Hi Looking For A Quot Waiting Buddy Quot Part 10

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Lynette - May 21

Oh my god - part 10 already, and averaging less than a week per thread. You gals sure know how to chat! Keep it up ;-) Baby dust to all and welcome to anyone who wants to join us on our quest for positive hpt's! (they've gotta be out there somewhere :-) ).


maddie - May 21

Here is hoping to another month...hopefully BFP


bump - May 22

bumpity bumpity bumps all round (we hope)!


Lynette - May 22

Well, I'm figuring most of you guys hop on the computer at work ;-) lol!! The weekends sure do get quiet around here! Well, the opk's never did come through for me, but we bd'd on CD14 and 15 anyway. Hopefully I'm even ovulating!!! One thing it's done, I think, is that I don't think I'll be as anxious waiting for af to arrive now- I'm expecting it to show up on June 3 as scheduled. Argh! Is anyone else at the post ovulation, pre af stage at the moment? Blueeyedgirl has started another thread for anyone who is ovulating right now. I hope you are all well! How are things progressing? :-))


shayn - May 22

hey Lynette I am waiting for Af on the 26th been very crampy, headaches(never get them normally), very weepy and today aI had a slight pinkish mucous--hmmm I am very anxious!


maddie - May 22

Well...I'm waiting for the new month. Got AF yesterd after being 5 days late..ahhh... Also woke up today with a horribe cold. Like the universe really is trying to kick me down...lol Baby Dust to all


Celia - May 22

Hi hope everyone had a great weekend. Well tomorrow (monday) will be cd11 for me. Feeling a bit crampy like i do when i'm getting ready to ovulate, so i'm hoping it will happen this month. Even if i don't get pg at least ovulating 2 months in a row will be an improvement! Still taking my temps and watching all other signs in the cervix area.... dh thinks i'm obsessed with all of this but he's getting a good chuckle out of it. So keeping my fingers crossed that i see a jump in temps this week. Is anyone testing this week?


Chila - Dallas, TX - May 22

Hi Ladies. I'm back home from Arkansas. So happy to be home sweet home. My entire body aches from all the activities. Family reunions, lots of eating, and golfed this morning. I'm still doing okay. I had morning sickness on Saturday with actual vomitting for the first time.. yucky. Wow, already at part 10 and still growing! I hope ya'll are all doing well! Darla~I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. I will pray you hon! Hopefully the meds won't have an adverse affect! Well, I'm exhausted.. just got home, but had to check in on ya'll. Take care xoxoxoxoxo


Darla - May 22

Hi everyone! Chila~glad you had a good time and Thanks for your prayers. I'm still a little sore but ok. Well......I'm out for this month. AF came this morning, Darn her.HA! It's been really dark and not very heavy as usual but here none the less. I could have SWORE I was pg. Our bodies sure are good at playing tricks on us. And everyone who keeps asking about the cm. Mine was white, creamy/lotiony even last night and started this morning, so....that is apparantly NOT something to put faith in. Well, Good luck to everyone who is still in the running this month for their BFP's & Lots of Baby Dust to us all!! LOL


Alison - May 23

Hi ladies - Darla I'm so sorry for our awful experience am thinking of you. How is everyone else doing? I read all the posts but can't remember all the details! I am feeling pretty lousy. The midwife had told me the sun would have a much stronger effect while pregnant but we didn't realise just how much! Was out in the sun for a while Saturday. We were at a thing at our church and were helping out in the garden. I deliberately took it easy and just picked out some weeds here and there! Was sunny for Aberdeen but probably not more than 20º. Anyway I put on sun lotion so though I'd be ok, but later on felt really ill and was red and itchy. When I woke up Sunday morning my eyes had all puffed up and my forehead/neck were really red and blotchy! (got a scare when I looked in the mirror!) DH said was the sun because of what the midwife had said but then we wondered if it might be the sun cream I used? Prob the sun though. Stayed in bed all day yesterday and am at work now but feeling lousy. Blotchyness has gone as well as swelling but still feel rotten! DH got me allergy tablets to take yesterday and made the woman check they were ok to take while pregnant and she a__sured him they were so they helped alot (eventually!) So I've spent the past day praying for baby that they are ok despite me feeling rotten-as long as they are ok that's all I'm worried about! DH rea__sures me and says they will be fine so I'm sure he's right. Anyway better go I think I might end up going home early I just want to put down my head and sleep!!! Take care everyone I will come back and reread all the latest posts so I know everything that's going on! xxx


