Hey Pregnant Ladies Who Had IB How Heavy Was It

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TE - October 18

I am curious if the gals who have had IB if it was just a few drops of blood or was it a light flow? What color etc... How do you know what is just spotting before a period, or actual IB (besides waiting.)


D - October 18

I am wondering the same thing TE... I hope some ladies will answer for us.


Naysa - October 18

Hey TE.I was wondering the same,because I have been spotting pink/brown for 2 days and AF is not due until 25th.


TE - October 18

That is weird Naysa.... My Af was due today, and started spotting and thats it.


amy - October 18

I'm wondering too.. I had light light spotting yesterday only when I wiped and once on a panty liner, had slight cramping then it all stoped, I have nothing today and my period is supposedly due tomorrow.. I'm about 13 dpo.. I think I'll be testing in the morning if my period hasn't come..


CBS - October 18

Yeah, I'd like to hear about this too. This is the 8th day I've bled - not enough to soak a pad, but I didn't think IB would last that long, and my periods are usually about 4 days - and it's starting to concern me. It's ranged from brown to red and I just don't know what to think.


Mike - October 18

I too would like to know. My wife was due yesterday...zippo. Today, she had spotting light red and brown on her tampon. Not enought to soak it, just "color" it if you will. Besides the usual pregnancy/PMS symptoms, she's been having cramps for a couple of weeks. The past few days they feel more like "pulling" in her lower abdomen with twinges every so often. She just checked a few minutes ago and nothing on tampon but a couple of very small brown spots. She's tested yesterday and today but all negative.


TE - October 18

I wonder where all the prego gals are that had this. I know at one point I saw a forum about this and I tried to back search, but am not finding it.


Bump - October 20

I'd like the answer to this as well...........


TM - October 21

Hi, I am a little over 6 weeks preg and I had a small amount IB off and on a couple of days before AF was due. Once it was when I was exercising, I noticed a small amount, barely enough for a liner. Then I noticed more the next day (about 1 day before AF was to arrive) It was a little heavier then, but still no more needed than a liner. Both times it was pink/brownish color, very light in color and more like a discharge more than actual spotting or bleeding. It would only last for a very brief time, like I would notice it when i went to the bathroom, but it would have stopped 1-2 hrs later. When AF was due it had stopped. So, all i know is it was (for me) a couple of days before af, more like pink/ brown d/c, very light, and was off and on. Hope this helps!


tj - October 21

I think the reason there aren't more people responding is that IB is NOT very common. It only occurs in about 30% of all pregnancies. If you read through the posts, you find that most of the people who thought they had IB ended up with AF. AF can come early or late and can start with spotting. I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but it is reality. IB does happen sometimes though, so maybe some of you will get lucky.


a - October 21

When I was pregnant, my IB was a light brown and lasted for a couple of days. I really thought it was my AF... I had the normal feelings that usually come with the AF. But it was pretty light.


TM - October 21

I agree with with tj, several of my friends that were pregnant never did have any IB that they were aware of. Also, mine was so light it was really like d/c more than anything, not even enough to call spotting. But I know everyone is different, so good luck to all!


IB - October 21

My implantation bleeding was like a light flow of pinkish, very light reddish brown. Hope this helps. It lasted between 2 or 3 days.


IB - October 21

tj implantation bleeding happens more than you think. and 30 percent is quite high.


TE - October 21

Well I know several people who said they got thier period the first month they found out they were pregnant, but it was really just IB, that is why I was asking. More of an informative thing. But yes 30% is quite high I agree!



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