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Celia H - May 18

L......I have to say you are braver than I am, haven't attempted the acupuncture yet, the thought of those needles just gives me the willies lol. Yesterday was my first visit with the Homeopathic Dr. so not sure what all she will be doing over the next few months. Hopefully she will be helpfull. Is the acupuncture painfull? Sorry Tia, that has to be so frustrating. Ok i have a question, I have just started charting my temps and cp & cm. Temps & CM have been easy but the position of the cervix is confusing. I am 2 days past Af and the cervix should be low and easy to reach? around ovulation it should be high and hard to reach? or this is what i have read, but at this stage mine is very high and hard to reach.. uggg i am confused so if any one could help me understand this better pleaseeee help. Hope everyone is having a wonderfully positive day!


baby s - May 18

emily .. I am so sorry if i have upset you. It just seems that everyone is ttc 2 months 3 months.. and here i sit with 30 months. So you know exactly how i feel, and i know exactly how you feel. Have you gone to a fertility doctor? (you don't have to answer if you do not want to...) I feel as if I am at my wits end. I have tried almost everything. Well maybe this will be our month.. Again I am so sorry if I upset you! (I know I would have been!) Well. hope everyones bd is going along...


AUTUMN - May 18

i had my last af april 30. i had unprotected s_x with and without the pull out method almost everyday since may 1. i think i just ovulated or am... sorry still trying to figure body out. i have been having headaches and really tired. yesterday i had that feeling you get when you are car sick. this just started yesterday..... is it possible to get symptoms this soon???


Emily - May 18

Hi all. my mum´s over to visit for a few days which is great as I havent seen her for a year and a half. She´s been spoiling me rotten!!!!! No heavy af yet, still very scarce brown, stringy cm (tmi) so tomorrow i´ll probably get full (aunt) flow, lol. Tia: wow, thats tough, af after a faint positive. Are you sure it´s not ib? You never know! good luck, this is just a quicky update. xxxx and baby dust to all! emily


Alison - May 18

Hi again. enail positive OPK is good! You will probably be ovulating around now I guess! Celia H wish I could help with cervix question but I'm not really sure! baby s I'm so sorry you're having such a difficult time I really pray it happens for you soon. Autumn if you only just ovulated it is quite early for signs such as nausea but I have heard some people say they felt them really early on so I could be wrong! But the egg will take a week or more to implant and I think it's not until then that the pregnancy hormones start to affect you. As I say though I could be wrong :o) Emily sorry about annoying AF messing you about. Hope you are having fun with your mum! Wow a year and a half you must have missed her. Glad she is spoiling you ;o) Me2 how are you getting on? Thank you for your kind wishes! and everyone who wished me a happy birthday you are all so sweet! L what excactly does the acupuncture involve? All I know is there are pins! loL! Rachel sorry about AF :o( I can sympathise about the miscarriage and I'm very sorry. I hope next month will be your one! Lynette when I did OPK there was no second line at all then suddenly one day there was one! then the next day still there, then it vanished again the 3rd day! Hope bd-ing going ok. Tia I am so sorry again about AF I hope you are doing ok and getting enough chocolate. A big bar of Galaxy is called for I think. Well my appointment with the midwife was fine. It was the same woman I saw with my first pregnancy and she knows everything we have been through with the losses etc so she was really pleased for us and happy to see us which was sweet! She was really nice. I get my scan appointment card in the post in the next few days. We are going on holiday with DH's parents on the 22nd June so wanted to be scanned before we go so we can tell the parents and relax and enjoy the holiday more so she made a note of that while booking the scan and said it will probably be 17th June. Usually here it's done at 12 weeks and I will be 11 that day but she said that's fine. I'm sure it will pa__s quick! My lovely colleagues at work brought me in a cake and pressies today which was very nice. I nearly laughed when I pulled a bottle of red wine out of the bag though! I'm sure DH will enjoy it on my behalf! :o) I tried a bit of the cake but couldn't eat it all was too queesy and the office has felt really stuffy today! (and I'm usually a huge sweet tooth too!) Well better stop rambling for now. Take care everyone xxx


Autumn - May 18

i was pregnant in feb and looking back i ovulated around the same time in jan. i remember having these feelings about 3-7 days after 15th of jan. unfortantly i had an ectopic. when should i test.


