Hi Looking For A Quot Waiting Buddy Quot Part 3

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Alison - April 11

Hi ladies from "Hi-looking for a "waiting buddy" Part 2!" sorry the page was taking forever to load so I hope no-one minds that I started a new one! How are you all doing? I'm hoping to hear any day of when my scan (re cyst) will be. It's not as sore today so that must be a good sign. BD-ing has started for this month. Looking forward to hearing how you are all getting on this week. Thanks again for all your encouragement! xxx


Alison - April 11

P.s Sorry guys me again I meant to say - my ovulation kit says being pregnant can affect the tests but it doesn't mention cysts? If they affect pregnancy tests I have a feeling they would affect ovulation tests too? Have been negative so far but wouldn't expect to be ov just yet anyway. Any thoughts? Mulgajill are you still waiting? Enail hope you're doing okay & Caz, L and everybody (sorry so many names!) Michelle how did it go at docs? xxx


enail - April 11

Hi Alison! Hope things are going well for you. I have not heard that cysts can affect OPKs, but they might? I believe I am on my last day of a very intense and heavy AF (yuck, sorry). The thing that makes me feel better about it though, is it seemed more "normal" than the ones I had been having since miscarriage, which were very light for me. I am hoping this means my hormone levels are regular again? Who knows, I guess I am trying to stay positive about the whole thing. Sounds like I will be behind you (as far as cycles go) Alison, but I will check in and see how things are going!


Jez - April 11

Hey ladies i was on part one, i was 2 days late so i was sure i was pregnant, but i wasen't, But my AF finished yeaterday so im excited to try again =)


Alison - April 11

Thanks Enail, I'm thinking I might post "Grandpa Viv re. OPK & cysts as he often has good info! I'm sorry you've had a rough AF I hate that :o( As you say it's more "normal" so that's good. I hope so much this month is your one and that will be the last AF you see for 9 months! I'm now waiting for sometime between 25th & 29th so I guess our dates our further apart now as you say. If no AF by end of the month I'll test (oooh please no AF!!!) Jez hi, hope this is your month too - a new month a new chance! Get bd-ing! ;o) xxx


Emily - April 11

Hey alison and all. I´m waiting to ovulate. Got EWCM so any day now. Just hope bf wants to bd!! lol. I´m due Apr 24th so once again waiting buddies galore. Hope everyone´s ok! bubby dust!


Alison - April 11

HI Emily, sorry I missed out your name earlier! Not on purpose! I hope bf is in bd-ing mood ;o) How about giving him a nice ma__sage to relax him and get him in the mood? Hope this is the month for you! Let's hope these next few weeks fly by... take care for now xxx


L - April 11

Wow! Part 3 already! We grow up so fast. Things are good up here in Canada! I've started taking one low dose asprin every day - apparently it's supposed to have the same effect as Robitussin on cm - making it more watery. I hope it helps whatever it does! Alison - I hate OPKs I've decided! I have done an OPK EVERY DAY since my last af (which was on Feb 28 - don't stress, I have abnormally long, irregular cycles) and have yet to get a positive. I get faint lines but have yet to get a test line darker than the control line. What's the deal with OPKs and cysts again? I hope they're not misleading for you!


Emily - April 11

LOL alison. I didnt think you´d forgotten me on purpose. There´s so many of us!!!


Chila - Dallas, TX - April 11

Hi Alison.. Hi Ladies!!! Things in Dallas are better now. I'm looking forward to next week!! I'm hoping ovulation will be on target again like last month, around the 16th. I plan on using an OPK again. I also started another thread that some of you have already written on called, "Waiting Buddies - May 5th". Alison, who is "Grandpa Viv"? I see a lot of people ask a lot of advice from this person. I hope you are all doing well and look forward to hearing good news from you all soon! Baby Dust to you all!


