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Alison - April 1

Ok my original post was getting so long it was taking forever for the page to load so I hope no one minds if I start this new one! (for those who don't know me I'm Alison I posted the original of this post to look for folk to wait with for April 4th-ish while TTC. (I am TTC following my second miscarriage in December) Just went to bathroom and when I wiped there was a few spots very pale blood amongst clear-ish mucus. Is this implantation bleed or dreaded AF coming early and starting slow?!?!?! This is day 25 and cycles are usually 28/29 days. I wish I knew what to think this is so hard!! Still having slight cramps at my lower abdomen that come and go. **sigh**


Angie - April 1

Alison hon try and stay positive. It could very well be implantation. When I found out I was pregnant I was so confused because I had cramping just like AF was coming for her visit. After I got the BFP I was running to the bathroom every 10 minutes it seemed because of the cramps. That is normal for IB and it looks like this might be your month. Good luck hon and baby dust to you.


Alison - April 1

Thanks Angie, as I tell myself - whatever is happening is already happening, so all I can do is wait and see. I hope so much it's implantation I really do... best wishes to you too. Thanks again xxx


Alison - April 1

P.s- How are the rest of you ladies getting on with the waiting? Enail, Jen, L, Ana, Emily, Chelsea, Michelle, Layla, Patience?, Mitch, Jo, Rae, Caz, Laura, Lola, Lynette, Diane, Cindlo, Sabrina, Sophia, Amy, Suzie, and anyone else I've missed out- I'd love to hear from you xxx


Laura - April 1

HiAlison-well things are looking promising for me, but as the time grows nearer you start getting filled with self doubt. My b___sts and nipples are still tender (not PMS insane sore), I believe I'm getting the white bumps on the areolas, there's more there than usual, and they are white at times. Cramps are continous, its like a dull ache. I pee more often and I'm tired. Like flu tired, and tired when I normally am not tired. These could all be related to PMS for some insane reason but the real promise for me is I have the discharge which is a common symptom for many it seems, and I'm usually dry at this point and I've never had discharge like this before. On Monday PM I had a serious hot flash and my face was so flushed, I heard that, that is a sign of implantation. (Anyone else had or have similar symptoms?) I hope beyond hope, and wish you the best also.


enail - April 1

Hi Alison--I think your spotting sounds promising!!?? I am also on day 25 of 28-29 day cycle. I broke down last night and took a HPT--BFN, of course (only 8 dpo), but cried and cried (have been emotional, per usual). Plus, how dumb is this, I used the "fancy" kind and also wasted $10! I can't find any cheap ones at the dollar stores here. I have been very emotional, abdominal cramps (could be pms) and sore-ish b___bs. All possibly pms. Sigh, these next few days are going to be excruciating!


Layla - April 1

Enail, you may want to try Walmart's Equate brand it tests at 25mui (early detection) and has a great track record! It's about 3-4 bucks! Or two pack 6 bucks!


lynette - April 1

Great idea starting the new page, Alison! So far so good for me, but then I never get much in the way of pms, only a cramp about 1 hour before bleeding (I know - lucky huh!!!). That said, about 2 days ago (about 9 days dpo) I had light twingy feelings (like a mild version of the pms cramps) on and off all day. That would coincide with when implantation is supposed to occur (7-10 days dpo), so who knows. Just not getting my hopes up until the end of next week. Alison, your timing with the little bit of blood sounds like the right timing for ib - I'm crossing my fingers for you now. jdsoi oisdh h j fu ... actually that makes it hard to type, but I will do it as soon as I'm off the computer. Take care and stay positive :-))))


mulgajill - April 1

Hi ya Alison.... sounds like implantation bleeding, time is right (6-10 days) and a bit early for AF.... i think the mucous is a sign it is ib as compared to getting AF... good luck all!!!


ly - April 1

Mulga, I just came back to say exactly the same thing! I was thinking about it and doesn't CM usually dry up just before af? So if it was a tiny bit of blood in mucus, then it's probably more likely to be ib? Not wanting to get Alison's hopes too high - but... this could be your month! I sure hope so :-)


Kelly - April 1

Hi Allison, You and I are having the exact same symptoms. Just today I saw a little light blood mixed in with mucous. I also feel like af is going to start at any time.... cramping etc This is driving me crazy! We are trying for #2. I hope this is it! Good luck to you, and keep us posted.


Michelle ( Australia) - April 1

Hi Alison, I am still waiting. I am on day 26 I have not given in to take a test. I will wait until Monday. My skin is so oily, I have been having cramps but there is no sign of Implantation bleeding. I have been quite nauseus too. Lets hope that we all get what we want. BABY DUST TO ALL. xoxox


L - April 1

Hey Alison!! HUGE GOOD LUCK TO YOU FOR ONE!!! As for me, I didn't ovulate once this cycle, I've been doing OPKs since the last day of my last af (which started on Feb. 28) My doctor won't even touch the situation since I'm only 26 and have only been trying for 6 months. I - on the other hand - am certainly not willing to stress over this for another 6 months only to be sent for blood tests and then playing around with different drugs. So, I searched around and decided to try acupuncture and Traditional chinese medicenal herbs (something I really wouldn't believe in at all usually but right now, I'm willing to give it a shot.) I started in wednesday, went today (friday) and go back tomorrow too. They are trying to first, regulate my cycles (which are INSANE!!!!!) and boost fertility too. I will definetly keep you all posted!! When are all of you guys testing?? I'm waaaaaay excited to see how you guys do!


lynette - April 2

Good luck with the acupuncture etc, L. I think anything's worth giving a go if it can't hurt you. I even did the cough medicine thing this month (apparently cough expectorant makes cm runnier and a nicer environment for sperm! so you're supposed to have it a few days before and including ovulation) - who knows eh? I can't believe your doctor isn't more interested in you not ovulating! Some doctors have NO idea! It'd be like someone saying to them "you COULD win a million dollars, but I'm gonna make you wait for a year before I even tell you whether it's possible for you to enter the compet_tion". Or not. I dunno - it's annoying anyway. But I'm ranting now - sorry ;-/. As for when I'm testing, I'm due for af sometime between 6-9 of April, but I'm going to wait until about 11th to test (yeah yeah, we'll see!!) Good luck again :-)


no patience! - April 2

Alison, Laura, enail, Layla... sounds like this could be everyone's lucky month. Remember only 1 in 4 women actually experience implantation bleeding (I did not), so if you think you did... that may be a very clear sign. BUT if not, don't get discouraged either. Also remember, the ONLY "symptom" I had and STILL have is (as enail described it) dull pains in the abdomen... which felt like af. No large b___bs (unfortunately for mine are REALLY small), sore b___bs, cravings, fatigue during the day, etc... Now... I sense a very faint nausea during lunch (nothing that sends me running to the bathroom), I drink and crave water as if its the best thing to touch my lips (I can't seem to get enough)... and of course I pee a lot... probably from the water. AND I find myself falling asleep at 9pm and sleeping like a baby through the night. Dull pain still here, and probably will be there for a while. SOOO... don't totally psyche out until af comes. I know its easier to psyche yourself out and be pleasantly surprised than to find yourself disappointed.


enail - April 2

no patience, thanks for your encouraging words--when did you get your BFP? I tested (again) early this am (I am 10 dpo) and BFN. I know there is still a chance it could be positive--why do I keep testing?? Thanks,


mommy 2 - April 2

My period came early last month and i 'm always 28 days. It came 4 days early. I too had pale blood 1 day before



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