Hi Looking For A Quot Waiting Buddy Quot Part 4

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Alison - April 15

Hello ladies - Emily I was just thinking this thread was getting long again! :o) SO here we are into part 4-Hope everyone is doing okay? Anyone clicking on here for first time check out looking for waiting buddy parts 1, 2 & 3 to catch up! By the way Emily I think I ov'd yesterday so I'm into the wait & see part of the month again too-Have been feeling a bit down today tho, keep thinking about my 1st m/c baby who should have been due next Thursday it's so hard not too!!! ** sigh ** Well here's to lots of BFPs on this post very soon! Take care all & thanks again so much for your friendship it means alot to me xxx


emily - April 15

Lol, this is just getting CRAAZZEEEEE! lol


Jez - April 15

Hey ladies so when is everyone ovaulating??? the next three days for me =)) im excited!!


L - April 15

Alison - what kind of OPKs have you been using? I just oprdered more from babyhopes.com but was wondering if there's a better type (guess it's too late now!! but coudn't hurt for next time!!)


Alison - April 15

Hi L, I ordered "Advanced LH" ovulation strips from earlypregnancy.co.uk. They were £10.99 for 20. They seemed quite good had all same descriptions as other kinds (99.9% accurate, easy to use, fast results etc) They have worked fine and I still have some left as there were 20. My 2nd line never went darker than the control line just the same, but the instructions did say that counts as a positive with that test. I guess if I paid more I might get even clearer results (e.g clearblue) but they were alright I thought. I've been on babyhopes too! Was it their own brand OPKs? I'm sure they're just as good as the ones I used L. Let's hope there isn't a "next time" and you get your BFP before then! xxx


L - April 15

I hope so too. Last cycle was 49 days and I'm on day 47 of this one so if nothing pops up by Sunday, I'll test Monday morning (I'm not geting my hopes up too much though as I went for blood tests last tuesday and the preg test was negative) so I ordered 100 opks (a little obsessive, isn't it!!! lol) but with shipping was only 38 canadian so even if I don't need all of them (cross my fingers big time here!) they weren't ma__sively costly! Yeah, they're the babyhopes.com brand so I'm sure they'll be fine! Good luck ladies!!


emily - April 15

Jez. I ov´ed yesterday (I think) so you, me and alison are all roundabout the same times!!!!


Cindlo - April 15

Yes this is goin crazee-pt 4 already. I hope all is going good for all the ladies...I took an opk yesterday & 2day with Answers Opk. I am irregular so I think I will be p-ing on a stick forever until a BFP. I am tempted to try anything to get there. I am getting so upset with the BFN's. My DH thinks I am having major att_tude because I am being to quiet around the house at one time and at the next time just raising my voice at whatever p__ses me off. He is like if you are like this now god help him when I do get BFP. I just get depressed when everyone around me is pg. Damn even fricking Brittney is AAARRRGGGHHH. One of the 7 people at my job had there baby tuesday-6 more to go between now and mid july...So this should some fun months with babies being shoved in my face. Sorry about this B___h session but it is all driving me bonkers...I think I should OV next week. Gotta get more test one left for 2morrow. Good luck to you all. BABY DUST OUT TO ALL


julie - April 16

whats a waiting buddY?


Emily - April 16

It´s just someone (or lots) to share the 2 week post ovulatory wait with until af is due. Just makes you feel better having people to discuss/ vent/ get excited with.


Alison - April 16

Hi ladies hope you're all doing ok? 2 weeks to go for me and some of you too! - I hope so much it's our month! L - still no sign of AF? Cindlo I totally sympathise re. being surrounded by new babies. This past year since we've been TTC and going though miscarriages there have been 11 people (friends, colleagues & 1 relative) having babies! Some are still expecting and some have had their babies. It's not easy because I'm pleased for them and want them to be blessed but at the same time it hurts so much that it's not me too! It's strange cos you think work colleagues will be easier to deal with than friends or family cos once they're on maternity leave you think that's it for a while but then they come in and visit with the new baby. Well I'm trusting and believing it will happen for us too and I'm going to trust God. When it does eventually happen I know it's going to be so amazing! Here's to a BFP post soon-take care everyone xxx


Emily - April 17

Well, i guess Im lucky. I only have until next sunday to wait as I have a short luteal phase!! I´ve had weird twinges today on my right side, but then again i´ve had weird twinges for 2 months now!!! Can´t wait for my docs appt as I KNOW somethings wrong! probably a UTI! Oh well. Hope everyone´s ok. xx


Alison - April 17

HI Emily! I hope the week goes quick for you and has a happy ending too :o) I hope everything is ok too for you. Take care xxx


Chila - Dallas, TX - April 17

Hey Ladies. Wow, we're already on Part 4! Hee hee.. This week is "O" week and I'm expecting to "O" on cd16, Apr. 20th. I've been using the Answer OPK's. They worked for me last month, so hopefully they pin-point it on the dot again this time. So I'll be in the waiting stage with ya'll shortly! Hope we all get a BFP!!!!! Well, enjoy today! I know I will.. not looking forward to going back to work. But staying busy does help make the time go by faster. Will check in on ya'll again soon. Baby Dust to All!!!!


enail - April 17

Hello! Chila--Dallas, I close to you cycle-wise. I will probably ovulate on day 16 (April 22). hard to know, started OPK testing today. Alison, hope you are doing well. Sorry to all with the co-workers/baby/pregnant--I know it can adds to the frustration each month that af shows up. But, soon it will be out turn! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Will check back soon.


Lynette - April 18

Hi girls! Just wondering, for any of you who have been gauging ovulation via kits, temps and the like - what is the earliest you have ovulated? I'm curious because the other evening (of day 7) I felt slightly crampy in the "ovary vicinity". I have a fairly short cycle (about 25 days) so do you think it would be possible to be ovulating yet? Hope everyone is getting ready to "go for it" this month. One of us has to get lucky, surely!!! :-) Baby dust and glue *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*


L - April 18

Hey girls! Ok, af was "due" yesterday - it's waaaaaaaay irregular but last time came on day 49 - today is day 50. Irregularity SUCKS!!! Did an HPT this morning but got a BFN. I hope I can get this regulated soon! Have any of you come off of the birth control pill? I came off in January and this is the game that my body seems to be playing, is this normal?



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