Hi Looking For A Quot Waiting Buddy Quot Part 20

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Alison - November 23

Wow part 20 I can't believe it (actually I find it a bit depressing after 20 parts I'm still posting this/waiting lol!) For the oldies keep posting when you can I know I am not able to post heaps but I promise to keep up to date-let's keep in touch and keep encouraging each other through all this-for the newbies I started this thread ages ago when TTC. I am now TTC again following my 3rd miscarriage in June. May we all be blessed with the children we hope for so much! ((hugs))


Emily - November 23

Hi Alison. Well i´m with you on the 20 parts waiting game too. I think it´s only you, me and Me2 from the oldies still not pg! *sigh* oh well, chin up! lol


Me2 - November 23

Yep #20 I think I joined in around 2 or 3 but still to long. I am trying not to think about the whole of is this the right time to dance. It is a bit hard. I dances last night and right after I was thinking Ok what cd am I on and oops to early need to wait a couple of days...So hard to stop thinking about it all. It would be nice if we could all get our BFP the same time since we are the oldest on here...((HUGS)) to you both....Where are you other ladies? Where it applies Happy Turkey Day!!


Chila - November 23

Hi Ladies! How are you? I posted this at #19, but decided to paste it in here as well. -- I'm sorry I've been so busy these past few weeks. Turns out I do have the gestational diabetes and I have been busy in and out of the diabetic center for appointments, attending a lot of baby preparation cla__ses, prenatal consultations for pediatricians, interviewing different daycare, etc. I have to check my bloodsugar 4 times a day and am on a 1800 calories diet which has me eating 6 times a day in moderate proportions. I also have to exercise at least 30 minutes everyday. So much to keep up with. But overall, I am doing well. My blood sugar has been stable and my checkups have been good. I just had my 33wk checkup today and the baby has finally turned head down. We were worried he was going to be breached. Hopefully he decides to stay in the down position. Most of my sisters had their babies 3 - 4 weeks early, fully developed, so I wouldn't be surprised if I followed in their footsteps. Well, I have to head out to dinner, but I will check back and update ya'll again soon. Alison & Me2, sorry I haven't had a chance to email ya'll. With trying to finish up all my projects at work before I leave for maternity leave, I barely have time to respond to all my personal emails. I will send you some pics of me soon. Everyone says I am all belly! :-) Miss you all! Sending Lots of Baby Dust!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Emily - November 24

i´ve been looking it up a bit and maybe I have low progesterone as I saw that spotting before periods can be a symptom. Whaddya´ll think? this cycle I spotted 4 days before my period and it´s happened a couple of times ealier this year too, but not every cycle.


Renee - November 24

Emily, I thought the same thing and read the same thing about spotting before af. But I got my bfp and dr checked progesterone level and it was really good(above average actually)...hope this helps


emily - November 24

Thanks renee. Peace of mind and all that, :)


L - November 26

HI GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everything is well with everyone! Sorry for having completely lost touch. THe school I'm at this year is INCREDIBLY stressful, then my mom was diagnosed with b___st cancer (no worries - she had a single mastectomy done in October and all tests are coming back pretty good - she finds out next week if she needs chemo), then I had to go on 2 conference trips, report cards, dr's appointments (along with the baby thay found 2 cysts on my left ovary... thank you clomid!) so things have been HECTIC to say the least! All seems to be settling down now though, so I'm a happy girl! Other than that, all is well. I had an ultrasound at 9 weeks and another at 13 and a half (the dr couldn't find a heart beat in the office so I was sent to ultrasound) and all is well. Just now starting to be able to feel the baby kick (I'm 15 weeks) - they certainly like to let us know they're there!! I'm glad to hear you're getting back on that horse Alison!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you (and Me2 and Emily!) Are any of you doing something "different" this round? I know when I got pg, every time we bd'd, I laid with pillow under my hips for 30 minutes after dh had "deposited" - I'm sure the clomid helped too but who knows! Well, good to be back! I missed you all!


