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kEEKEE - August 22

Morning ladies!!! I am up early. These meds keep me sleepy. Now I have to drink cold coffee just to wake up. Crazy!!!..Jordan is Walking!!!!!! He is now walking room to room. He still love to crawl. Avery is his usually happy. Always giving out hugs and kisses, He is a sweet heart. Sheba has PMS. I swear she do...heehee....She's in hot. Its so embarrassing!!! She now rubbing against anyone and everything. My sister's husband called it Rape...heeehee...We played Xbox with in your face DH!!! He finally met his match...my son's husband. The both of them was shouting and yelling. It was so funny. I had a great weekend. You can't never go wrong with hanging out with my sister........Jue, Sweetie, you are in my thoughts. I hope the bleeding stop soon. Put your feet up and try to relax.Hugs!!!!.........Jules, see it pass. It's normal. Your body is being taken over by a demanding little person...heeheee......Do you have Gap or Old navy in SA?? You could find some cute clothes there....Estee, When do you find out the s_x. I'm going to keep h a r a s s i n g you until you find out...heeehee....I think boy. Wow, bush fires!! I wish I can send y'all some rain. It will be fall here soon also............Chriss, what ups....Miss Thang!!! We miss ya......Aud, I have my fingers crossed for you........Baby Dust!!! Tons of Smooches!!!!!!


Chriss - August 22

Oh Jue, I am praying for you, please try to relax, the bleeding may stop. Jules, I'm so glad to hear that you are in great spirits today. I just bought another book called "The Pregnancy Bible: Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Early Parenthood!" I highly recommend it, it's so great, it has a summaries of each week of what you and baby are doing throughout your pregnancy, all sorts of questions and answers about any problems that you might have, a section on how to bond with your baby, a section on what do with your baby after birth, ie how to change, bathe, feed etc (great for the new dads) there is a section on eating healthy and exercising. It's a great book!! Keeks, glad to hear that you aren't is ok, hope she gets better soon. As for me, well thinkgs seem to be good so far, my pants are getting tight and bbs are getting bigger, so I went and got a catalogue of maternity clothers from one of the local stores, there is some really great maternity clothes out now for work. Dh and I have decided to wait until three months have pa__sed before we tell our families and friends, it was just so upsetting last time that I don't think that I could go through that again. So jules if you think I'm having a boy, than I'm going to need some boy names because I can't seem to find any that both dh and I agree upon, I have loads of names in mind for a girl, but nothing for a boy!! L8R


Chriss - August 22

Keeks, I mean I'm glad to hear that your aunt is ok..............


Jules - August 22

Heya Gals - Jue, PLEASE PLEASE go and see your doc!!! Let him put your mind at ease and tell you what to do from here. Remember not all bleeding during pregnancy means a MC, so let him check you out. And he might recommend that you and Dh cool it in the bedroom for a while ;) heh heh heh.....Please let us know how you're doing. We're holding BIG thumbs for ya. .....Keeks, poor Sheba - I think you should get her a mate!!! That's one cranky cat to be having round the house. And you must be SO proud that Jordan is walking about like a little man!!! That is so cool. I do hope that you're feeling lots better soon and that you and Dh can start getting jiggy with the TTC game again!!! heh heh heh.....Chriss, thanks so much for the heads up on that book too. I think I'll do a search for that one. I'll also be doing a search for maternity wear! Although the last thing that I bought ove the Net is still sitting in SA Customs at the airport from BEFORE I fell preggers!!! (Pregnancy tests purchased in March!!) Can you believe it!!! heh heh heh Anyhoo - hope yo're all okay. Lotsa love to ya xxxxx


kEEKEE - August 22

When I was pregnant with Jordan. The doctor gave me a huge prenatal book about pregnancy. It was my savior. I was thinking everyone received the book during the first visit. I later found out the doctor bought the book on his own. It was so sweet. He also gave a "welcome to motherhood basket" He is a very nice caring doctor. I could call his office anytime. Day or night, someone would call me back. I had a very good doctor with Jordan.....I did most of my maternity clothes shopping online. It was easier.......Jue, I hope you feeling ok..Chriss, I always waited until I was 4 months along pregnant until I told the whole family.I felt right to wait. I have couple people pregnant in my family on both side. I will have about 6 baby showers to attend in the next couple months.This will be expensive. I need to hunt down sales............Smoothes!!!


kEEKEE - August 22

www.babynames.com....Tons of names for boys or girls..Have fun!!!


