HI Looking For A Quot Waiting Buddy Quot Part 8

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Lynette - May 12

If you looking for a really great group of ladies to "hang" with while you wait, you've found your thread, and here we are at part 8 already!! We've had quite a few bfp's over the last couple of threads, let's see if we can get some more!


Tia - May 12

Who'd have thought it could be so frustrating TTC?? when i was at school they made it sound like you only had to look at a man and you would end up carrying triplets!! I dont remember once anyone mentioning cm or temps in health cla__s!! ha ha ha!! - and i swear EVERYONE counts dates!! i always know when my child would be born should this be THE month (26th Jan!! ha ha!!). i think ive got an obsessive compulsive thing!! wouldnt it be great if this thread produced ALL BFPs for the people in it??? I hope someone somewhere is smiling down on all of us and will make this our month!! Good Luck!!! x


celia H - May 12

Good morning everyone, hope all is well. Ok so i went to the $$ store and bought a hpt after hearing so many talk about them and of course bfn, what did i expect? Still so disappointing not knowing at this point. Last night was a night of weeping on dh's shoulder. Still no sign of AF, still having sickness off & on and heartburn is about to drive me crazy. Dh sent me to store last night to pick steaks up, sounded good until i got to the market and took a look at the meat, i ended up in the bathroom sick. I have all the signs of my first pregnancy, just wish i could pa__s a test and know for sure now! i am so impatient. Ok so my morning rant is over lol.... Linda a big congrats to you again! After your mc you deserve this so much. Just make sure you alison and chila dance around here sprinkling baby dust around for the rest of us! ok gotta get my little one to school. Take care!


Kristie - May 12

I too am playing the waiting game. I have a longer cycle and as of today I am on day 31. I plan on taking a test tomorrow (keeping fingers crossed). I have a lot of the same symptoms I had the first pregnancy. Sore bbs, mild cramps off an on, off and on nausea, and now fatigue is starting in. I think I am about 12 days post ovulation so I am hopeing tomorrows test shows something. I hate the anticipation and hate the BFN even more. Luck to all.


Jenae - May 12

Good morning all!! I am playing the waiting game also! I havent had a period since march 24th!! I have taken pg test and all BFN's...have the symptoms though! Sore back..heartburn like crazy..nausea...moody...cramping.... changes in appit_te... I have an appt.on the 25th so hopefully dh and i will see what happeneds from there!! Baby dust to you all!!


Me2 - May 12

Good morning ladies...I am glad to see all the new Ladies in the thread...Since my AF has not showed I am not sure if I should worry or get excited...I had s_x last night thinking that since it is around the due time it would trigger her to show her self but nothing as of this morning. I don't want to test just to get aggrevated like in Dec when it didn't show up at all and had it 2ce in Jan. Tia ur right it is VERY frustrating!!!


Emily - May 12

Hi all, i see no-one missed me :( But I´m soooo glad to see more bfps. Alison and chila, good to know that you´re both well. Me2, I hope you´re next, i´d be getting excited now if I were you. To the celias: I´m not hispanic but I live in spain so I also know the ´right` way to pronounce celia, but of course, in spain, it would be the-lee-a, lol. So, me, well i´m now 5 dpo and had today, for about an hour, the most hideous period pains, real shooting ones from one side to another and even into my left leg. So i know that once again af is going to pay an early visit. I checked my cycle history and discovered that my peroids can come anywhere between 23 and 31 days but on average, 27, so I guess it´s just luck! Went to the docs yesterday and they did a smear and have made me (another) appt for fertility doctor. I went last year but poor bf chickened out when they asked him about doing male fertilty tests. This time he´s the one whos most up for it so maybe i´ll end up on clomid!!!! Well sorry for the long post. Love and babydust to ALL xxxxx


Tia - May 12

Me2 - i know if i was you id be getting excited!! im very impressed by your willpower not to test, i have to admit i spend a small fortune on hpts around af time praying for 2 lines!!! Babydust to you hun - i hope your another success story!! jenae - thats quite a while not to have had af?? are you usually irregular?? Im suffering from stomach cramps on and off - not bad ones, theyre quite mild but theyve been coming since about 4dpo. got a weird cm thing going on too!! its gloopy almost (sorry..tmi i know) and have sore nipples but thats common pre-af symptom for me. After TTC i think ill invent something that can tell if your PG straight after ovulation... it would put millions of women across the planet out of their misery and id make millions!! ha ha ha!! ***babydust***


Tia - May 12

Emily - how long have you been TTC??


