Hi Ray Here Rachel For You Dumb Ones

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ray - October 2

hi my name is rachel but i'm on here as ray does anyone need my help?


Lilly - October 2

yeh i last came on my period on the 4th of september. wen shud i expect it next?


ray - October 2

well how many days is your cycle as i don't know if you have a normal cycle.love ray x


Lilly - October 2

yeah i have a normal cycle. i have them every month but i dont track them, i neva kno wen im gunna c_m on next, im worried this time because i had unprotected s_x 2 weeks ago and i dont kno when 2 expect it next, all i can tell u is that i have normal 1s and they normally last around 6 to 8 days,


ray - October 2

ok if you haven't come on in the next couple of days then get apregnancy test to see what that tells you let me know what the results are love ray xx


Lilly - October 2

well based on a 28 day cycle i shud b due to c_m on 2day but i havent, shud i think the worst of wait a few days?


ray - October 2

i would wait a couple of days if still nothing i would go and get a test hope everything goes well and i hope i helped love ray xx


meow - October 2

geez after you called us all dumb ones I think I'll pa__s


ray - October 2

i don't mean all of you are dumb i mean the ones who slag me off saying i'm a man


Hi - October 2

is it true that if you think your pregnant, then you are?


ray - October 2

i think that if you feel pregnant then you could be!


Stacey x x x - October 2

hi, my period is due today and it hasent come, will having s_x make it come?


ray - October 2

no sweet heart if you are ready to come on then you will proberly be on tommrow every month is different.hope this helps love ray xx


Amanda - October 2

my last period was Aug 7 2004 and I still haven't started. I took 4 pregnancy tests and they all came out negative. Also on the 27th of Aug. I had weird discharge. Like a dark dark red and slimy. (sorry to be so gross). I kinda have the pregnancy symptons, but i'm afraid it's all in my head. Is there something else that causes your period to be this late. I'm under no stress. (well hardly any :) And I'm usually pretty regular with 30-35 days and a period that lasts like 5-7 Any info would be great!


rebecca - October 2

just a question about pregnancy showing..For a first child, when would someone start showing that its obvious they are pregnant--is it possible to be 6 or 7 months and not obviosuly showing?


rebecca - October 3

bumping up


ray - October 3

it all depends on how your baby is lying sometimes you can look huge and the next you look like you are not even pregnant



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