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Prayer - March 20

AF due today, hasnt shown any signs of coming. getting cramps but i think thats due to needing the loo. sore br___ts, craving carbs. skin terrible acne, and hoping that maybe just maybe this is it. all your thoughts and prayers would be good for me. wont be taking a test until monday. anyone keep e posted on their progress. would like to pray for people.


Paige - March 20

Hey..AF due today too... Hoping she won't come, have some cramps this morning..not sure yet what I should think...good luck


prayer - March 20

good luck to you to. how long have you been trying?


Paige - March 20

Thanks! We've been trying for 7 months..I was very hopeful with symptoms a few days ago..now I don't know.


prayer - March 20

have faith!


Mitch - March 20

I was due today also. But so far no sign and I usually start first thing in the morning. I am experiencing sore b___sts, upset stomach, headache, and low back pain. Good Luck and prayers to All!


Lindsey to Prayer - March 20

I'll be praying for you too. I'm late with af. only 3 days. But I plan on taking a hpt monday morning with fmu. Let me know how your test results turn out! I'll keep you posted as well. I'll be praying for both of us! GL


prayer - March 20

still no af, which means i may last through the night and be a whole day late!!!!! hope tomorow brings me the same joy. of corse the waiting game will mean a week before i take a test, to avoid at the best a bfn. ladies keep me posted. i send my best wishes for youall. much from, from Prayer!


Paige - March 20

No AF yet...was due today..hopefully she won't show up...baby dust to all


mulgajill - March 20

Good luck girls... and Lindsey... "only 3 days late"..... 3 days late is VERY late.... i will keep my fingers crossed for you all ..... xx


prayer - March 21

NO AF THIS MORNING!!!!!!wahoo. i feel soooo encouraged. i pray that i just wont come on and then maybe i will have a bfp. keep sneding your posts girlies, its really encouraging. good luck and baby dust


Mitch - March 21

So far so good for me as well. I am never late, I am getting really anxious. It is going to be hard to wait.



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