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mulgajill - March 17

well, thought i would put a quick post in for you as the wee hours of the morning US time is when you are about, thanks for your well wishes... my weekend away ended with my 'period' coming on sunday morning, obviously the pregnancy did not 'take'... kinda like trying to strike plant cuttings, some do and some don't..... so will try the progesterone thing this cycle... the remote control was repairable (once i found the bits)... fella has decided not to watch so much soccer.... now he has re-discovered his playstation 2.... lol... hope you are doing well....


Jules - March 17

Hey Mulgajill - I am so so sorry. Big hugs to you and huge love. xxx . But you do sound upbeat and I'm so glad for that (and, I suppose, that you could repair the remote!) You will get that BFP and it WILL stay - I just wish you all of the very very best and pray that it will take and stick! (I know, plant cuttings can be finicky!) It sounds to me as tho your huby and mine have a great deal in common (tho mine watches rugger). His remote is his pa__sion and he is bananas for PS2!!! Is currently waiting for the new Gran Tourismo 4 to arrive - worse than a child!!! But we are in South Africa - not sure what the time zone diffs is between here and there - as I post this it is 13h20 SA time. (Are you NZ or Aus?) .....Anyhoo - thank you so much for replying. I often read your posts and was so bummed to find out that your pregg didn't stick this tme around. You sound like a really awesome chic and I believe that you and Dh (remote or not!) will make awesome parents! You deserve that bfp and I wish you ALL the best in getting it! Much love to ya - please keep me posted. Regards, Jules xxxxx


mulgajill - March 18

I'm in Australia, about 14 hours ahead of US time, it is Friday evening now. Metal Gear??? is what is playing on playstation this week.... still it is better than having 'em out on the town at night. So what is going on with you? Are you a ttc'er too? Had success with my prescription...great pharmacist talked to me for ages about it so it is all go now i hope. Gotta go quick tonight... the playstation AND tv is off!!!! :-) xx


fatima - March 18

gday, im from Oz too but living in London, sorry about ur news ***baby dust to u**...god i miss oz


Jules - March 18

Hey MulgaJill - okay - you're ahead of me too. We're Friday lunchtime here at the mo. And you're right about the PS2 as opposed to having them razzle away somewhere else!!! And best of everything to ya TTC with your progestrerone!!! So glad you found someone who would supply / and talk to you about it - very cool. We are TTC but I have the polycysticovaries thing going on and am CD18 today and still no O! So we don't think Im O'ing all - more tests should figure that out! But we're still young. I'm 29 going on 75 and Dh is 31! We'll get that bfp - all at the right time! And we'll apprecitae it SO much more when it comes. I dunno - doc says all my hormone levels are normal - so it could just be work stress causing a delay in O. Maybe I need a holiday!!! Methinks I shud visit the coast in Oz! Nothing like the land down under to give you a lift! - Anyhoo - keep in touch and ALL the best to ya! You'll get that STICKING BFP Plant Cutting soon ;) Keep us posted - Love to ya - Jules.xxxxx


mulgajill - March 20

Hi Jules, had a weekend (well most of it) leaving the computer in the 'switched off' position. Polycystic ovaries... have seen some stuff about that on tv... apparently is very common... have you tried any natural remedies (my friendly pharmacist i talked to is a soy fanatic - the virtues of isoflavines and the human hormone system - i had just been reading up on soy myself - the western diet is really c___ppy and is the reason why we get so much b___st/prostate cancer as compared to asians on the traditional diet)... And i am going to wait for o day this week, should be in 4 days, my fella was going to go away to visit his folks interstate but have managed to stall him off until Saturday, not telling him the reason though, the whole thing stresses him out too much.... will Tell Him Nothing until i get a really, really, BFP.... have to not leave it too long but, i didn't tell my ex when i was pregnant last time until i was five months (no, he didn't notice, probably one of the reasons he is my ex!). Actually the two times i did get pregnant and 'hold', at 34 & 38 was when i didn't tell anyone, the first time my mum didn't know til she visited me on my birthday and i was 8 months... i dont show much for the first 6 mths... so i think if i am luck soon i will keep my mouth shut again... except on here of course. Maybe you missed 'o' day, which is why it is a good idea to keep up with the lovemaking... "get off the playstation and push my b___tons" usually works... not always though!!! And yes you are young, 29 is great... i didn't start to ttc until i was 34 (worked straight away... wasn't really trying, which is pretty typical... it seems it is only when you REALLY want it problems appear). A trip to Australia is great, mind you i would like a trip anywhere but here, i think we all dont appreciate where we live, the closest thing we have here to SA is zebra crossings. lol... xx


