Hi Looking For A Quot Waiting Buddy Quot Part 16

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Me2 - July 1

Welcome to Part 16!! Good Luck to all the ladies that visit and check out this wonderful thread that we have here.


Melanie - July 1

Me2, thanks for starting the new one! Emily, that's rough. Making babies is big stuff, and it's hard when you both feel very differently about it. I hope two find a way to work it out that will make sense for both of you. Happy weekend, everyone!


Me2 - July 2

Good Morning Ladies...Well I took $store test this morning and it was a BFN. No MF'er, Just one half day of some blood...This is not what I am used to...The doc put in a prescription for the clomid and a appt for the 13th but I think I will need to call them and tell them that I am not gettiing any flow today so I won't be taking any of the meds. I should keep the appt for the U/S for the 13th just incase that was IB...My BBs (well nips) are hurting this morning...Very sensitive. I realized that last night on just my rt one but this morning both are senseative...Ow...I have not had this for awhile...I used to get that like 2 weeks b4 Mf showed up. So who knows if my MF is going to show up in 2 wks since I bleed this one day...So confusing...Good luck to all and have a nice weekend. I am hoping to go out on a boat to go fishing and take my DS with because if we go out far enuff in the water we might see some Dolphins and my son likes Dolphins...I hope we will go out...Enjoy all. Good luck to whatever happens with you and you BF emily...


Blue - July 2

Hello my lovelies! Just checking in.... no af for me STILL (about cd 50 now - back to have one, skip one, I reckon!) . Anyway, after Monday I'll be back for chats regularly - I've been preparing for a big job interview but it's on Mon so it'll soon be over! Sorry to hear about your troubles Emily. Hugs your way. Me2 - we're both still here, eh!! Clomid sounds positive. Hope you saw the dolphins! Love Blue xxx


Emily - July 2

Thanks for all your concerns. It was his idea to go for tests you know. Funny that! Hmph. Oh well, i´ll make do with my 3 kittens, 2 cats and a dog to look after. Hehe xxxx


tiffany - July 2

Sorry to intrude, but I have a question for you. I have been charting my temperature and just yesterday I experienced a dramatic drop in my temperature 6 dpo (97.3 F)and this mornig a huge rise (98.2). Before the drop my temps were 98-98.4. What happened?


Me2 - July 2

It's me again...Hey Blue welcome back...Well my dh's friend di not call back so we won't be able to go out and see the dolphins:( I know how you feel about hitting CD50...Been there done that...heehee..Argh..Tiffany I am sorry I can't help you with your question...the one that I know that chartted her temps only checks in once in awhile because she is now on the 1st trimester thread...But she always talked about this web site http://preg.fertilityfriend.com/pages/chilababy/ I think it might explain some of it better...I hope this helps you out some...Welcome to our thread also.


Blue - July 3

Hello all, Emily - aaah kittens - aren't they sooooo cute. Unfortunately, when I'm playing with them I always seem to end up with my forearms shredded! We have a lovely dog - we're thinking of getting another (one way to increase our family, I suppose!). Me2 sorry there were no dolphins for you. So tell me about your 'missed' cycles - did the Doc get to the bottom of it. Am I right in thinking that you also have af, miss one, drift a bit etc...? Doc tested my hormones and declared me 'normal' and says he thinks it's just stress! Which is stressing me out, If you know what I mean!(Through clenched teeth - must be calm - must be calm) !lol. Anyhoo, work to do. Hope you're all having a nice weekend. Sorry Tiffany - I haven't done temp charting (yet) Lynette ~ I miss youuuuuuuu. Where are youuuuuu? Hows the 2 week wait going? Love Blue xxxxx


Lynette - July 3

Hey there Blue and everyone! Yes, funny how when people tell you to relax that becomes the only thing you CAN'T do!! Have you ever tried meditating? Can't hurt to try it :-) Good luck with your interview on Monday! Emily - you are such an animal person - you must be nice!! I have 2 cats and love them to death! The way the just love you with no conditions (oh well, except that you keep them in food!!) is just beautiful. Me2 I can't believe you were robbed of the opportunity to see dolphins! Hopefully they'll ask again soon :-)) Well, I'm just patiently waiting for another week to pa__s. Am on 7dpo now so if MF doesn't show up next Monday I'll do a test. Take care everyone :-)xx


