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pinkdefyed - October 17

Ok. I was on ortho tri cyclen for 2 years up until recently. In September I missed soooo many pills. On September 5 (because I missed 4 days of pills) I bled (which I was told probably my period) for 1 week heavy. I got caught up on the pills...missed a lot more. Had more bleeding during my placebo week...real light 1-2 days. On October 2 I spotted for half a day pink. I went off the pill October 2. I then spotted brown discharge on October 12. My fiance and I would like to get prego. I have had the following: light headedness, dizzyness, lowers backache, headaches, a little nausea, and a little br___t tenderness. I do not normally get any of these at all. HPT said negative today. Do you think I could be prego and it be too early to tell? Or do you think me going off the pill really threw my body out of whack? How soon should I test?


kelbabe - October 17

coming of the pill messed my cycle up. they say you could get a bfp 10dpo, but mostly later. it all depends.


mjvdec01 - October 17

I went off the pill after two years in July and the first period after was very different. I have already had one child and I swore that I thought I was pregnant. I had every symptom and then AF came. But, everyone is different.


kelbabe - October 17

i think its differnt for every women with every pregnancy. i didnt gey signs or symptoms before my bfp with both my girls, but my pregnancies were completly different. i wind my mum up all the time when she moans she is bloated, asking her is she is preggers and she always say the same thing - 'kel, i have had 4 kids, i think i would know if im pregnant', but atthe end of the day....you dont, not always, some people knew straight away with their first, even their 2nd or 3rd, but not all of them. some dont know. some arent sure. some have a 'feeling' but dont dare to admit it.!! hope that helps a little. x x



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