Alison - November 28

OOps I just posted a reply to Chila on part 19 and forgot I had started part 20! Sorry! here is what I wrote: Chila bless you it is lovely to hear from you. I am sorry you have gestational diabetes and have to do all the special diet, exercise, appointments etc it must be alot to keep up with along with work and all the baby preparations. But other than that I am glad things are going well, that baby is well and turned downwards-it must be so exciting getting so near the birth I can't even imagine how excited I would be! Don't worry about not getting time to email you just look after yourself and update us when you are able. I bet you are so cute with your big tummy by the way. Sending you lots of hugs-thanks for the babydust. Should ovulate in the next few days (last month was another disappointment I took it quite hard actually I have to say) so I started OPKs yesterday should get a + mid week I think. So I hope so much we get good news this month! Happy Thanksgiving to you to and to everyone I am thankful for such supportive caring women-lots of love to everyone xxx Emily hi! yeah it sucks doesn't it. I hope so much you Me2 and I can be blessed soon-and of course all ladies here. I'm not sure about the progesterone thing but the Dr can test your progesterone during your cycle to see if it is ok. How long are your cycles usually? Do you know roughly how long before Af you tend to ovulate? (sorry for all the questions!) Are your cycles irregular? If they are regular and you seem to be ovulating at the right time then chances are it should be fine. As Renee says she got a BFP having had spotting before AFs-in fact I tend to spot for a day before Af starts properly myself. Me2 I know it can drive you crazy you try not to think too much about it all but it's hard not to. I don't think it would do any harm to be BDing a couple days early-sperm can live for a few days apparently-regular BDing that's what we are sticking to. I would love if we all got BFPs at the same time how special would that be! L oh no I am sorry about your mum that must have been so hard. I am glad her operation went well though I will pray for her that she won't need chemo and that it will all be gone. And wow your work sounds hectic too ( I know how that feels!) I am so glad all is well with your baby that is great news! It must be awesome to be able to feel them kick how cool! 15 weeks oh I am jealous lol! that is great bless you! I am doing the pillow thing too by the way after BDing-can't hurt right! Thanks for the good wishes. Lots of love to all xxx


wannabamommie - November 28

Hello..i would love to wait with you all and be added to the ladies! I have been trying to conceive my lil' bundle of joy since Feb. and it gets hard month after month. This month I have not been thinking about it, and just plan on letting it happen! I love this forum because it is a way to reach out to others in the same situation as me!


Vicki - November 29

Hi, can I wait with you too please? This is my first month trying to conceive but I'm not expecting anything to happen for a while as I've only just come off the pill.


Alison - November 29

Hello wannabemommie nice to meet you-I am so sorry you are feeling the "drag" of TTC for a while it does get you down. We've been trying for over a year and a half and have had 3 miscarriages along the way the most recent being in June. I hope so much this month will be the one where your little bundle is conceived it sounds like you deserve a break and some good news-where are you in your cycle just now? Vicki hi nice to meet you too-hey I conceived the 3rd month I was off the pill when we first started TTC so you never know it might happen sooner than you think. That would be wonderful wouldn't it? Are you both trying for your first? We are. All our friends and lots of family have been having babies over the course of our TTC/miscarriages which has been hard. It's good we can encourage each other here as we go through all this stuff-wishing you both babydust and many blessings xxx


Vicki - November 29

Hi Alison, thanks for the welcome. I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a hard time ttc so fingers crossed for you that this will be the month. This will be my first child so I really glad that I've found this forum as I have absolutely no idea what to expect


Kristen - November 29

Hey dou galws mind if i join the group....? i have been ttc for about (gosh i lost track ) a 6mo maybe more... i had a mc in julyish. hoping this is my month..so far no af which is due any day now,but no sign of her yet...was feeling fine until last night.i had a really bad headache.i have had some diahrrea ( sorry tmi) went to dr last monday and took a urine test BFN ....soo hoping it was just to early... i hate waiting it can b soo stressful,but trying to keep calm so not to mess anything up.right now i just feel yucky, kinda sick to my stomach. fingers xxxx for a miracle


wannabamommie - November 29

I am in the two week wait, i am supposed to start next week, hopefully i won't!! Only God knows what is in store!


Kristen - November 29

I hope all goes well 4 u during ur 2ww Alison...as for me i hope that af won't show up within the next few days or so...probably wont test til next week just to b sure of no af....Baby dust to u Gals!!!!


Alison - November 30

Thanks Vicki I hope you get good news this month too. Kristen hi I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. A urine test last Monday sounds early to me so you never know! I hope you get a wonderful surprise instead of AF. Wannabemommie hope the 2WW goes quick for you it's hard waiting isn't it. Hoping you get good news. I am due to ovulate any day will see later today if OPKS have turned + yet. Been BDing and just praying and hoping. ((hugs)) to everyone xxx



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