Me2 - May 12

Of course you were missed. I am hoping for something to happen here. Just think as soon as it gets here the sooner you can start having fun doing the bd...lol...Shucks maybe if I go out and buy the expensive hpt's maybe she'll show up then...lol...Hate her. Good Luck Jenae & Kristie!


Emily - May 12

Tia: Well havent used any protection since my m/c 3 years ago!!! But actually ttc through charting and knowing when I ovulate etc, 4 months!


blueeyedgirl - May 12

Just checking in to the new thread. CELIA H so sorry to hear about your bfn ; it is soooo dissapointing, isn't it? I have a real love-hate thing with hpt's - have you seen that Simpsons where Lisa electrifies a cupcake, Bart tries to take it and gets a shock, then he just can't stop trying to take it, even though each time he is going bzzzz..ow! bzzzz..ow! - That's how I am with tests. I spend days resisting them, then take a test and spend a few hours crying...but THEN I take one again a couple of days later! Crazy! TIA you and I will deserve a degree in maths with all this calculating we're doing. I'm like "Hmmm. If i got pg this month, someone else would probably have to cook christmas dinner"! KRISTIE - Welcome - I have fingers crossed for your test. JENAE - are you normally irregular? When I first started ttc I had about 3 skipped months. I had hormone tests done at the Doc's and all came back normal; he said it was probably just stress! The cheek of it! Anyway, I'm back to relatively normal now, but I hope for YOU it is a sign of a teeny one. Babydust to you! ME2 Hang in there girl! My af appeared for a day (!?) and now has disappeared! What's that all about? Am ignoring her in hope she gets her act together! EMILY - hello, I don't believe we've met! Hope this month is your lucky one. LYNETTE great idea to start a new thread - we all seem to have so much to say!! Think my dh is glad that he isn't the only shoulder I have to cry on now... Question for all you lovely ladies; do any of you use ovulation predictor sticks? I have 28-35 day cycle and I thought it would work out very expensive but what do you do? I am charting cm and bding from day 10-24 of cycle; is this enough? (Don't want to wear out dh!) Love blue x


enail - May 12

Wow--part 8 and lots of new ladies, this is great. Emily, I missed you! I am only on CD 8, so I am on the wrong side of the wait. Probably won't write as much, but will check in and see how you are all doing. Me2, maybe you should test again, wasn't it a week ago that you last tested? To Tia, celia H, Kristie, Jenae, blueedyed girl, lynette--(hope I did not miss anyone), I have been posting on this thread for two cycles now, still BFN :( Have been ttc since October 2004, had a miscarriage in Dec. 2004. xx


emily - May 12

Blue: hi, lol. You have to catch up on the waiting buddy aga. I was on the first one!!!! If yu really want to sit through a couple of hours of reading these 8 threads, you can catch up on my history, lol!!!! nice to meet you! baby dust!


superbadchick - May 12

I am waiting as well. Had a positive in early april & then 5 negatives. af was 14 days late, & then came for 2 days & is completely gone. so i guess we'll see what happens.


bump - May 12



Celia H - May 12

Hi everyone looks like this thread will be to part 9 soon! lol Hi emily nice to see you here, your right no one seems to ever say celia correctly but i answer to anything that remotely sounds like my name lol. Hi blue. haven't seen that episode but i know what you mean. I have never gotten a BFP with a hpt but as soon as i take one i want to get another just to see... pure torture. I will be 5 days late tomorrow. Have had all the symptoms as i had with my first. I only have af every 4 months but a very regular cycle with that and have never been late. Today i started cramping really bad and went to bed for a bit, when i got up i am having a very weird cm with a bit of brownish blood. I have had the brownish dischard b4 but the cm is very different than i've ever had. There seems to be quite a bit of the cm and that is weird for me. Anyways i guess af is gonna show tomorrow from these signs. I at least get to add something different to my cycle diary this time but now it will be 4 months of waiting for the chance again. Hope everyone else that is waiting this month get's their BFP!



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