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Alison - September 7

Well ladies here we are at part 19. Here's to more BFPs and happy healthy pregancies. And many blessings and congratulations to those ladies who have got their BFPs. Anyone is welcome to join in while they wait for that BFP and hopefully the "old faithfuls" will stick around. For newbies my name is Alison. I am TTC following my third miscarriage in June. (no chilldren) Have had lots of tests but no reasons found so just praying next time will be different. May we all be blessed! xxx


jennie - September 7

hi all, i have been reading your posts for a while and they are great!! i am 8dpo at the moment, af due 13/09 . I really hate this waiting game :-( hubby and i are trying for number 3, hopefully a girl!!! (i have 2 boys) well i hope we have some BFP soon! xx"BABY DUST"xx to all :-)


Lynette - September 7

Alison! - great to have you "at the helm" - although I have to say Me2 has done an admirable job in your absence ;-). Hey for everyone on here who's had m/c's - I've found some info on recurrent m/c and how selenium and magnesium are supposed to help. Just "google" those plus pregnancy and you will get heaps of information. I may be telling you stuff you already know, but I found it really interesting. Can't hurt to try it, in any case! Good luck with the waiting, Jennie - it really does get tedious, doesn't it?! Take care :-)


Alison - September 7

Hi Jennie hope you get a BFP instead of AF on the 13th! Lynette yes Me2 is a star* ! She suggested I start part 19 so I have. Well no news from me just popped in to say "hi" Starting the OPKs again today. Should OV at the weekend. Praying for a BFP this month - would be extra special as is a year ago next week since my first miscarriage. I really hope it happens-DH & I are doing all we can anyway! ;o) ((hugs)) to all xxx


celia - September 7

Part 19 yeah! I think i joined in on part 6 or 7.... glad to see it's still going strong! Alison we should be o'ing around the same time...i'm on cd 13 and i've noticed an increase in my cm today. Of course i tend to O anywhere from cd 15 to cd 22.... it's always different! Keep's me on my toes though lol. Been having my Pre O cramps for about 3 days now so it's getting close. Maybe this will be the month for alot of BFP's.


Melanie - September 7

Hey, here's a message from Akhirah that appeared after Alison's msg that she'd start Part 19....thought it might have been missed: Thanks so much for everyone's support, it's always nice to know I can talk to all of you gals!! I dont really know anyone in here so it would be nice if I could get to know some of you a little better. Me... this is my first trying for a baby thing...I did'nt know it took so much effort! I called my ob/gyn and I have an appointment first thing Sept. 7th...so wish me luck!! Thanks Melanie, Alison, and Celia for all of your support. How are things going for you guys? Let me know!! I have a history of problematic pg's in my fam...so it's nice to know that some women bleed during it. I'm bleeding so heavy I have to change every two hours. That does'nt sound normal to me and I'm having really bad cramps and I NEVER cramp even when I am on my period...I woke up this morning and it was ALL over me...(sad face). I dont think this one's going to make it guys... I'm soooo scared.(Boo-hoo!!) Chila, I wish you luck for your ascending placenta...hope everything works out for the best. God Bless all of you and I'll let you know how this goes...


Melanie - September 7

Akhirah, I'm sorry to hear that the bleeding has gotten worse. Might be good timing that you already have an appt this morning. We're all here for you. I hit the 10wk mark yesterday, which felt good. Haven't made it that far before. Getting a little anxious about my next appt, in a week, just afraid something will be wrong. Hopefully will be able to relax after that appt! Have to run.


Lynette - September 7

Melanie - 10 weeks! Yayyy!! You are almost in the safety zone :-)). The chances of anything going wrong now are so small that they aren't worth worrying about. Alison, you will be very much in my thoughts this week. It will happen this month (I know because I've been chatting with the babydust fairy, and as I don't need her anymore I'm sending her to Scotland to see you ;-) ). Celia, good luck and heaps of babydust to you, too ***++**+*+**++*** - there, that should do it! Akhira, I'm sorry you are going/have been through so much with ttc. Let us know what your doc says at your appointment, won't you? Okay, take care everyone :-)


Me2 - September 7

Alison & Lynette thank you for the kind words. My MF is due by the 21st of sept. I am on a 35 day cycle. I am hoping that since it has been on track the last couple months I hope to have timed everything right and with the clomid I hope that would be a plus. My last cycle was not a regular flow (sorry TMI) which had & has me worried. It was actually very light but before I took the clomid I did a pg test to just make sure before takeing the meds. Welcome Jennie. Celia & Alison good luck during O time and Realx...lol...Akhirah, I'm also sorry to hear that the bleeding has gotten worse. Melanie I am glad you pa__s the last time frame...Congrates...Baby dust out to all of you nice ladies.


Chila - September 7

Hi Ladies! I thought I'd drop in to check out the latest new thread! Melanie~congratulations! I know you must be so anxious to past the 12 wk period, but don't worry yourself okay! Just stay positive and healthy! Lynette, how are you feeling? Any nausea? Alison & Me2 I will write you soon. I've been so busy at the office these days and trying to get the house organized! Well, ladies, off to do some more chores before I hit the hay. I am sending you all baby dust and wishing you all the best!


