Hi Looking For A Quot Waiting Buddy Quot Part 9

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emily - May 17

Hey all, once again, such a big thread that I´ve started a new one. LOL. Well, here I am. After getting all these period pains and being REALLY dry, they went away and I got cm again so thought that there could be a chance again. BUT i was checking cp and found the dreaded brown cm that I know is af on her way. Temps havent dropped below the coverline yet but thats normal, not until heavy af arrives do my temps drop to normal pre-ov levels anyway. Still a chance that it´s ib but I doubt it very much. The good thing this month aswell is that I´ve had a longer luteal phase. (im 10dpo, last month af came at 8dpo) so i feel more hopeful. I really thought i could have been this month as I had no sore bbs and yesterday had yellowish cm, but yet another symptom to add to my list of ´ignore next month` lol. Tia: I think if you got a faint line then it´s very likely pg. Good luck and don´t stress. Chila and Alison, take care of yourselves. Enail: we´ll be waiting together again!!! Me2: what a bummer, i´m joining you!!! Welcome newbies to this post, someone said they´d been ttc 30 months, well i´ve reached 36 now, so you´re not the longest!! Good luck all love Emily xxxxx (sorry if I missed anyone)


Me2 - May 17

Just in case Alison didn't read up in the Part 8 saga.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


emily - May 17

OOh yeah, Forgot. Many Happy returns Alison!!!! xx


L - May 17

Celia - I've been doing acupuncture sine the beginning of April - the drs all told me to "relax" (I HATE WHEN THEY SAY THAT!!!) so I decided to try it - I LOVE it! (and finally ovulated too!!)


enail - May 17

Hi Emily and all! Happy Birthday to Alison! Emily, sorry to hear about brown cm, I know that is a dreaded sign for me too. Good news that your luteal phase is longer, 10 dpo, is a sufficient length, I have read. Maybe still a chance you are pregnant? We will see. If not, I will be here with you, Me2 and others. LOL: list of things to 'ignore next month'!!! I have a list that is quite long of things to ignore-EVERYTHING. I hadn't remember that you were ttc for 3 years. That is really tough---the 5 months since my m/c have been hard enough. I think I will get a positive on OPK tomorrow am (my line gets darker each day, and today it was equal)--so we will do the best we can, and then wait. Me2, nice to hear from you, I know you are bummed about AF. Hope you are hanging in there. xxxx


rachel - May 17

Hi all, I'm new here and ttc after a m/c about 7 months ago. I thought I was going to get lucky this month then af came so it's back to the beginning again. I wish you all luck.


Lynette - May 17

Hi Rachel - sorry to hear about your m/c. There's quite a few ladies on here in the same boat (including me!) so we know the things you are thinking and going through. Celia H - I'm at about the same stage as Enail, that is, waiting to ovulate any day now (did my second opk last night, but still absolutely nothing) - just a question about that, could someone please tell me whether they usually go from "nothing" to a "positive" in a day, or do they "build up" like Enail's did? I was thinking I should be ovulating by Friday and am a bit worried that there was nothing on my test. Good idea on the new post, Emily - we seem to be averaging about 6 days per thread!! L - I didn't realise you were trying acupuncture. That worked for a friend of mine too so I hope this is your month :-))


enail - May 17

Hi all, welcome rachel. Lynette, I think it is more common for women to have nothing, or a very light line and then have line appear the day before you ovulate. I don't think what happens to me is that common (according to what I have read). It was confusing for me the first month I started using OPKs, but now I know how to read the lines. How long have you been using them? I hope this is our month!! I am tired of waiting and trying and spending so much money on OPKs and HPTs!!!!!


Lynette - May 17

Thanks for that, Enail. Just started using opk for the first time. Did second test last night and am on day 12 of my cycle today. It is very expensive but I just want to make sure I'm even ovulating! So would you be waiting for about 3rd of June af this time round? Best of luck to you - we need some more "positives" this month :-)


bump - May 18

bumpity bump!