Emily - July 4

Heya. FF told me i´d ovulated on cd15 and I just put yesterday and todays temps in and now it says I ovulated on cd18 which I don´t think i did. Oh well. My temp went up again today .2 degrees but I´m not thinking anything of it. Every month my body does something new. Blue, good job your hormones are normal but it must be frustrating. It would probably be easier for them to say something was wrong to at least give an explanation, wouldn´t it! I´ll have my blood tests tomorrow and see what they say about my hormones, even if bf doesn´t want to do his, at least I can be informed of mine, right! Lynette, i´m waiting for af for saturday, boo!!! LOL I wonder how alison is doing. Has anyone e-mailed her? me2, what a shame about the dolphins. I´d love to be able to swim with them. It´s holiday in the USA isn´t it?? Well happy holidays to all you yanks, lol! xxxx


Me2 - July 4

Good Evening Ladies...Blue~My cycles were going every 35 days but since Since the one in November it comes whenever From november til the next one was 52 days then after that one it was 14 days to 37 days, 35, 42, and so on...One wacky cycle. I took another test this morning just because of the pink spottin on Tues & wed and the one day of some blood on Thurs. Thinking it was some kind of IB...I will have to call doc to let them know that I had another fake period. My DH & I had bd'd on the 22nd and bleed on the 23 and that was it and this last time for the one day s_x was not ionvolved so that is why I thought it was the begining of my cycle...So fricking frustrating...Oh well,...doo-doo happens...Alison is doing the best she can her and the DH went away for a bit which she said was ok but was hard to come back to the house but she does have an appointment to the m/c center to see what can be done. That temping systems would drive me crazy because if you come down with a cold I would be way confused...which really isn't that hard to do...Yes it is a holiday in the states...Independence Day. Take care all.


Blue - July 4

Hey all, Just popping in to let you all know that I got the promotion at work!! I'm chuffed to bits and now can worry about babies instead of money! Hope you're all doin' really well! love Blue xx


L - July 4

HI guys!!!!!! Sorry about the hiatus! School ended last Thursday so I had some major running around to do - I'm moving schools next year so moving my cla__sroom after 4 years in the same room was a BIG job! Either way... I went back to my dr last Tuesday. My HSG was all clear and good to go so right now I'm on Provera to induce af and then.... CLOMID!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, I'm waaaaaaay excited. Ahhhhh, nothing beats a good, drug induced ovulaory cycle. LOL. So far, Provera SUCKS - makes me VERY moody. Poor dh doesn't know wether to laugh or cry, dance or sing - for that matter, either do I!!! LOL I promise I'll try to report in more regularly now that I'm on holidays (ahhhhh - 2 months of NOTHING!!!) Hope all is well with all of you!!!


Lynette - July 5

L!!! Yayyyyy - you're back!!! Welcome! Glad you have holidays to relax, let the Clomid kick in and then... babies babies babies!! :-) Here's hoping, eh? Can't wait to be regaled with your witty tales of the world of ttc some more (no pressure eh?) Blue - congrats again on the promotion! Me2, sounds like your body is being very confusing for you! Can't wait for you to get something sorted at the doctors. Emily, that's a great idea to get yourself sorted with or without your bf. At least then you know you are good to go when the time is right, right? Anyway, nothing new to report from me so ciao for now! :-)


Emily - July 5

Well, i didn´t go in the end. It´s my only day off and the thought of driving an hour to the hospital just for them to tell me to do some wrist exercises put me off. I can do that at home! The blood tests can wait. Me2, what a cycle hey!! L, have a nice two months off, must be nice. I´m a waitress so i´m now in super-busy time! Well done blue. What is it that you do? well until the next time. xxxx


Melanie - July 5

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Me2 & Blue, what frustrating bodies! Emily, you sound okay, maybe sort of relaxed about not going in for the tests just now, which is good. I'm sure when the timing is right, you'll know. Congrats on the promotion, Blue!


Blue - July 5

Hello all - I'm a science teacher (11-16 year olds). No news form me...CD 57 now! Booooooooooring! I've run out of hpt's now, so I can't even entertain myself peeing on thise little sticks! Gotta go - back to school for a meeting. See you ladies! Love Blue x



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