L - September 10

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! Hey guys! Sorry for the hiatus, our computer went on the blink completely and refused to "accept cookies" from this site so I was totally blocked from it for the past 4 weeks! Luckily, dh fixed the problem on Wednesday. Well, good news to report from the Canadian front,,,, After 8 months ttc and 2 rounds of clomid... I got my BFP!!!! I;ve peed on 9 sticks since Thursday night and all have come back positive - even got a +++ digital today!! I'm pumped!!! How's everyone else doing???? Anyone in the 2ww? I'll cross my fingers BIG TIME!!!


Lynette - September 11

L - WOOHOOO!! Congratulations! Glad to see you back AND with such great news! Long live Clomid, hey? I'll bet your hubby is over the moon too - after all of his trials and tribulations with the "samples" (hee hee). Bodes well for Me2 - roll on the 21st and NO MF!!! Well, if you couldn't tell from the past few posts, my news is that I'm pregnant (got my BFP last Monday) so it looks like the ladies on this thread are on a bit of a good run (at LAST!). Chila, thanks for asking after me - I don't really have nausea as such, but have been getting very lightheaded and dizzy. I had a blood test on Tuesday to see what my hcg level is, and will have another one this Tuesday coming and the one after, just to make sure the numbers are going up properly- then I might have a scan at 8 weeks, if they'll let me. Then after my 12 week scan, I might relax (ha ha - yeah right!). How are you feeling, Chila? Alison, Hi! Hope you are getting up to no good this weekend ;-). Take care!!


L - September 11

OH MY GOD LYNETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When are you due??? According to fertility friend, I'm due May 23. Wow - how wierd is it - 2 of us in the same week!!! Here's hoping our little beans stick!!


Me2 - September 11

CONGRADULATIONS L~I have been thinking of you since you were my clomid buddy...I guess now you and Lynette are the baby buddies. When was the las day you took your clomid pill? I took my last one on Aug. 23rd and been trying to bd every other day. I was thinking of doing that until the MF is due. It is due on the 21st. I am so happy for you two ladies...I checked with the conseption store and they said that my most fertile day would be the 6th and my DH & I got busy that day...I hope to join in with you ladies. I hope everyone else is doing great...Take care.


Val - September 11

hi ladies, mind if I join you? I had a d&c for miscarriage on August 3rd, and dh and I were planning to wait for af before we tried again, but we haven't really been too careful! I'm wating for af to arrive around 9/21, but I've had some of the same symptoms I had when I got pregnant the first time. I think it's too early to know so I'm trying not to psyche myself out, but I'm really hoping! I'm 35 and we're trying again for our first child. Congrats to Lynette and L, prayers for Akhirah, and baby dust to all of you... :-)


Alison - September 11

Hya. Celia have you got your + OPK yet? I got my + yesterday-very dark 2nd line! So think I am O-ing today probably. Been BD-ing so praying it will happen with all my heart! PLEASSSSE!!!!!!!!!! Akhirah honey how are you doing? Melanie 10 week mark yay! Let us know how your appointment goes-it will be GREAT! ;o) Lynette you are so sweet making that arrangement with the babydust fairy! I hope she has made the journey ok! We'll find out in 2 weeks lol! Hope she didn't get lost on the way here! I hope you are doing great! As always sending you heaps of ((HUGS)) can't wait to hear how you get on tomorrow. Me2 I hope so much it happens for you this month and that the clomid has done the trick. Me2's AF - STAY AWAY!!! Or else! Chila it is always so great to hear from you! I am not in work this week so if you email I won't get it until 19th. How are you doing? You will be a gorgeous rolly polly now! I bet you are glowing and looking beautiful :o) L YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY! I am so thrilled for you that you are pregnant! You have tried a long time and deserved good news so much! Bless you!! The digital tests are fun aren't they! Seeing the word "pregnant" instead of lines is a real novelty! So when is your first apppointment? Oh you sweetheart I am so happy for you!! Oh by the way I am in the 2 week wait as of today! Send some of that babydust this way please! Val hi! I am so sorry for your loss. I have had 3 miscarriages so can relate to what you are going through and I am so sorry :o( It is hard to not notice possible symptoms isn't it! I pray you are pregnant. After a miscarriage a woman is generally very fertile so it could well be! I hope so. May you be blessed ((hugs)) In fact may we all be blessed xxx


Lynette - September 11

Hi Val - welcome to our happy little thread :-). I'm so sorry for your loss! - I must tell you that so many women on this thread (myself included) have been through the devastating experience of miscarriage (my d&c was in January this year - and I am 34 and have no children yet also). I know how badly you just want to be pregnant again - but if it doesn't happen this month, just think of it as a bit more time for your body to heal. We really understand and are here to listen if you want to talk about your frustrations. L- my due date is around May 17 (Alison's birthday - yay!), so yes, fingers are firmly crossed that both our little ones "stick" (hee hee). Since you used clomid, do they have you on stuff to help it along now? How did you tell your hubby the news? How did he react? Are you having any symptoms? Chila - have you got a piccie on-line anywhere so we can see how gloriously pregnant you are now? Alison - remember to visualise your happy little couple (sperm and egg) making their way to your uterus, where they will burrow in and spend a happy and healthy 9 months together ;-) Take care!



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