Hi Just Wanted To Know If Any One Wanted To Wait With Me

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gem123 - June 19

hi im a 24 year old and have one little girl already, me and hubby are now trying for a second one, we have been trying since oct last year with no luck, but this month i have been feeling sick for the last two days nd have been getting head aches and feeling dizzy in the evenings, my bbs are sore when i take my bra off, period is due so it might be that, just wondereing if any one in the same situation wanted to wait with me or anyone for that matter (i sound really desperate ha ha) i like a good chat thanks for reading this


sian 1 - June 19

hi there i am due af around 26th or 27th of this month i am getting really impatient !! when are you due af ?? i have also been trying since oct but i was on the depo and this is also my #2 time ttc as i have a four year old daughter !!


gem123 - June 19

hi im due on around that time too i was on the pill my little girl is three and a half and all she goes on about is a little baby brother its really frustrating isnt it keep thinking that this could be the month then bam af arrives have u any symptoms this month?


Clarissa23 - June 19

hi all...my af is due around the 28th of this month...we are ttc #4, hoping for a girl since we have two boys and one girl now, no symptoms yet but is very early for symptoms as i am only5dpo...good luck to you 2


sian 1 - June 19

i keep trying not to look for them cos im sick of being let down but i have creamy cm not lots but enough to know its there and i have done an opk three days in a row and they have all been positive really dark !! dont know what that means. i am going to try and wait till af is due to test cos thats always a let down aswell !! my little girl keeps nagging for a baby brother too !!


sian 1 - June 19

i keep getting some lower back pain too but that could be just af coming !!


Tonibug - June 19

Hi Gem, I am also 24 years old, I had a miscarrage at the end of April and me and my husband are trying to get pregnant again. I am hoping what I am experencing now is early pregnancy symptoms...I have the lotion like discharge, tiredness off and on, leg cramps and nausea. I hope the symptoms mean theres a baby in my future..my period is not due until the 30th so I am gonna wait to test. Best wishes to u!


gem123 - June 20

well just to let u know ladies that i tested this morning and got a BFP!!! yeah i used a cheap trueline make and the lines came up straight away and were very dark, i have beem feeling sick all day especially when im hngry and i keep gettin very hot flushes and break out in a sweat and im always cold so that was a bit of a difference for me so i thought that i would test good luck the rest of you and let me know what happens i will keep in touch


sian 1 - June 20

how many dpo were you gem and any other symptoms ??



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