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want a baby - February 24

i just found out on feb 9th that i was pos. (hey!!) but any way, do you ladies know if it is normal to want s_x all time. i was never like this when i was not pg. i mean we were already doing it everyother day. but now i want it at least 3 times a day.!! :) believe me my man has no problem with this but could we hurt the baby and has anyone else felt like this.


Mimi - February 24

Hey, ther is a thread somewhere ont this forum about it.The woman claims she wants it all the time.I think it is called ," Pregnant and h__y as hell".Check it out .GL!


Mimi - February 24

How rude of me, congratulation on the baby !!!!


nameless - February 24

Congratulations on your baby!!! I was in the same boat with you befroe I lost my first two babies


sfayet - February 24

First off Congrats! , second I read somewhere that it is a myth, you can't hurt the baby while having s_x. So it will be ok...the article also said something about how when you are having s_x, not only will it not hurt the baby, that the baby won't see the p___s =-) again congrats!


sara - February 25

My doc told me that it would not do anything but rock the baby to sleep! Just don't have that rough s_x....if you know what I mean.


Tia - February 25

i heard that every bloke PRAYS that this is one of the pregnancy symptoms their partner will get (and most are pretty disappointed if their partners go the opposite way and hate s_x). Wont hurt your baby.... have fun! & CONGRATS!!! x


want a baby - February 25

thank you guys for all your answers. have a great weekend and baby dust to all that are ttc!!!!!


bump - February 25

bump bump


Meme Withrop - May 21

I do believe that there might be a problem to the baby that you are carrying. It seems that could get in the way of all the different parts of the mothers body that the unborn baby using to give it a better chance of burth.


patrice - June 8

i know what you're talking about i am 13 weeks and s_x is all i want. i am just not getting enough. i think my husband is tired.i amashame to ask but i always want him i have never enjoyed s_x like i do now.


jue - June 8

Hi congratulations, I was the same with my first 2 pg (both boys now aged 13 and 16 yrs) but the down side was my ex husband was not interested and even when he was he had no idea about getting a woman turned on or what to do with her when it happened lol. My new hubby on the other hand knows exactly what he is doing with a woman, the down side is I am 6/7 weeks pg and doc has banned s_x for a minimum of 7 weeks (AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH) because I bleed for a few days due to a fragile pg and an irritated cervix. my hormones have gone through the roof and my hubby is loving every moment of it, he keeps winding me up, if you see on the news about a man who was beaten to death with his genitals then that will be me lol lol lol. make the most of s_x now because after the birth you will find you might not be interested or just to tired. good luck


Amy - June 8

i have been pg four times and never wanted s_x while i was pg but that could just be me



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