Hi I M Ttc And I Need Your Help

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katie - November 2

well my fiance and i have been ttc for about 3 months. it is very important that i get pregnant during this month because we will get married in september and we want to have a summer birth. anyway, i am having complications with becoming pregnant so i hope there is nothing wrong with me. can any one give me some advice on how i could become pregnant before this month is up. that would be so appreciated. the last time we had s_x was on friday and i think its too early to test so could someone send some baby dust my way just in case.


nobody - November 2

You might want to change your story a bit jasy. It sounds just like your other post. I'm just trying to help you out, not being mean. People will know it's you.


T - November 2

Hi Jasy. Nice try.


J. - November 2

Hi Katie. Before you and your fiance were ttc, were you on any form of birth control? That may play a role in your complications. I've also been trying ttc for the past 3 months(that was when I stopped the pill). But I know that I've been ovulating because my periods have been regular as soon as I stopped taking bcp. I don't know, maybe it just takes some time. Baby dust to us all who needs it...good luck. When you and your fiance had s_x on Friday, was that the day of ovulation? It helps A LOT when you have s_x days prior up to the day of ov. They also say missionary position works best, but I've heard other positions like from behind works good too. Hope this helps. And lately, I've been reading a lot about evening primrose oil. I don't know if you noticed my other post regarding this issue. Taking EPO is supposed to help provide a very healthy cervical fluid/mucus environment for sperm. Hope this helps....


T - November 2

Okay, here's some advise...Wait to have a baby. I was 28 when I had my first child and I thought it was way too early for me then. You need a stable life, someone the child can depend on. Raising a baby isn't all peaches and cream. These ladies in this forum give great advise...to the ladies who are ready to start a family, with their husbands. You have many years to start a family. How about you get the house with the white picket fence and the working hubby, and then think about babies. Until then, enjoy your life as a teen-ager, soon to be adult:)


hmmm - November 2

well jasy just because you change your name doesn't mean we don't know its you. no one wants to help you even if your new name is prettier.


J. - November 2

Okey guys. I'm sorry, I have not been on this forum long enough to know the ladies and their issues......If I offended anybody, I apologize.


To: J - November 2

Read the thread t_tled "Can someone tell me how to get pregnant please!! ". She is an idiot.


jasy - November 2

Thanks for answering me J. I heard from somewhere that having that the female being on top would cause me to get pregnant quicker. I don't know when I ovulate. Can you give me some info on how i could find out? ps. if you guys wouldn't have said anything no one would have known it was me but thank you, nobody, for the advice i will take it in consideration.



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