Auds - August 22

Jue, try not to panic you never know what it may be. They say that some women bleed in early pregnancy. I think you should go to your Doc though and get it checked just to be sure. Tons of Hugs to you. How is everyone else?? Chriss I think your right to wait to tell the family until your 3 months. I didn't tell my family when I was pregnant on leia until I was 5 months. I was just so worried after Rhys, I am pretty sure they knew as I did have a bit of a bump but they never said anything. Maybe they thought I was just getting fat!!! Keeks how are you doing - good to hear DH met his match. Jules you sound in much better form. As for me still no sign of af. Yah.I am in two minds whether to test tonight or not. What do you all think??? Was due af last thursday?????


Estee P - August 22

Jue, I'm sorry about the bleeding. Have yourself checked. Don't sit and worry, it will worsen things for ya. Maybe it's just v____al bleeding as a result of all the bedroom activities! Wink, wink! That's very common! Especially if it's bright red! Then it means it's coming straight from one of your veins. The blood from the uterus (i.e. miscarriage) will probably be clumpy and thick and dark. How much blood are you losing? Is it heavy like AF? I am praying for you Jue. Hang in there, girl! Jules, glad to see you're in good spirits again! I would love to feel the flutters! One of these days .... I haven't been shopping yet for maternity wear, but I also got the idea that it sucks big time, from the one or two shops where I checked. So what are we gonna do!? I have many loose tops that would take me very far into the pregnancy, but pants, No Way! I'm gonna have to buy a whole load of them as right now I have only about 3 left that I will still be able to wear for a few weeks only. Someone recommended to me Tums and Tots. Have you tried their clothes yet? Apparently they're the best around. I still can't get over my b___sts! How on earth could they have gotten so big in one night! They really feel alien to me! Auds, I think you're ready to test now. Let us know! I do hold all my thumbs and send you loads of baby dust!!! Layder! xxx


jue - August 22

Hi girls, well hubby dragged me to the docs and i am now waiting for the doc to phone me with an appointment at the EPAS (early pg a__sesment unit) so I can get a scan and blood taken. I am still bleeding but it is dark red and only when i wipe, I have had no blood on my pants or on the pad I am using. I also have no pain or cramps at all so I am staying positive. I did throw up before I left for the doctors, it was a very difficult desicion wether I sat on the loo to pee or put my head down and throw up lol pukeing won yeuk. my doc said if it is a m/c then they will run a lot of blood tests as this will be my 3rd m/c. but I don't feel bad if anything I feel positive as if it is a m/c then the doc will be doing somthing to hopefully stop it happening again or find out why it happened in the first place, does that sound wrong to be happy about m/c, I think it hasn't sunk in yet and probably will when I have the scan. I should be 6 weeks 6 days now, I am still taking it one day at a time and if it works out great, if not then at least I know something will be done. sorry to be so down. Auds TAKE A TEST I hope you get a bfp. jules & estee I glad you are okay and blooming (around the waist and bust any way he he he). Keeks you need to get your cat laid, how about another cat instead of a dog he he he lots of little kittens for Jordan to chase he he he. chriss have fun looing at all those maternity clothes you will soon be needing, I would make a list and give it to your dh and tell him that you need them but not for you but for baby, then he won't mind spending the dosh he he he. well I am going to put my feet up for a bit as hubby wants to pamper me, he would rather jump me but I told him NO s_x until I get to 14 weeks pg, I nearly fell over laughing when I saw the look on his face it was so funny like someone had taken his favourite toy of him. hugs to you all. :)


kEEKEE - August 22

Jue, Good!!! You went to the doctor. Now its just the waiting game. I am hoping and praying that your bleeding stop. Take care and have DH do everything. No s_x!!! That sucks.....heeheee....Hey, you could always do other things......heeeheee.......Estee got Porn star b___sts...heeehee...Girl get use to them. Enjoy your new form. Soon the little guy will be moving like crazy......Aud, take a test!!! We are waiting..wink wink..........Take care!!!!


