Hey Krissy2006 Where The Heck Are You

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Sims1 - December 18

Hey just wondering how you're doing? Is everything good? I haven't seen you anywhere.


krissy2006 - December 19

I'm hangin out here, sims... LOL... I actually havent been on in a while and when I have gotten on for a moment it is just to read and lurk or to make a quick comment. I was at my grandparents' house for about 1 month and 1/2 so I didnt have a lot of access to computers as they dont have high speed and I had to fight over my aunts' computer with my 14 yr old sister my 6 year old cousin and of course my aunt and uncle. In any case I am back now... :) How are you doing? Whats new? I am 13 wks 2 days and I will be having my NT scan tomorrow. :) Hope everything is well with you and hopefully I can catch you sometime and we can chat. Merry Christmas!! ~Krissy


Sims1 - December 19

aww that's so awesome, so good to hear. yaay 13 weeks. i'm at 18 weeks, feels like it's been forever stuck in the teens. i thought second tri was supposed to move faster. its good to hear from you. Good luck on the scan tomorrow. i'm sure everything will be A okay. come into second tri and we'll have a chat!! let me know how everything goes.


LN030905 - December 19

Krissy!! I wonder about you alllll the time! YAY for being past the 12 wk mark! Praying that the scan goes perfectly!! :)


krissy2006 - December 20

Hey girls! Thanks for the well wishes... everything went gr8 today and instead of measuring 13 wks 2 days I measured 13 wks 6 days so bean is growing quickly...LOL... the NT scan was gr8. The dr said she becomes worried if the fluid behind the neck is 2.5mm or more and my baby's was 1.6mm so everything look fabulous there and baby bean was super super active today (even though I didnt even eat anything from the time I woke up until after the appt-imagine if I'd had any juice or caffeine...LOL) Wow sims 18 weeks huh? Thats crazy. But I know what you mean about time feeling so sluggish. I think when you live your life in weekly spurts it moves slower... but I guess thats just the nature of the beast eh errr... pregnancy...hahaha... anyway I hope you ladies are doing well... LN0 I haven't been on in so long I am forgetting screen names. Are you Lerin? If not sorry, but I am thinking you are... how are you doing hun?!?!?


LN030905 - December 20

Yup!! Its me! I dont spend much time on here anymore, either. Things are good! Busy! School is on break right now for Christmas..loving it. Starting my new program in January..looking forward to that! Did I ever tell you I was diagnosed with PCOS in October? Dh was also diagnosed with extremly low sperm count! I did finally get my af..last one was june and I got it on Tuesday..yayayya!! So, we arent actually ttc right now. Hoping maybe around fall to start again. Im so happy for you that the scan went so well! What awesome news! Congrats!



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