Hi Looking For A Quot Waiting Buddy Quot Part 13

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Celia - June 9

Ok here we go.. we didn't even make that one last a week! and Alison don't be silly, you are our Great "Waiting Buddy" founder....Start those new threads any time!!


Chila - June 9

Hi gals! How is everyone doing? I'm sorry I haven't been online everyday. I've been entertaining my sisters who are in town this week. I must be gaining at least 2 lbs a day.. we go out to eat all the time. Alison~Can't wait to hear about your scan. Good luck!!! Amanda~Congrats on the faint BFP!!! Are you going to test again or have you tested again? Lynette & Me2!!!~I still have my fingers crossed for you.. I just know you're gonna get a BFP soon!! Blue~Goodluck with your test tomorrow on Friday!!! Emily~I'm not too sure about the not ovulating/period thingy either, but I think you prob would get AF even if you don't. Good luck!!! Celia~Thank you so much for keeping up with the threads and creating part13.. I was gone a couple days and I had to catch up on part12! heehehe.. Well, L~I'm still thinking about you and the GAP bag, still makes me laugh... but good luck with all that, hope everything works out for you and DH!!! Enail~Hope you're doing well. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend if I don't get a chance to check back tomorrow.. Hello to all the other ladies I may have missed!!! Lots of Baby Dust to all!!


Me2 - June 10

Well I got my BFN as I thought I would. I guess I will just wait for af to get here on the 16th , or 21st, or 28th it will get here one of those days...lol..The joys of irregularity. Well my boss left me:( Brought a box of tissues in today and he called me big gobber as he usually does...lol...I hope you all have a good weekend...Sorry for not going personally to all of you but a sad day in my gobber world...


Celia - June 10

Hi girls...Chila sounds like you are having fun this week..Me2..sorry about Bfn..maybe it's just too soon to test. I hate those stupid test..i think all women should have a little dot on her belly that changes colors when she get's pg...would make life so much easier lol.. Well no af yet, caved and took a test this morning, fell asleep while waiting on it and 4 hours later when i woke, it had a small pink second line, but i'm worried this might be an evap line. Anyways went to the dr about the allergy and swollen gland in my throat, The swollen gland she thinks is a cyst on my throid. So now i have to go have a ct scan done first of next week but can't have it done if i'm pg....she ordered a blood test to be done with all the other test but they won't be back till monday. Uggg. I hate waiting. So basically i still don't know if i'm pg or not and now i have to worry if i have a cyst on my thyroid...Life is just grand lol...Hope all you ladies are having a great week. Baby dust to all~~


enail - June 10

Hello--Me2, sorry about BFN. Those suck. Well, there is still a chance that you took the test too early. I like Celia's idea of a dot on your belly that chagnes color! Great idea! Fell asleep while waiting for your test? Oh my, well, looks like you will have to retest tomorrow! sorry about the possible cyst, don't need that to add to your worries. Chila, nice to hear from you glad you are doing well. I can't wait to hear from Alison, she must have had her scan already as it is 2 pm US time. Hope she posts soon. OK ,hope all the others are doing well,


Blue - June 10

Hey Chila, Me2, Celia and enail, Sorry to hear about bfn Me2 - I'm now waiting to do a 'simultaneous test' on Sat/Sun with all of those on the other thread - thought it would be kind of fun - all of us ladies all across the globe peeing on a stick at the same time!! So glad enail and Chila are doing well! Celia what a bummer. Of course, we all hope +ve for baby, -ve for cyst! Alison - scan news please! Love Blue xx


Alison - June 10

Hi girls. Well I am sorry to say I am saying goodbye for a while. My scan showed that although the pregnancy sac is measuring the correct age, our baby died approx 7 weeks 5 days and has no heartbeat. They looked so tiny inside the huge sac. The hospital we had the scan at is a small community one with only 1 trained scan operator and they had to confirm what was happening with 2 trained operators so I was sent to a bigger hospital in the city centre for a second scan. It is also where they have the Rubislaw Ward which is a ward specifically for women miscarrying or threatening to. I took my first pill today & go in Sunday to take the rest and miscarry in the hospital. Just like the other 2 times the nurses all know me now. Dh will be with me. The last 2 times I ended up staying overnight despite them saying it should be "over" after 12 hours so I'm hoping I won't have to again this time-although they let Dh's stay with you so if I do I won't be alone. I am totally in shock and cannot accept this has happened again. There was no reason to think things weren't ok-they kept asking today had I been bleeding and I kept saying no, No signs at all. They are referring us to the recurrent miscarriage clinic (which they don't do until you've lost 3) and took extra blood today from me and DH to do extra tests to look for what is wrong. So maybe they will find a reason, maybe they won't and we still won't know why. We were both so sure it was ok this time. I am so scared of going in Sunday, the last 2 times were awful and I ended up being given morphene for the pain. Dh's mother thought I should have the operation incase that was less traumatic but I'd rather avoid surgery if I can and hey the same thing is happening either way so not much easier I don't think but it's nice she cares like that. I'm sorry if I'm going on I'm just so much in shock-I think I've had to retype every word so far as I keep typing gobbldygook! I just have no idea how to deal with this but I know somehow we will get through it and God will help us keep going somehow. So hopefully I will be able to be "waiting" for a BFP again soon but obviously until we deal with losing this baby and get some tests done that won't be happening so I will not be on this website if I can resist as it would be very hard. Please forgive me i feel like I'm abandoning some very dear friends but I will continue to think of and pray for you all for BFPs and healthy happy pregnanies. If anyone wants to email me my work address is [email protected] (though I won' be there for a few weeks) my home address is [email protected] Thank you all so much for your encouragement and all the fun posts. I feel so bad leaving but this is going to be a rough time. I kept a photo of the baby and all I can do is sit and stare at them. Well I must stop now before I write a novel! Please take care ladies. Big ((hugs)) xxx