Alison - May 18

Autumn how long are your cyles usually? Have they regulated again after eptopic? 30th may will be a month from your last AF so certainly a test should work then (though not always) if you are able to wait until then to test? I know it's hard waiting. I am so sorry about your eptopic. I know 2 people who have been through that. I hope it helps somehow to tell you they both have healthy children now. I am praying the best for you xxx


autumn - May 18

alison thank you and it does help. i am only 20 and that had to be the hardest thing to go through...(for me). emotionally i am doing ok mothers day was a little sad. i am still scared that i could have another one. they said its a 10% chance but i won't let that stop me. i just hate waiting.


blueeyedgirl - May 18

Hello everyone. Just checking in on the new thread. You're all marvellous. Fingers and toes crossed for BFP's this month - and if not, another month of caring support. Thanks guys! love Blue x


Me2 - May 18

Just a quick note to TIA~I was reading on about AF during pregnancy some say it could happen so maybe you are a rare case and be PG-It is a thread about AF during PG so maybe you read up on all the posts....just a thought. Hi to all the other ladies here and welcome to the newbies....Alison I am doing ok and I actually am not as depressed as I thought I would be maybe since I have an dr. Appt next friday...Hopefully she can do something for me. crossing fingers.


Me2 - May 18

Oh yeah Chila I forgot I had to laugh and pray that after reading about your smelling ability now. I was gone this weekend with the DH and we were driving and I was like you smell that and he was like what....I said it smelled a bit sweet but not like sugar does but maybe maple and he was looking at me weird...So after reading your post I thought maybe I could be but then you know the ol witch showed up...It just freaked me out when you mentioned it and It was the first I heard that one.


karen - May 18

What a great site! I have never posted, but after a miscarriage last year, my hubby & I have been ttc and I'm kind of in the same boat as Autumn (except I'm 30). The past few days I had what may have been implantation spotting, but no other "real" symptoms. The waiting to take the test is killing me! My cycle kind of varies so I'm not even sure when I'd be considered late. It helps to read about so many other people going through the same thing.


Chila - May 18

Hi Ladies! Wow, Part 9 already! I was posting on the part 8 yesterday night...hee hee. Well, I am doing okay, a little nausea, but nothing too bad. I've just caught up on all the readings. I'm still very excited for each of you and I look forward to reading your threads everyday. I know you gals are going to get BFP's soon and I have to be here to congratulate you when you do! Thinking of you all and sending you lots of baby dust! Alison~I'm so happy you had a nice birthday.. I'm sorry you've been having morning sickness, but like you said, it's a blessing in a way.. hee hee.


Lynette - May 18

Hi guys! Once again I sleep for 8 hours and come back to an epic of... well... epic proportions!! I have tried acupuncture a couple of times for different injuries over the years, and it is an amazing tool! They put the needles along different meridians in the body, to stimulate energy along whichever one is relevant to what they are treating. Like, for treating fertility, there might be a point on your leg, arm, and even skull (who knows?!) that run along the meridian that your ovaries are on. So they put the thinnest needles at those points (you can't even feel them go in) and leave them there for 15 minutes or so. The only time you might feel something is when (after a few minutes), they push them in a little further (they are guided by when you tell them you can feel it). My friend used it for fertility problems (after ttc for a year) and got pregnant really quickly after it. Welcome to Karen and Autumn! Look forward to hearing more about you :-)


Darla - May 18

Hi, I'm new here, but wanted to join in. I am so hoping that I may be pg this month. To give a little background, we have always had a hard time ttc. We have a 4 yr old little boy that we tried for 4 1/2 yrs to have w/all kind of tests saying nothing was wrong. Finally we had an IUI done in New Orleans and had our baby. Now we haven't been using any protection since our "Harley" was 4 1/2 months old and actively trying since he was 2. I just had a laporoscopy in Jan. to make sure no endometiosis and tubes were open. After LOTS of praying, believing and love making being my husband was home the whole time I was ovulating(he works off-shore), I really feel like I may be pg. I have been extremely tired, if I don't eat for a while, I feel ravenous and a little sick, super short temper, been aching like really low across abdomen, semi-sore b___sts, (can't tell if nipples are darker, cause I tan and they are already dark),my temp has been 99.9 for 2 days and then 100.1 this morning. I don't really know about temps that much....I also have a white creamy cm, don't really know if that means anything or not. I ovulated 12thday...5-05 to 14th day 5-07. I should start around 5-22 to 5-23. Thought maybe I'd test around 5-20. What do any of you think? I'm sorry this is such a long post!!!!! It's just nice to talk to people going thru the same waiting and hoping as me!! By the way I'm 34 and so HOPING we've did it on our OWN this time!!


Darla - May 18

Sorry -- me again - - I didn't mention I've been foolishly weepy and has anyone else like broke out into a fine sheened sweat and just "felt odd, kinda light-headed" when it had been a good while since they had eaten? I did that yesterday and found it really strange. I can't really remember my symptoms with my son is why I'm asking. I hope I'm not imagining anything!



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