HI Looking For A Quot Waiting Buddy Quot Part 5

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Alison - April 20

Hello girls from "waiting buddy part 4"!!! Hope no-one minds but it was getting long again. So here goes... Anyone new please read parts 1, 2, 3, 4 to catch up (or at least part 4 anyway!)


Cindlo - April 20

Welcome to Part 5 all. I am feeling crampy so even though those opk were very light and they were the same for both lines maybe I am ovulating...Maybe I just will have to jump my DH now til the end of the month...lol...Maybe it is a good thing I am irregular just to do the BD.


enail - April 20

Part 5! And I am not even past ovulation yet :). Alison--I am sorry for all you are going through. I know it does not seem fair, well, it is NOT fair. I really hope your cyst is not going to be a problem. Re: luteal phase, I have read that the average is 12-14 days, and that if you pa__s 16 days, you are likely pregnant. I guess the hard part is knowing definitely what day you ovulated, which you can only know if they do an ultrasound--but we can make some pretty close guesses on our own! Yes, i guess doing the bd every chance you get can't hurt!


emily - April 20

OMG part 5. We´re taking over the board!!!! lol. Luteal phase: I´m worried about mine. I think that´s my problem, it´s too short. I´ll mention it to the gyno when I have my appt, though obviously didn´t have a problem when I first got pg. So unfair, we bd´d about 5 times in 2 months when i first got pg, so easy!!! Why not now, when we are actually TTC!!?? Life´s a b___h! Still having cramps, they feel totally normal for af. Damn. Only 6 dpo and only 4 days until Dday. duh duh duuuuuuh! lol. Enail: waiting for ovulation is sometimes as hard as waiting for af isn´t it, lol!!! Well, it´ll be over soon, like every month. xxxxxxx to all


Lynette - April 20

Alison - you've started so many threads you could darn socks with them! (hee hee). In answer to your question, I would have been due on 25th of July. My sister in-law said the other day that she is due in about 7 weeks, and we had been about 4 weeks apart, so all I thought was "oh, so I was due in about 11" and when she first told me she had felt the baby moving - man, that was hard! Anyway, look after yourself today - hugs &*&*&*&*


Chila - Dallas, TX - April 20

Hey Alison! Hi Ladies! Wow, Part 5! Well, I am also waiting for "O" show! I got a +OPK yesterday, so keeping a close watch on my temp. This morning it went up only 1. But still hopeful and lots of bd-ing! Don't want to miss any chances! Well, hope to hear good news from ya'll soon. I'll check back again soon. **Baby Dust**


Chila - April 20

~Enail, sorry, I didn't see your other question from part 4.. I just got caught up on the reading.. Yeh, I've been charting.. you can check out my chart: http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/chilababy and we can compare. Let me know!!!


emily - April 21

Well, one day closer. I dont have sore bbs today and the cramps are almost gone too. Temps still up (but must say that not much higher than normal 36.4 on my digitherm after being 36.2 post ovulation, preov average 35.9) so dunno. I feel like any other month, apart from the fact that im not getting so many ´symptoms`. I think I should start the May waiting thread already in preparation, lol Hope all are well xxx


Chila - April 21

Hey ladies. Hope everyone's well. I got a surprising good rise in temp this morning. Jumped to 98. I'm hoping it stays up. If so, I think my chart will indicate I O'd either on the 19th or 20th. Emily~ Hang in there! I'll be thinking of you and sending you some baby dust! I know the wait is such torture! I am now in the beginning of another waiting stage.. ~Enail, how have you been? Do you keep a chart as well? I'll check back again soon... have to run to the gym.. to get some energy!!


Alison - April 22

Hi girls how are you all? Chila hope temps stay up! Cindlo hope bd-ing is going well ;o) Enail thanks for luteal phase info hope you're doing ok? Emily hope gyno can help advise about your luteal phase. Hope it's a quick 4 days too-you never know could be a BFP!. Lynette I think I post too much here! Forget socks I could knit a blanket! ( if I were capable of knitting lol!) I sympathise about your sister in law it's not easy is it :o( Chila hope bding going well! Temps sound good! Well as for me I'm sore mostly at side where cyst was found. Should get appointment card from hospital re. scan in the next week they say. HATE WAITING!!! Still holding out hope for this month though just incase...yesterday was hard I was very emotional. Another colleague on maternity leave came in to visit (shes due next week) no warning about that one! I couldn't even look across the room at where she was standing just the sight of her tummy would have set me off! Anyway I made a donation to the miscarriage a__sociation in the name of our first baby in honour of his/her due date. I also bought a book which I'm going to write a message inside, saw my mum for lunch and walked along the beach together, and lit a candle at night. It's so weird-it can't be April without my baby coming! And in July our second baby should have been due as well! **sigh** My supervisor sat with me yesterday when I broke down at one point-she says I've been brave but I certainly don't feel brave! Sorry for venting like this I know I go on sometimes I don't mean to. It's just been a rough week I guess. I'm not going to lose hope though-somehow it will all work out and we will see our prayers answered and our dreams come true-it will happen. Take care everyone and thanks for your friendship xxx


L - April 22

Alison - I wouldn't trade you places for the world - I feel so bad for you! But, if it's any consolation... I was born in December of '78, my mom got pg again and lost a baby boy at 3 mos pg in late '79, another baby boy at 6 mos pg in early '80 and then my sister was born in '81. The doctors told her that "obviously" she would not be able to carry boys to term and that perhaps she should just stop trying for a 3rd child all together... My little brother was born in June of 1983 - my dad has some rather harsh words for the doctor when the dr said that my parents had a son (my dad thought he was joking) so I guess you just have to "hurry up and wait" beacuse I'm sure you'll be just as happy with a new baby as you are sad without your first two! GOOD LUCK!!!!


Alison - April 22

Thanks L for sharing about your mum-I'm glad docs were wrong! You are right I will be just as happy with my baby when they do come along as I am sad for the first two. I know when it does eventually happen for us I will be so incredibly happy I'll be dancing about everywhere! Just the thought of feeling my own baby moving in my womb and holding them in my arms gives me goosebumps! It will be so awesome!! Thank you. It's easy to lose perspective sometimes isn't it. Hope you're doing ok yourself? xxx


emily - April 22

I got af this morning. 8dpo.


Alison - April 22

Emily I'm so sorry to hear that-are you ok? Your doc really needs to help you in regards to your luteal phase that does seem very short. I'm so sorry it just feels more disappointing each month doesn't it. I'm thinking of you, I hope it isn't too painful/yucky an AF for you and finished quickly. Take care xxxxxx


emily - April 22

Thanks. i feel like crying. A 7 day luteal phase and dropping it seems. Last month was 9, month before 11. I read up a bit and a thyroid problem seems most likely. Why me? Makes me wanna give it all up! Why the hell do i want a baby anway???????


L - April 22

Awwwwwwwww Emily, I'm sorry! At least you won't torture yourself wondering this month! What's the deal with luteal phases? Is it bad if they're short?


Alison - April 22

Emily I wish so much I could say something to make things feel better for you. It must be so upsetting for you-you asked why you want a baby anyway-I think you know in your heart why you do but the circ_mstances are probably causing you to doubt things. Please don't give up...if the docs can figure out what is wrong maybe they can help you? There's so many treatments now to help lengthen the luteal phase etc by medication (or so I've heard anyway) I can tell you're feeling really fed up and you have every right to-I'm so sorry but please don't give up yet. xxxxxx



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