jue - August 23

Hi all. well I am booked in for a scan and hcg blood test tomorrow at 3.15pm uk time but I think I have already lost it, i woke up at 4 am thismorning with sever cramps and when i went to the loo I lost a clot and the bleeding doesn't look like stopping, on the plus side i know me and hubby can get pg, this will be our 3rd m/c and i have had 2 healthy pg in the past (even though it was 13yrs and 15yrs ago). my doc said that he will do a triple blood test next week and then he can get the ball rolling with helping me get pg and stay pg next time so I am looking on the plus side and not getting upset like I did the last time I m/c, I fell apart big time and it took me a while to start being positive. well as you girls can see I'm back in the TTC game again, the doc said he doesn't need me to wait till my next af to start the ball rolling and that we can start ttc as soon as he gets the blood results back, which should be the end of next week, that will coincide with the bleeding stopping as I never bleed for longer that 6 days after a m/c, and this one seems like another complete just like the last 2. Well girls how is every one? Auds have you taken a test yet HURRY UP :) we want to know if you are pg. Chriss how you doing, I think you will be fine and you will be holding your little bundle come next April:). jules how is the search going for nice work maternity clothes going? found anything yet? Estee get some maternity bras girl before you make all the men blind he he he. keeks 6 baby showers wow sounds like you will need a mortgage just to buy things for them he he he. has the doc given you the go ahead yet to start ttc? well I am going to put my feet up and play my new game on the X box that hubby brought me (C.S.I), I think he is hoping that it will make sure I stay off my feet and rest, fat chance of me taking it easy, I feel fine and want to do some cooking. but I will let hubby wrap me in cotton wool for a little while. hugs to you all and I will chat later when hubby isn't looking he he he.


Auds - August 23

Jue, I am so sorry, but it is great that you are taking it so well and keeping positive. Let's wait and see what the doc say's after the ultra sound. I am glad to hear that Dh is fussing around you and looking after you. You take really good care of yourselve and keep your feet up.Big hugs and kisses yo you. How is everyone else doing? Keeks how's poor sheeba I agree I think you should let her get laid, then she won't be so crazy. Estee hope yourr keeping well. Chriss are you still taking it is easy, I hope so. When do you get your first scan?? Jules how's things with you? As for me I didn't test last night, I lost the nerve. I am alway's so dissapointed every month when the BFN result shows up. I then try to convince myself that i either didn't pee enough on the d__n test or it is a faulty test or I have tested too early and af alway's shows up a couple of day' later and I spend the next week in tears. So not this month if nothing by the weekend I will test on Saturday and if it's bfn I won't try to convince myself of the above. (I hope). Chat layder.


Chriss - August 23

Morning ladies! Oh jue, I am so very sorry, but as Aud's said I'm happy that you are keeping a positive att_tude. We are here for you if you need to vent or chat. Aud's you really should take the test, I have a feeling that you won't be disappointed this time! your BFP is waiting for you!! Keeks, Jules, Estee and Miss, how's it goin!! Well ladies my belly feels huge today!! my pants are SO TIGHT around the waist it's uncomfortable and I'm only 5 and half weeks!!! I just found out that a friend who was in her fifth month had a m/c. I was so devestated for her. I guess you never really know, but I think for her she had a medical problem and she is a full time student and has a part time job, so had alot of stress in her life, but she and her husband and are devestated!! Well should do some work , talk to you gals L8R


kEEKEE - August 23

Whats up y'all!!! Jue, I am so sorry to hear about the m/c. I am a huge cry baby. I have tears in my eyes. You sound so upbeat and looking towards the future. Please let Dh do his thing. Keep your feet up and relax. Tons of kisses and hugs........Sheba my Sheba..Dh precious cat. Dh think of Sheba as a baby. You should see his face when I said she was in Heat. He looked in total shock. I am thinking about getting another cat. Any cat that come into my home have to be tough!!! Jordan and Avery run a cat crazy. Jordan pulling tails. He remind me of Amira on Looney Toons cartoon. He will love them.... squeeze them.... and never let them go. Its like Chucky saying "I 'm your friend until the end"........heeeheee.......Avery loves to act like hes going to step on the cat. The cat would ran and Avery burst out in laugher ......Poor cats.......heeheee..........Chriss, could you be carrying Twins.....hmmmmm....You never know....wink wink..........Aud, Take the test. I'm just going to keep hara__sing you. Take the test...heeheee.......I have not been given the ok ttc. I will have to wait this out. This med cause pregnancy problems. For sure I want the meds completely out of my system.............Estee and Jules, Whats happening??..............Smooches!!!