Lynette - May 23

Hey Shayn! So you'd be at about 6 dpo? Maybe the pinkish mucus is implantation? I've never had that, so I don't know, but the timing sounds right from what I've heard. Fingers crossed, eh? Maddie, how frustrating to be 5 days late - hope you feel better soon. The universe has a funny sense of humour sometimes! Celia that is unreal if you are ovulating again! Have you started your treatment yet? Chila great to hear from you - did you see what I wrote on "9" about underwire bras? Alison - owwieeee with the sunburn! Hope you are feeling better - it's under a month til your scan now and you will see for yourself that you haven't done any damage to the little one - I just know it! :-)) Darla hope you are feeling better after your prang - my goodness the Waiting Buddies are in the wars this month aren't we!! Great to hear from everyone - take care! *+**+***+*+**


Celia - May 23

Hi maddie, sorry to hear af showed. I was a week late last month and i know how much it get's your hopes up when your late. Went through 8 hpt's and alot of let down's. I started charting my temp's this month and will not do another hpt until i have 18 high temps lol....Darla so sorry about your accident and af, a double whammy like that has to be so hard...wishing you lot's of baby dust for this next month. hi chila...alison...sounds like the 2 mommies 2b are exhausted. Take care of yourself's...Not sure about the sun causing that alison...i spent alot of time outside during my pregnancy and had the usual light sun burns but never anything like that...think it might be the sun screen you used? Hope you are doing better! Hi lynette... i have started treatment from the Naturopathic physician and loving it, have not had heart burn in a week now and the herbs she put me on for the pcos seems to be working...so i'm hoping for ovulation this time. Even if i don't get pg this month.... between the treatment and reading the book..tcoyf...i feel like i'm already progressing in the right direction. The book is wonderful.. it deals with so much...from getting pg to preventing and just about every female problem there is. There is no way you can't know your body after reading it. I should get something for promoting this book... i've told everyone about it lol. Anyway hope everyone is having a wonderful day and baby dust to all.


Emily - May 23

Hi. Havent seen many of the ´usuals` here on Part 10 yet (apart from Alison and celia) Well I had my appt at the gyno today with bf and we are on our way towards insemination in seems. Poor thing has to ´do it`in a plastic cup at the hospital next week so he´s sh***ing himself, lol. we have to have blood tests done and we are waiting for an appt in September for insemination!!! I´m kinda hoping we´ll get pregnant ´naturally`before this. but we´ll see. xx


enail - May 23

Hello everyone! emily, nice to hear from you, glad you have an appt. in September. But, of course I do hope it happens for you naturally before then. I am only 5 dpo (and my cycles are about 29 days) so I have 10 more days to go! What an eternity. I am not feeling hopeful this month, though. We timed everything right, but, who knows?? I do know the next week + will crawl. Sorry about your sunburn Alison, sounds like you need some rest. best,


bella - May 23

Hello ladies, still feeling sick, cramps, headaches, dizzines, sleepy all the time,hungry,i've gained a few pounds, nasuse, but no vomiting yet its been 3 weeks of this, took 2 tests and both neg but still feel sick, the cramps are the worse i feel like i'm having the longest pms ever, AF is supposed to come fri27 or sat28. Hopefully it won't come at all. baby dust to all


Chila - May 23

Hi everyone! I'm so happy the work day is over. I should have stayed home. I'm really aching today.. feeling all the sore muscles that I'm not used to using from playing golf. I'm probably going to turn in early, but I just wanted to check in on everyone. Darla~I'm so sorry AF arrived, darn that witch!! Lynette~Thank you for your advice, I'm definitely going to go bra shopping this weekend. My b___bs seem to get heavier and more sore everyday! Celia~What book are you reading? Sounds very interesting! Emily~I wish you and DH all the best with the insemination. I can just imagine what my DH would be like having to 'do it' in a plastic cup.. it would be so funny, I just know it. Enail~I have my fingers crossed for you!!! Hang in there! Bella~I hope you find an answer soon and I hope you get to feeling better! Alison~After reading your post, it reminds me of how I felt this morning. So sore, I could barely get out of bed. I too got a little too much sun yesterday playing golf. I think I have a cold as well. Hopefully in a day or too, we'll get to feeling better! Lots of Baby Dust to all!!


Me2 - May 23

Hi all!!, I just figured I would check in with you all...Sorry to hear about your accident & AF Darla & all the other AFer's that came ...I am glad to hear from Alison and Chila with there updates & sorry you both are feeling down with sunburn & aches from golf. Welcome the newbies...I have been checking in but not mentioning anything cuz nothing has really happened to me just waiting for the Big "O" to start waiting again...Yay...Well sorry short but I do check in on you all daily but not really replying Sorry but I am still thinking of you all. Hoping there will be more BFP's this month...Fingers crossed. Hoping the Doc will be able to help me out on Friday...I also set up an Appt. with a Reproductive Endocronologist(sp?) for June 20th if needed. I am trying to go full force if needed. I will get there b4 the end of the year one way or the other...lol



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