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emily - May 21

Darla, sorry about bfn. I had a similar experience on monday, before af had come. I had an appt for a magnectic resonance scan for my wrist and I was sooo worried about it as I could have been pregnant. They didnt do a test but they told me it was not doc_mented that that type of scan was dangerous but I had to sign a disclaimer and they did a low-frequency scan. But it is such a worry. After ovulation I´m so scared of taking any type of pill. It´s silly really as before we had all this knowledge, epts and stuff, women just carried on as normal until they missed a period. I often wonder if nowadays we´re overreacting. not in your case though as x-rays can be harmful.


Lynette - May 21

Thank you so much Tia for giving me that information about your experience with opk's. Has your friend had any trouble conceiving considering she has what would be considered a short luteal phase? I'm still getting negatives (!!!!) but have been bd'ing anyway just in case. Darla - that is such a rotten way to get the bfn! Hopefully like you said it was just too early. And yes, good on you for taking all precautions. I'm sure the docs will advise you on what you can take without hurting an embryo - I hope you feel better soon! Now, can I have a whinge for a minute? I'm so glad I found you ladies on this thread, who are all so eager to pa__s on what information you have - but what is it with this site in general??? I posted that question on opks on a new thread, thinking that as so many people come to this site, I'd get more info as more women would be likely to have used them etc. So I get TWO responses - and one of them was from L off this thread (unless there's another L - lol!). Meanwhile other "joke" questions get a million responses! I think I'll just stay in my comfort zone with you ladies. Sorry - just had to vent. Emily - good luck with your treatment! Take care everyone :-)


blueeyedgirl - May 21

Morning everyone. Darla - so sorry to hear about your awful day. I hate that moment when you are waiting for the nurse /Doc to come in/ waiting on the end of the phone / sitting in the bathroom staring at the little stick and thinking with every ounce of your being "let it be positive, let it be positive". And so far - no joy. Still, one day, I keep telling myself, we WILL get a positive, and then it will all have been worth it. Hey there Lynette. I think you are about 4 or 5 days ahead of me. I've started a new thread for those waiting for 6th June ish but don't know if there will be any takers. Though I have to admit I'm addicted to this thread but there's always so much news to catch up on! Hello enail and Emily. Fingers and toes crossed for another few BFP's this month. Glad everything is going well for you Alison and Chila. Keep us posted! Love Blue x


L - May 21

Hey Lynette! That L was me! But, there is another L in this forum and I think she is pregnant from what I gather. I use L becasue my first name is Lorelle and people find it hard to pronounce (i's not Laurel - it's like Lor-L) I should use Lor-L from now on! LOL Emily - I know what you mean about precautions after ovulation! I'm now 6dpo and won't go near so much as diet pepsi (my favourite) for fear of the aspartame! (I'm such a dork!) Have a great day ladies!


shayn - May 21

So nice of you Moms to be to post early signs for all of us holding out for a true sign of getting a bfp I am 8dpo and have had nausea, cramping in lower abdomen, veins on bbs, a little dizzy, weepy more than normal and very quick tempered--poor hubby:) this is our first month ttc This group and site are FANTASTIC though SOOOO nice to know I am not the only one thinking all this stuff--thanks ladies--waiting to test --well af is due 26th--we'll see when I test :)


Lynette - May 21

I think it's time for number 10! I'll just go and get it started... See you there!! :-)))



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