Jules - March 20

Hey Mulgajill - well it's still Sunday PM here in SA and I'l be hitting the sack soon. It's a public holiday here tomorrow (lucky eh?) but will try to check in! We have family here at the mo and have had some fun with them around. Glad that you've had a relax too ;) Well, yeah - I believe that pcos is common and that lots of ladies have it - and have managed to fall preggos with it. I haven't tried any natural remedies as yet. Your pharmacist is right - and we doo eat too much c___p that causes nasty things! And I'm a coke-a-holic!!! (cola - not drugs ;) Anyways - doc reckons we should wait and see if I O this month and if I do then we'll leave all alone and give it a few months of ttc au naturelle. But if I don't O he may treat the pcos with glucophage or something (they treat diabetics with - it's beyond me!) or give me stuff to force O (clomid?). I hate all these medicines and would rather try something like changing my diet and exercise habits (or lack thereof lately!) before taking the pills. But we'll see - I might get impatienand desperate sooner rather than later! Still no O tho and CD 21 tomorrow! Anyhoo - I wish you all the best with ttc this weeek, Best not to freak him out - he'll be way impressed when you give him that bfp!!! And you're so blessed to not show so much! My sister-in-law looked like a short walrus! Shame! I'm quite a small person so I'm really curious to see how I look when preggos - only thing is, when I do put on any weight it always goes straight to me backside! ;) He he he. Anyhoo - I do know that you'll get your preggos to stick - and you'll be fine. I do hope that the progesterone does the trick and that all goes well. Tell me about your kids? Boys / girls? They must be 9 and 5 about now right? .....Would looove to visit OZ - but no opportunity yet. Dh and I have only ever been to Mauritius - on honeymoon 5 yrs ago and cos we saved like navvies and had a small wedding! Was beautiful and we met a couple from OZ who were holidaying there too! One day tho - and you're right, the gra__s always seems greener. We need to explore SA first before we go galavanting around the world! Will still see Oz one day. I have been told that it's not so different from SA and that the people are very similar too! Gotta love your beaches. I grew up near the coast but Dh and I live in Johannesburg now - wall to wall city!!! We do miss the beach but for no this is where the opportunitues are. Okey dokes - I think I wrote an essay! Sorry!!! I send you ALL the very very best and hope you have a BRILLIANT week! I look forward to more news from you - has been great keeping in touch ;) Oh - zebra crossings are one thing we have in common - as well as ball crazy, remote toting, PS2 loving DHs!!! Love to ya!


mulgajill - March 21

wooooo... what a long post... can't top that one, that's for sure, maybe i should post a story i wrote... lol... How is it going? Any sign of O day? Sounds like you had fun with the visitors, only had my mum visit "you need a haircut and new clothes" job... hahaha... Have posted an ad on an Aussie horse site for horse wanted... last time i got a new horse when i was training pacers i got pregnant with my son... didn't even get in the cart to work it....so we will see, maybe a horse and a baby. I am waiting for O day, took a opk today, should be due in two to three days. Also waiting for the postie to bring my progesterone cream. And waiting for my paperwork for my accounting course part II, gave up waiting for a call from the job interview i went for yesterday... Will have to make my own job i guess... flexible hours, good boss... Have to find some caffiene free coffee too... might have a few wines (as compared to my usual whines) tonight. Read up on the baby making plan on another thread, every second day then three days in a row, which i am doing now. My poor fella is younger than me but doesn't have very high energy levels.... i am sure last month he thought i had turned into a s_x crazed nymphomanic... "s_x is over-rated" i heard him mutter at one stage... no wonder he turns to ps2... cleaned up the bedroom today and put all his remotes (tv, video, dvd) in a neat row... And as for not showing much when pregnant, the taller you are the less it shows, so you will be BULGING when you get pregnant, and my kids are 5 & 9, girl & boy, couple m/c between, oh and my fella... 40... kinda like having an extra kid around... :-)


mulgajill - March 25

bump... :-)



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