 1

Hi, I know you don't know me but I have been visiting this site for a couple of weeks, but have been to shy to join in any conversation. All you girls completely crack me up and seem to have so much fun. Anyways I just visited your piczo site and saw that you live in Washington State, so do I. I have lived here all my life. How long have you lived here? We live in Yelm not too far from Olympia. How about you? Sorry if I seem like a stalker,Im really not. Im an at home mom with not too much of an exciting social life!!!


krissy2006 - February 2

Hey Holly, I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier... I just now saw this post. I am on this crazy schedule because of my hubby's work schedule and I have been sleeping during the day and awake till 4am at night.. UGH! Hopefully soon that will change. In any case I have lived in Washington since June of 05. I moved to Mexico from june of 06 - nov of 06 and now we are back. So welcome to the website and you soooo totally DO NOT HAVE TO BE INTIMIDATED... The girls here are wonderful... and you can just hop right into any conversation. The girls in the exciting 2ww thread are the best ever and are really truly better friends than the ones I have in real life. In any case, We (my hubby and I) are in Vancouver, close to Portland, OR. Where is Yelm? Never even heard of it??? How many babies do you have? How long have you been ttc? Whats your story? Come on tell me, tell me. :) I have been ttc for a while and 7 months charting now. I am taking a small breather this cycle and not charting so "desperately" and I am gonna start the Jenny Craig diet cuz I think my weight might have some to do with the fact that we haven't conceived yet. How old are you? I'm 22 and my hubby (Arturo) is 31. We have been married for a year and together for 7 in september.. :) So again, I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier.... if anytime you make a thread and people don't respond just type "bump" into the thread to get it to the top and people (blind people such as myself) are more likely to see the posts directed to them!!! Well have sweet dreams, cuz I'm sure you are in sleepy land as it is nearly 12:30 am... TTYS!! ~Krissy


hollyl2313 - February 2

Hey Krissy~ Thanks for getting back to me. It sounds like you have a pretty crazy schedule. So what brought you guys back up here to Washington? Yelm is a like boonie town ,its trying really hard to grow up and become a big city. We will actually have a Walmart pretty soon! We Yelm is probably about 20 miles north of Olympia. Well my dh and I have been together for 2 1/2 years and married for eight months. We have a 17 month old dd and I have an 8 year old ds from a previous relationship. So we are trying ttc for our 3rd and last. We have only been trying for two months. I haven't started temping or charting yet. I decide that I probably will if this cycle is a bust. Af is due th 4th, but I swear that I am having preggo symptoms. I have been testing since 8dpo and all BFN. So I guess I will just calm down and wait to see what happens. Im sorry to hear that you have been trying for so long? How long have you been charting? I know that it must get pretty hard sometimes, but you are still so young. Maybe once you aren't trying so hard you surpise and get your BFP. I notice that the tww tread is lacking on girls ttc now that half of them are all preggo now. So maybe I will start hanging out there. I hope you have a happy friday and a great weekend. Talk to you soon!


tryin44 - February 2

Hey, just thought I'd chime in. I live in oregon, about 30 min se of portland. Good to see some locals on here. I have three kids and trying for our fourth and final (our third was supposed to be our final). Anyhow, we've been trying for almost three months. Hopefully this will be the month for us all.


hollyl2313 - February 2

Hi tryin44. I agree it is nice to know that there are locals on here. So what changed your mind from 3 kids to 4? What part of your cycle are you in right now?GL to you!!


krissy2006 - February 2

Holly, we came back to WA cuz its where we were living b4 Mexico, so . . . ya'll are lucky. You already have little ones. Hubby and I are desperate for our first. TTC for approx 9 months (without knowing when to time intercourse etc) and actually timing intercourse well by charting for 7 months .... oh well, In time, in time. :) Hope you are having a gr8 night!!


hollyl2313 - February 3

I feel extremely blessed to have my kids. I do feel guilty for wanting another baby so bad when there are so many women on here that are trying so hard for their first. I know it will be your turn soon!! God as good plans for you!!



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