Chila - June 10

Alison~~Ooh Alison.... I'm sooooo sorry!!!! I was just checking online for you at the First Trimester Thread... I'm sitting here at the office and just getting all teary eyed thinking about what I just read. I just don't know why these types of things happen to good people!!! I'm so angry and upset for you right now... I guess I'm in disbelief too and I don't want to accept what I just read!!! I'm soooo sorry..... I wish we could all be there to give you a big hug... I know you want some time away, but please remember that we're thinking of you everyday! I'm leaving the office now and will be away for a few days but I will email you at home soon. You're in my thoughts and prayers!! Take Care....


Celia - June 10

Oh Alison! I am so sorry hun. I can't believe this is happening! I can't even imagine what you are going through. I just want to put my arms around you and cry with you. Take the time you need but remember we are here for you. We love you hun, you'll be in my prayers. Once again i am soooo sorry.


Lynette - June 10

Alison..... I don't know what to say! What CAN you say... I don't know. I'm so sorry this has happened to you again. You don't deserve this at all. I'm so sad for you and will be thinking of you heaps over the next weeks and months. I will definitely email you at home to check in - I hope your computer has a big memory to cope with all the mail you are going to get... good luck, Alison :*-(


Melanie - June 10

Alison - Oh, man, I am sorry to hear what you are going through. That is my big fear for this next time after 2 m/c, and I hate to think about what you're going through. You can get through it, and you will, but it's sure going to hurt right now, and it just doesn't seem fair, does it? Feel your feelings. Know that we're all thinking of you and sending hugs your way.


Me2 - June 10

Oh Alison I am so sorry!!!{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}from afar since I can not be there for you. I am not sure if you will come back on here to read all these kind words towards you. All the Ladies on this thread will probably will email you just because that is how these ladies are here... Thoughtful and Caring. We will have you and your family in our prayers...I ditto what Chila said about not wanting to believe what I just read. Eyes are watering up... I will send an email your way after a couple of days for you to relax...I will be thinking of you Sunday and hope everything goes well and that the blood test find out why this has happened to you and to fix it....(H&K)<----Hungs & Kisses


Me2 - June 10



Alison - June 11

Hi guys I thought I better have a check because I knew you'd want to leave me messages because yes the ladies here are all very kind and thoughtful. I appreciate it so much I can't say and also your e.mails. Melanie the percentage of women who have 3 in a row with no successful pregnancies is very small. 1% according to the leaflet they gave us. So the chances of us both having 3 are pretty slim do please please stay positive and don't think anything else. You will be fine, there is obviously something wrong with me (or DH) or both of us. 3 in a row is not common-YOU WILL BE OK! Chila, Celia, Lynette, Me2 thank you so much. Dh & I are just going about the house with glazed eyes hugging each other lots. Just waiting for the pains to start as last time they started before I was due to go into the ward and I ended up going in early. Nothing yet though, and have morning sickness! I think it will hit me properly when I'm in hospital. Again thank you so so much please keep in touch. Who knows if I will manage to keep away but I really should try for my sanity's sake! Now get back to the "waiting" talk and sharing BFPs, please don't linger on what has happened to me I would hate to think that. Celia hope test gets confirmed and that it really is a BFP and that if there is a cyst they get it sorted it quick, Me2 hopefully you tested too soon & you're not missing your boss too much. Blue hope test went ok? Everyone else hope things are ok with you all-sorry my mind is a mush just now so will just say am thinking of you all, take care and thanks again. Lots of (hugs) xxx


Blue - June 11

I'm so sorry Alison. I don't know what to say but I am thinking of you and dh and sending lots of those pocket huggermuggers to help you get through the next few days and weeks. Love Blue xxx


Emily - June 11

Alison. I don´t know what to say. I´m in shock. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to you and your dh. You deserve better. You sound so strong and you seem to be taking it too well. We´ll all be here for you.


Alison - June 11

Hi Blue & Emily and thank you so much for your kind words. Emily trust me I am not taking it well at all, I am literally falling to pieces and terrified of going back into hospital tomorrow to that same miscarriage ward to go through this ordeal all over again. All I can do is cry. DH is in pieces too. I just can't bear this. I can't believe we have lost 3 babies it hurts so much I can't say. But I said what I did about getting back to the waiting posts because I don't want to think that you are dwelling on my situation and feeling upset about it I wanted you all to focus on happier things like your BFPs which I'm praying you will all get soon. You are all such lovely people and good friends I just didn't want you dwelling on this when you all have so much going on in your own situations. I'm not doing very well so far staying away am I...I think that's just a testimony to how wonderful you girls are. But I imagine after it all "happens" over the next couple of days I will be avoiding pregnancy sites-wish I could avoid pregnant people too but that's not so easy to do. Sister-in-law is due in 3 months and so is a friend of ours (her 4th!) I'm so sorry I'll stop now I don't mean to go on I'm really sorry. Please stay in touch guys you are really special ladies and your support means so much. BIG (hugs) to you too xxx



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