Tia - May 18

Well girls....... AF arrived this morning!! I cannot tell you how fed up i am. I am never buying a first response test again! I dont know what the hell happened, i thought there was no such thing as a false positive. Well, on the bright side at least i can stop stressing now and look to another month of bding - i have a 42 day cycle so i only ovulate around day 28... so when most of you are hpt-ing im opk-ing!! I was feelling really sorry for myself but then when i read other peoples messages it makes me realise its not just me in this position - and ive only been ttc for 6 months!! Thanks for all the support and positivity from you all.... this is an amazing thread!! Lynette - i used opks for first time this month i i went from negative one day, equal lines the next and darker pos line on the third day. Think i might join you on some homeopathic remedies this month - might even join L and do acupuncture.... L; does it hurt??? Emily - i know what you been about 'ignore next month' symptoms - swollen b___bs can go on mine now!! ha ha!! Welcome rachel - sorry to hear about your m/c. Im sure you'll be one of our BFPs soon!!! Well - im in work so id better go, its 8.26am here and im already thinking i may drown my sorrows in a huge bar of chocolate - ha ha!!! Check back in soon!!! x x x *****babydust*****


Tia - May 18

Alison... idd you have a good birthday??? x x x


Lynette - May 18

Ah, chocolate - is there nothing it can't fix?! I'm so sorry for you Tia - and sorry that I was so d__n sure you were pregnant. It can't have helped getting all the positive feedback from us and then getting af. I didn't know you could get a false positive either - only a false negative - so there you go! Thanks for the info on your experience with opk's - got another negative tonight so maybe tomorrow it will show up - and talking about being negative - guess who's just been looking at websites on anovulatory cycles?! I really should just chill out (lol!). Take care, I hope you'll stick around even though you have so long to wait til next time. :-)


Alison - May 18

Hi guys! Only have a mo' just now to do a quick post so will jusat say wow! what alot of posts (part 8 & 9!) since I last looked! Great to meet lots of new girls too :o) Sorry to hear about dreaded AF appearing for Me2 & Tia though :o( Well I had a lovely birthday. I had the day off work and DH & I had a great day. Watched my new Friends DVDs in the morning! Then had lunch at Starbucks (real treat for me! no coffee though of course!) Had a look in Next and got a new top, then out for a lovely meal in the evening. I was feeling queesy during the day and ended up throwing up the lovely tea (sorry tmi!) but I didn't mind I take these things as good signs! (how sad am I!) was sick again this morning while attempting to brush teeth! Feeling ok just now though. Have midwife app in a couple of hours Dh is picking me up from work so I'm excited about that. Back had been quite stiff and sore but just ignoring it! Well better go for now I will re-read everyone's updates later sorry for quick post I'm thinking of you all and sending you hugs xxx


enail - May 18

Hi all--nice to hear from you Alison, glad you are doing well and had a nice birthday. So sorry for your AF and false BFP. Very depressing. I think I definitely going to try to hold out to test until AF is late--I have heard too many stories about early BFPs and then a period (I think it is called a 'chemical pregnancy'--sounds awful, I know, but it is when you are pregnant but then there is a problem and you end up miscarrying very early and it seems just like a late af.) That is just what I have read. Lynette: I have liked usinig the OPKs (though they are very pricey!) because I know now if I am really late or not. Since the part of your cycle from ovulation to period is generally consistent, you can know if you ovulated late, that your period will be "late" (but not really considered so). Sorry if I am not making sense, I am tired today! I got a positive OPK yesterday evening after work, so probably will ovulate today? Yes, I am testing or due of af June 3. HOpe everyone is hanging in there. Have a good day.


enail - May 18

I am tired! I meant to say TIA: sorry for your AF and false BFP.


Celia H - May 18

L......I have to say you are braver than I am, haven't attempted the acupuncture yet, the thought of those needles just gives me the willies lol. Yesterday was my first visit with the Homeopathic Dr. so not sure what all she will be doing over the next few months. Hopefully she will be helpfull. Is the acupuncture painfull? Sorry Tia, that has to be so frustrating. Ok i have a question, I have just started charting my temps and cp & cm. Temps & CM have been easy but the position of the cervix is confusing. I am 2 days past Af and the cervix should be low and easy to reach? around ovulation it should be high and hard to reach? or this is what i have read, but at this stage mine is very high and hard to reach.. uggg i am confused so if any one could help me understand this better pleaseeee help. Hope everyone is having a wonderfully positive day!



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