Estee P - August 23

Jue, I am awfully sorry about the baby that you have lost!!!!!!! I do hope you manage to keep up the positive att_tude and that it turns out to have been a clean m/c like before! Loads and loads and loads of luck and baby dust to you!! I still think you are a VERY courageous woman! Jules, I've been to your doc, and I do believe you are in expert hands! He is so professional and kind! I really got the feeling he takes an interest in each and every patient. Not to mention Surita, she is a jewel! Thank you very much for referring me! I think we're gonna have a good time there. Today the baby was lying on it's forehead. It seemed a bit odd to me, but as we watched, it turned around onto it's back, tucked it's arm behind it's head an gave a bit of a stretch! So I guess it was just playing games with itself. The doc says he would guess it's a boy, as there seemed to be a bit of a dangly bit, but also warned that we should not get all excited and start shopping; it will only become clear in 4 weeks' time. I'm just really happy that it is alive, every time we check. Anyway, girls, have a good evening, I'm saying goodnight coz I have really low blood pressure and I'm quite sluggish and head-achy. I want to crawl into bed with a pizza to watch Alias and CSI. xxx


kEEKEE - August 23

Wow!!! I need a psychic show.....lol.....A boy!!!! Yahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Congrats mommy!!! No wonder you are so beautiful with great skin. Let me see. You will need yellows, blues, whites, red, green, all the colors expect pink......heeeheee.....Wait pink is in for boys. Well in Polo shirts.....hehe.....I know your Dh must be jumping for joy. A healthy baby is always a beautiful blessings. Estee, good night and get tons of rest. Take care!!!!


Jules - August 23

heya Gals!!! Oh Jue, I am so so sorry. I'm glad that you're sounding a little upbeat - but just know that we're here for you - especially when you need a good cry. You're being very strong - and you WILL get that baby! I just know it! .................Estee, I'm so pleased that you met Doc O'Hanlon! He's amazing! I'm so excited for you that he thinks it's a boy! But then again - rather wait til the next one to be doubly sure! You just never know!!! heh heh heh - I can't wait to go there again on Thursday - 20 weeks for us! And she's growing - and today has really been giving me a few good kicks! You're right - he really does care about each patient and each baby is special. Surita is so much fun to chat to as well! She always ropes me into her latest scandal with bad patients! heh heh ...............Keeks, poor Sheba DEFINITELY needs a mate! She'll love you forever if you get her one! And don't worry about the TTC game yet - get better and strong and let all the meds get outta your system first. Then you know you'll have a healthy baby and a happy pregnancy! Chriss, you pop right out of those pants, girl! Join me in my venture to go BIG BIG BIG!!! heh heh heh. Actually, Dh just measured my waist and it's at 87cm around the belly-b___ton. He says according to "his sources" that's pretty normal for 20 weeks. But, Chriss, enjoy the matrnity wear shopping that you have over there. I love in my jeans and cargo pants and I have one pair of shorts! I reckon when Summer arrives and I can get a bit of a tan I'll invest in a few loose dresses. But it'll be board shorts for me at the pool this Summer!!! heh heh heh......... Auds, test test test. C'Mon Gal! The suspense is killing us ;) (cheeky, I know!) But PLEASE test and let us know asap. I believe you'll get the BFP that you've been dreaming of - for SURE!!! We're all holding thumbs and sending you LOADS of baby dust!!!!! Best I get cracking - I have some work to fo tonight and am tryna keep the pressure off. Will catcha layder gals xxxxx PS - Silly me, forgot to "mention" that my brother and his wife are expecting their 2nd baby!!! He told me last night - and it's due in April 2006. She's about 6 weeks. Very exciting stuff!!!



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