HI Looking For A Quot Waiting Buddy Quot Part 7

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Me2 - May 5

Hey all I was just hinking that since it will be a new month of waiting for some of us, maybe a new part could and maybe be ready for the last part was getting a bit long...Maybe this could be the month for us still TTC...Baby Dust for this month...It is Mommy Month...fingers crossed for all, And HAPPY MOMMY'S DAY to all the new BFP's!!!


emily - May 5

good idea!!! now that alison´s out of the waiting, she wouldnt want to have to start up threads anymore. lol!!!


Chila - Dallas, TX - May 5

Hi Me2!! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you! Don't give up hope! Lots of baby dust to all of you waiting to test this week!!! I'll check in on ya'll again soon! Take Care


enail - May 5

Yes, good idea! Thanks. AF just came for me at lunchtime :(. I was expecting her though. Trying think about this in the most positive way, it is day 1 of my new cycle--there has been lots of BFPs on these threads, as Chila says, its mommy month! It will be our turn next.


blueeyedgirl - May 5

Hello everyone! This will be my first post on ANY bulletin board! I just wanted to let you all know how good it feels to know that there are so many of us in the same boat. I think hubby is getting a bit fed up of the emotional rollercoaster of imagined/real pg symptoms followed by the disappointment of af each month. Been ttc for 6 months. af pretty irregular so hard to tell when I ovulate. This month, we've made a special effort (!) so I'm hopeful... AF due on 7th May.


Me2 - May 5

WELCOME blueeyedgirl...good luck to you.


Kristie - May 5

blueeyedgirl-I know how you feel about the irregular thing. Mine are extrememly irregular and it makes it hard to figure out when you are ovulating. I think mine is due sometime between 5/9-5/13. Good luck everyone


L - May 5

YAY!!! Now our little group has more "irregulars" like me!!! I love it! Good att_tude enail! At least you get to start all over again now! Welcome to blueeyedgirl and kristie!!


enail - May 5

welcome blueeyedgirl and Kristie: Good luck to you both, I will be checking in!


Me2 - May 6

Hey all Alison left a message on part 6 if y'all want to find out how the Dr. appoint ment went...How are you all doing this morning? I just could not bring myself to get on the computer, cuz I would have just started tearing up again. I feel just a bit better 2day. I feel like I have AF because I feel like I have to go to the loo and wipe but nothing there yet. Had a couple of sharp pains on both side of the lower abdomin. I guess that is her getting ready to rear her ugly head. YUK


Chila - May 6

Me2~ I wish I could make you feel better... I'm so sorry!!! I know this waiting and uncertainty is causing you much anxiety. Are you just going to wait it out.. and see if AF shows up. If she doesn't show up in a week, definitely test again or schedule an appt. to see the doctor. I know you don't want to get your hopes up just to get disappointed.. but I'm just saying.. until AF shows up full b__wn, I wouldn't lose faith just yet, ok. I wish you all the best today and sending you a hug! Hang in there okay.. I'll be thinking and praying for you! **BABY DUST**


emily - May 6

Hello everybody!!! Welcome to the ´newbies` lol. It´s bd night tonight for me, hehehe. Hoping bf is not tired! Tomorrow should be ov day. i actually get quite excited. Silly really. Enail, what a bummer for you. I thought you were pg!!!!??!? Me2, you´re still in the running yet hun.


Alison - May 6

Hi girls I might not have a chance to go online over the weekend (depends if DH brings laptop home or not!) so just saying have a good weekend all. Enail so sorry about AF :o( Hope it happens for you next month. Emily enjoy bd-ing! Me2 there is still hope! Good idea starting the new thread I felt if I did it would be a bit cheeky so I'm glad you did! Hi to Kristie & blueeyedgirl! Sorry about irregular AF's I hope you both get your BFPs very soon! Well take care everyone xxx P.s yes as Me2 said I posted on part 6 about my doctor's app if anyone wants to read! ((hugs to you all))


Me2 - May 6

I don't think I will be on here much today So I figure I will Say have a Nice weekend and where ever you all are and it's mommy's day enjoy your day...especially the new BFPers.


enail - May 6

Hi--I won't be on here much this weekend either. Me2, hope you are feeling better. Have a nice weekend all.


mslady82 - May 6

hey girls I am new to this room. I had unprotected s_x on Apr 28. AF is due may 12. I am soooooooo anxious to know if I am or not.


Me2 - May 6

mslady82~Is that during your "O" time? I am so irregular I never know when mine is. I used a opk the last couple of month to try to pin point my time...Still no AF so I was told still some hope.



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