enail - April 11

Alison, let us know what you find out about OPKs and cysts, something tells me it should not effect the test, but that is not scientfic! I just bought a pack today, but won't be using those until next weekend. Chila, glad you are feeling better, I understand the "af blues"--sounds like we are on the same schedule. Emily--we are routing for you! Talk to you guys soon,


mulgajill - April 12

Hi ya enail... sorry to hear about af... it sucks .... i haven't been on here for a bit.... another month of failure for me... it is a bummer... men making millions of sperm on a daily basis and us gals only one egg a month... how'd they go if they had to WAIT two weeks for sperm supply to build up.... :-)


Alison - April 12

Hi girls, L I don't know the deal with OPKs and cysts I haven't managed to find out yet! Mine have been negative so far which isn't unexpected but if they still are by the end of this week either they don't work or something isn't right! Grandpa Viv suggested I BBT which I don't know much about but I suppose I could research! We just bd anyway from end of AF through to just before next one! (worked conceiving before so hopfully will work again, and this time result in a healthy pregnancy!) I hope the asprin proves to be a help for you. Hi Chila! Yeah I saw your post but didn't know if I should go on as my "waiting date" is earlier than yours but I did have a read of the posts. ( I think I'm getting addicted to this site and the people here!) I'm waiting for 25-29th April. Grandpa Viv posts on the site alot answering questions. He has a website on fertility though I can't remember the name! That's about all I know but he seems quite knowledgable in terms of conception/pregnancy. I don't think he's qualified in these things I think he's just done alot of research? He seems a nice person anyway. I hope you get a BFP this month :o) Enail sorry I don't know about the effect on OPKs yet but will post if I find out! Mulgajill sorry for the unsuccessful month I can sympathise! Here's to a successful month this time! Emily hope bf is getting into the spirit of things ;o) As for me no word of scan but should hear any day I think. It's feeling a bit better. As I said we are bd-ing now so I can't wait till the end of the month to see. Have been a bit down over the weekend as thoughts keep creeping in about the fact our first m/c baby should have been due in a couple of weeks but I'm just trying not to think about it! (yeah right!) I'll be glad when the 21st is past I think. Take care everyone xxx


Emily - April 12

Lol, I think I´m getting addicted to this site too!! I got a bit down yesterday after finding out that ANOTHER girl I know is pregnant. There are now 7 women, 6 of them between 17 and 25, who are pregnant, in a town with 800 people living. Just seems so unfair! Alison, don´t worry about your m/c. Time heals. Mine would be nearly 3 now if I hadn´t have had my m/c, but I don´t dwell on it! I´m gonna try and see if bf wants to tonight, lol!!!!! I hate waiting!!!! xxxxxx to all


caz - April 12

Hey everyone - I told myself I'd put all this out of my mind for a while but I couldn't resist checking out 'our' thread to see how you're all doing. Alison - I can't shed any light on cysts and how they might affect OPKs I'm afraid. I'm reluctant to use the OPK this month, having had a surge, followed by bd but no pg! It's depressing (though good to know something's working!) I'm worried about my lack of s_x life so have decided to forget pg for a while and just try to enjoy my relationship or get to the bottom of his lack of drive. It's making me glum as I've just had a birthday and am the wrong side of 35 and thoughts of being a mum are diminishing :( Anyway, not to be too miserable, I'll still hop onto this thread and see how you all do this month - GOOD LUCK GIRLS xx


Alison - April 12

Thanks Emily-I know how you feel 10 (or is it 11 I lose count!) of our friends/colleagues etc have been pregnant/are pregnant during the past year while we've been trying/miscarrying. I sympathise! Caz- of the people we know who have been having babies recently 2 are 35 and another couple are close to that. Don't give up! Also my mum was 35 when she had me :o) Take care xxx


Chila - Dallas, TX - April 12

Hi Ladies. How are you? I'm good. I've been enjoying the weather and spending time with my DH. I'm taking it day by day, trying not to get too excited about trying again next week. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy it and get excited.. but I'm trying not to get too over-worked about it.. and just learn to enjoy each moment. Sometimes I think I stress myself out too much and it ruins the fun. I know what you mean.. about all your friends having babies. I just found out last month that two of my girlfriends that weren't even trying are now pregnant with their 3rd child... Don't worry girls, our time will come! I'll check in on ya'll again soon! Take care and Baby dust to you all!



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